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Guts and glory

Title of the final article on Ian Reid‘s website, The Real Story, began with the words: Guts and glory.

Of course, he was not writing about himself but those words applied to Ian, along with wisdom, dedication, loyalty and generosity. His journey ended Saturday. That it lasted until April 2014 was evidence of extraordinary courage.

Rest in peace friend. We’ll miss you.

Goodbye to my friend Ian, by RossK

A salute to a man we can all admire, an Insight piece published previously.

A Facebook entry by Alex G. Tsakumis is republished with permission:

It is never easy to say goodbye to a pal and colleague.

Ian Reid served as Chief of Staff to my friend Carole James before she was disgracefully removed as leader of the BC NDP. He died last night after a lengthy battle with cancer, and this province is all the poorer now that he is gone.

Through his writings as a blogger and our lengthy conversations about the destruction of democracy in this province at the bloody hands of the BC Liberal thugs, l learned more about social justice and community than I did in any classroom, workroom or backroom.

Despite my philosophical conservatism, we found great common ground and often met in the middle, because, as he liked to put it, “Alex, common sense knows no political stripe.

Ian was brutally honest, startlingly intelligent, exceedingly gifted, and utterly lovable. In this province, he was a brightly coloured comet of honesty and integrity in a business of pallid etchings across dark skies by darker men and women, who almost always work for ‘families first’–theirs.

He knew the arranged theft of BC Rail as well as anyone. He wept for our teachers and paramedics; Ian understood what was necessary to end the tyranny of the last decade, in May of 2013, unfortunately, few listened.

It wasn’t about politics, it was about people–he knew it and he lived it. Ian’s wish for more civil, meaningful political discourse in British Columbia may one day be realized.

Sadly, he won’t be here to see it.

My deepest condolences to his husband Paul and Ian’s children, and, indeed, to any and all that loved and appreciated such a remarkable man.

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  1. Well said Norman. Ross K. Has a touching personal reflection on Ian Reid over at his place with some heartfelt comments too.

    I did not know Ian personally but followed his blog with great appreciation. Truly an inspiring individual.


  2. I only knew Ian through his insightful and rich writings at The Real Story. Ian was the real deal. He and his work will be greatly missed.

    My condolenses to his loved ones.


  3. I hope new people join the public debate to help fill the void from the loss of Ian Reid. The entire community is poorer today.


  4. Ian's passing reminds us that there are precious few voices out there willing and able to do the work to share the truth with the masses.

    What a wonderful tribute if someone of similar skills and politics were to pick up the blog (with permission, of course) and carry it on.


  5. Thanks to you for promoting The Real Story. I loved the scrappiness and lack of bullshit that Ian made hallmarks of his writing. I guess I'll have to put that part of the morning read-around in the same category as BC Mary. These are big shoes to be filled, and filled they mush be. Again, thanks for the direction that lead to The Real Story. I can only wish there had been more.


  6. Thank you for sharing news of Ian's passing with us Norm.

    Ian showed us what commitment, courage and the steady power of words looks like. His writing is a legacy to the spirit of what BC might one day be, yet again. His strategy for going forward is a bright beacon we should head towards with no delay and with as much courage.

    July Morning


  7. I have stopped by The Real Story often in the past year and was always astounded by Ian's clear thinking and comments on the fight against the dark side in BC.His grit, compassion and honesty will be missed.

    By the way, what has happened to Alex G. Tsakumis?



  8. Ian, you were a shining light, in the darkness of despair for our Province and her People. You will be missed by many. My thoughts and prayers are with Ian's family at this most difficult time. RIP Sir.


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