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  1. Integrity? Does Enbridge have any integrity?
    Our regular preventative maintenance program will have us performing a number of integrity digs along our Canadian pipeline network, some of which may happen in your area. – Enbridge

    This is a Link to the Enbridge Annual Report which leads to their Media Centre, and the latest animated videos. Note: This latest video says that one leak takes three to fourteen days to fix. How many leaks can Enbridge have within 365 days? 26 @ 14 day repairs…… or 121 @ 3 days. 121 leaks is closer to the truth and, at 14 days each, Enbridge would have to spend 1,694 days.

    The 3 day exercise seems to leave out the all all be specialized Heavy Duty Equipment that needs to be hauled in to the sites.



  2. There are few things as frightening as the fossil fuel advertising blitz, complete with full length infomercials and rife with the images that belie the reality of what fossil fuel production and distribution really looks like. I love the way you've put this together. It's too bad that CTV and all the Rogers and Bell networks will ever screen it. It won't even make the vestiges of our own public broadcaster, sad to say.


  3. Thanks NVG. You always know where the find unfiltered information.

    I'm wondering how they're going to deliver heavy equipment to problem areas in the lightly populated wilderness. A D6 bulldozer weighs about double the lifting capacity of a S-64E Erickson Air-Crane.


  4. Ahh…yes integrity, a very scarce commodity indeed. Whether Oil and Gas companies, or governments, the art of obfuscation, media manipulation and the bending of “truths” has become the new “normal” in Canada and particularly here in BC.
    Indeed the reality of the pictures belies the “real truth” behind them, profit at all costs, and destruction of the environment is a necessary “evil” to accomplish the corporate and political aims of these projects. Governments are addicted to petro dollars, industry to its own ends.
    We the “sheeple” need a paradigm shift in our thinking, and quickly, before the ” disease”,we have unwittingly unleashed “consumes” us and what is left of our province and ultimately the planet.


  5. The lively fish in one of the spots look absolutely thrilled by the prospect.

    It's amazing that the idea people that come up with this shit can actually sleep at night or look at themselves in the mirror.


  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TabdIyvRL7c ENBRIDGE CAUGHT COVERING UP OIL SPILLS / Dont let this happen in bc

    this man has had 2 death threats, tires slashed, brakes tampered with all because he is filming the damage that Enbridge caused at kalamazoo Michigan and the way they covered up the oil with canvass and then planted grass over top. this is what dealing with Enbridge is like and we can expect what happened there will happen here.


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