Salute to a man we can all admire

Many readers here and at other new media sites know Ian Reid through The Real Story. We’ve witnessed his brave struggle against an unrelenting health challenge and when RossK and I visited him in autumn, Ian hoped he might share one more Christmas with family and friends.

Today, I met Shamus Reid and asked him to carry greetings to his father. Winter came and departed and I’m glad Ian survived to see again the Akebono cherry blossoms on the streets near home. He also sees the beginnings of renewal of the NDP, the political movement that will be poorer without his sensible counsel.

Of course, time for all of us is finite but we are sad when it seems short for good people loved and respected by many. But then, maybe that condition is victory in the game of life.

The following text was published in November 2013.

* * * * *

It’s great the BC NDP honoured Ian Reid this weekend with a life membership and with warm recognition for his long service to politics and public service in British Columbia.

From Bergman’s film The Seventh Seal.

What’s even better is that our friend was there to enjoy the honour first hand. Scriblerians of BC’s blog world have high regard for Ian. That’s not just for his skills of analysis and communication and dedication to family, friends and the community, but mostly for unselfishness and uncommon courage and determination to live life fully. He’s battled to continue his game of chess well beyond the time others predicted it might end.

A mutual friend and I spent a couple of hours with Ian last weekend and I admit, the man inspires me. He’s been through difficult days but we found him remarkably vital, focused on people that are close to him and other things that matter much. Over the past few years, Ian’s been generous with information and guidance to me. His earliest advice included a caution to protect independence so that opinions can never be constrained by inapt obligations.

Since I’m in the autumn of my time, I’ll always remember Ian Reid and honour him by following the dictates of my own heart.

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  1. I think the fact that many in the hall rose to their feet when he took the stage speaks volumes in the contentious world of the NDP. Fights are tough, and he's been in some tough ones in this life. But love is tougher.


  2. Thank you for this glowing affirmation of a truly good person. I wouldn't wish Ian's health issues on an enemy, and truly regret his time may be so short. However, I will be happy for his life as long as he is among us mere mortals.


  3. Ians been a friend of mine since we were kids in Victoria. He's really smart. None of us would have made it through math 12 if he hadn't let us cheat off his math exams. A true beautiful loving soul; a friend of the underdog; fearsome and courageous. Sadly his days are numbered; anyone else of us would have died a long time ago.


  4. Yes, he is a person of courage and great insight. We can only hope he continues to live well and enjoy his time. Thank you Ian for all the writing and work you have done. You made it a better place.


  5. I look at The Real Story every day hoping for more analysis from Ian Reid. Always worth reading and thought provoking.

    Appreciate the photo from that fine Swedish film. Hope Ian prolongs the game for years.


  6. Nice words Norm.
    It is always nice when we can honor someone at a time they can see, hear and feel it.
    You have done so with much class.



  7. Thank you Norm for this tribute to Ian. I never had the pleasure of meeting the man, but I feel I know him from reading his posts over the past few years.


  8. Norm, we never know when we'll cross the bridge…Ian's shown that you can really “live” 'til you can't.

    July Morning


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