Clark, Christy

Christy Clark arrest may be imminent

Sunday, RCMP announced arrest of Qing Quentin Huang for attempting to communicate knowledge of Canadian ship construction to China. Huang is employed by an Ontario based subcontractor of Irving Shipbuilding.

At a Toronto press conference, Chief Supt. Jennifer Strachan said,

“Sharing of information may give a foreign enemy a tactical, military or competitive advantage.”

Larry Tremblay, another RCMP Chief Superintendent, added,

“It is about protecting Canadian interests and taking the steps we need to protect our Canadian sovereignty…”

According to the Globe and Mail, China regularly seeks information to help dull economic advantages held by the West. That security forces are vigilant on economic matters and prepared to move quickly to arrest suspected offenders sent a shock wave through parts of British Columbia. Christy Clark supporters fear she could soon be arrested.

Perhaps unaware of its designation as an enemy of Canada, the Premier offered recently to help China gain the competitive advantage of producing their own shale gas with use of drilling and fracking technologies from BC.

Speaking to CCTV reporter Liu Yang, Clark said the Chinese should,

“Come to British Columbia and see how we do it. We’d welcome the chance to show them… Come and see how its done and learn so they can bring that knowledge back to China.”

It is possible that Clark has nothing to fear from the RCMP. Their resources have been stretched by the Huang investigation. According to police, they received a tip on Thursday, immediately initiated ‘Project Seascape’ and, by Saturday, arrested the mastermind of this “conspiracy of one.” Sunday, officials arranged and hosted a press conference attended by every major news operation in Canada.

To begin and complete an espionage investigation in two days must have been punishing to police. The Senate expense examination has been going on for more than six months and election robocalls have been under review since May 2011. Of course, a cynic could suggest the spying case might be a convenient distraction intended to ease pressure on the Conservative Party’s front bench during upcoming sessions of Parliament.

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  1. .. certainly the Harper Government and the Clark Government have much to offer on procurement failure, obstruction, environmental destruction, election fraud, secret trade treaties, and broken election promises, spying on envirnmental advocates, collusion with security agencies, fiscal mismanagement, work arounds on First Nations treaties, cover ups, and staff suddenly deciding to spend more time with their families


  2. I would like to see. Harper, Campbell, Christy and all of their degenerates, as cell mates. They have no honor, common decency, ethics nor morals, what-so-ever. This country is rotten to the core with corruption. All of them lied, deceived, thieved, and cheated to win. All of them are Traitors to Canada and belong in the brig.


  3. There may be a connection between Sunday's story of police vigilance and Sunday's revelation that Ben Perrin's emails are found. Following their typical form, after months of futile searching, “deleted” emails became available.

    The Privy Council Office released a letter to the RCMP on Sunday saying it had been mistaken when it originally told investigators that Perrin's emails were deleted when he left the job in March.


  4. Those emails will have been pre redacted, I'm sure, like the FinMins expenses.

    Is it a case where this News Conference was also to justify and deflect from CSEC, CSIS and RCMP scandals as well?


  5. “Come to British Columbia and see how we do it. We'd welcome the chance to show them… Come and see how its done and learn so they can bring that knowledge back to China.”

    I cant help but be a bit taken aback and confused by Clark's statement and what the implications are for a corporation's trade secrets, patents and the like. Is she implying that her government would override all of these important considerations and watch all the business go to Chinese interests as they take all “that knowledge” back, apparently at no cost. If we would all, including her unquestioning supporters just pause for a second a think about what this woman says, it wouldn't take long to figure out just how utterly full of crap she really is.


  6. Harper is one of the most effective agents China ever had in Canada. He's their waterboy on Northern Gateway/ he has long since given up on trying to kick their ass over human rights in favour of kissing their ass over bitumen and he did, after all, approve the Nexen takeover that gives China a vested interest in our Arctic resources.


  7. Sounds like the same situation as wit the BCRail emails. Said to be deleted, but magically, found. Seems like a popular method to hide or deflect attention from something. Mr Farrell, your sense of humour is very much appreciated here. Ms. Clark 's lack of understanding of the whole natural gas industry is underlined by the fact that the knowledge is owned by producing companies and their service providers with trade secrets and some patented technologies that might not be open for sharing with a country noted for their capacity to pound out all kinds of knock-offs. Unless they pay of course.


  8. I'm a bit surprised at the lack of comment on the RCMP referring to China as an enemy of Canada even though the Conservative government favours a comprehensive free trade agreement with them.


  9. and one must not forget, their titles are “honourable” ? perhaps it is time to put a new meaning to that word as it does not properly encompass how these people operate. Norm, I was getting really excited by the title of this entry, but alas, these nose stretchers just keep on thumbing their collective noses at those they are supposed to represent. can't she and her merry band of cretins just stay in china if they love it that much and stop desecrating our province for another's gain?


  10. CC thinks LNG exports from BC will get China off coal. Yet, according to

    “Coal production is a mainstay of the province's economy, generating billions of dollars in annual revenue and supporting thousands of well-paid jobs. Coal production currently represents over half of the total mineral production revenues in the province. Coal is B.C.'s largest single export commodity.”


  11. What they didn't say is that it is TECK RESOURCES that gets the billions of dollars in annual revenue. BC receives a pittance by comparison. So, the province's coal resource returns much more to the Keevil family than to BC taxpayers.


  12. Brilliant piece, Norm. Love the headline! If we can't laugh at this mess from time to time, we will ruin ourselves crying.


  13. The Horsemen are truly outdoing themselves! BTW,what of our crack-addled ledge bombers? Bring back Sgt. John Ward( he of the '03 Xmas presser) to explain this B.S. Keep up the good work.


  14. Great Article!”
    almost turned cartwheels when reading the headline. good thing I didn't. it would be nice to live long enough to see her arrested.


  15. Right on the money Norm! Sure would be nice to see a few of the current government front bench folks in matching orange jump suits. One really has to wonder about the political intellect of our Premier, let alone her savvy business accumen, talk about giving away “secrets”!


  16. A little far fetched on the headline. Whyw ould Christy clark be “arrested” and exactly on what basis are the supporters of Christy supposedly fearing she would be arrested? List those.


  17. would like to have you figure as to how you figure in your opiion that Christy Clark would be arrested within the context of your findings. I have never been a fan of Christy Clark, but “arrest may be imminent” according to you, so be specific as to the reasons why she would be arrested. It's your opinon so state facts to back it up. Yiou've done so with the CKNW story very well, so why not here?


  18. Irony is not a means for arrest. There's no “crime” in offering to other countries our expertise. It's done more often than many left wingers think. BC companies are extracting copper in other countries while Similkameen Mines and Highland Valley were operating etracting copper. In fact, It has been done in the past many times. Even Mike Harcourt went on an 'investment opportuntieis” trip to Japan to try and sell BC. Not just resources, but expertise. C'mon Norm you're not bad, but these lines about Christy committing some crime and the irony wouldn't hold as why in your opinion Christy “would be arrested”. Not going to happen even with your predictions.


  19. Anonymous… whomever you are: Look up “fun” in the dictionary — and then think about how you've just spoiled it.


  20. Don't you find it rather odd that there hasn't been a whisper about these two so-called “bombers” since their arrest? You'd think that MSM would follow the story… IF it were true. I think it possible that Christy needed to create a distraction and these two were just the chumps/collateral damage of her corrupt agenda. Christy is a graduate of the Manning Center for Excellence and one of Harper's most loyal groupies. She's trained well in LYING, CHEATING and DECEPTION.


  21. Citizens can employ a “smell test” on stories that mix politics and policing. It's not foolproof but it is often more accurate than the press releases composed by agencies with agendas, particularly when those involve justifications of huge budget windfalls.

    Police and security groups, for example, got about a billion dollars for equipment, training and entertainment around the 2010 Vancouver/Whistler Olympics. To get those funds, they needed to demonstrate apparent threats, whether they were credible or fantastic.

    Most so-called threats involved anti-social losers entrapped or encouraged by agencies or units that would be disbanded if they hadn't manufactured dangers to which they respond.

    The Victoria bomb case has elements we've seen countless times before.

    5 Outrageous Examples of FBI Intimidation and Entrapment


  22. i saw this debaucle coming over 30 yrs ago….didnt know exactly the crimes but knew would create only rich and poor..what a disgrace these traitors have allowed to happen to our once proud once beautiful home…the greedy ones along with their corrupt leaders…would love to see Gordo and Christy swing…


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