CFAX 1070 - Jessop & Farrell

"Jobs, jobs, jobs" Or, maybe not


The audio file above is a recording of my time with Ian Jessop May 12. We talk about jobs and natural resources but we don’t deliver BC Liberal talking points like many others in media.

I urge readers to visit the CFAX podcast pages. Ian has been holding conversations on subjects not often covered elsewhere. For example, at 2:30pm May 12, Damien Gillis of Common Sense Canadian followed my interview and gave important information and insights on the Site C dam, which, at $10 billion or more, may become the single largest boondoggle in Canadian history.

May 11 1:05pm, Alexandra Morton, one of BC’s true heroes, talked about her efforts to force government to follow their own rules and legislation in managing fisheries. On May 8, Andrew Mitrovica talked with Ian about federal Bill C-51, Canada’s anti-activist legislation.

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  1. This conversation, like many with Jessop, covers ground that is typically ignored in other media. Thanks, listening was time well spent.


  2. Many countries have restrictions on foreign buyers. It would be nice if the neo liberals would be more socially responsible for their populations by stopping vast amounts of foreign funds from making life unaffordable for citizens.
    Maybe they could take a page out of China`s book. Soak that in.


  3. Just three months ago Christy Clark said this to the Surrey Board of Trade:

    “We really want to start knocking down the property transfer tax because it is a drag on our economy. It is one thing that we can do to try and increase affordability,” Clark said.
    “Why don't we do it in this budget? Because this year we brought in $928 million in revenue. The only way to replace that would be to raise taxes elsewhere,” she said.

    So she wants to increase affordability of housing by removing the property transfer tax, but can’t unless she finds a new tax to replace it. On the other hand she won’t levy a new tax on foreign investors because that will make overall housing prices drop.

    She’s trying to kill one stone with two birds.


  4. It's very powerful to just share even the charts in this post. One by one, one per day, with facebook friends. Drip, drip, drip. Folks dont get this stuff from the Sun or Global and the rest of them.


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