Clark, Christy

"You cain’t pray a lie" – H. Finn

Canadian Press, April 7, 2013:

[Premier Christy] Clark told a Vancouver Island economic summit her government’s highly touted September 2011 jobs plan — with its focus on increased trade with China and Asia and promoting liquefied natural gas exports, new mines and exploring innovations in technology and agri-foods — was working.

Vancouver Sun, April 15, 2013:

There was Premier Christy Clark Monday, dedicating herself to the goal of a “debt-free British Columbia,” and telling reporters that debt reduction has always been “a central value for me.”

As a central part of her campaign, Christy Clark promised more jobs and a debt-free province. What she’s giving us instead is a province drowning in debt with a declining portion of gainfully employed residents. In fact, according to the most recent Statistics Canada report, there are fewer job-holders in British Columbia than May 2014, or May 2013, or May 2012 or even May 2008.

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  1. And of course the lie is repeated ad nauseum by the mainstream media!

    Just recently on Dead Dog 98 radio the Fast Ferry scapegoat was again used to describe the NDP with no mention of the Canada Line being a billion dollars over budget or that the silly roof for the stadium was over $500 million, while scores of elderly schools remain death traps for children in even a moderate earthquake.

    No, not in BC where the Goebbels gambit remains supreme.

    Tell a lie often enough and the public will come to believe it.


  2. It seems like the primary objective of governments, both provincially and federally, is to balance the budget. I wonder whatever happened to health care, education, the environment, homelessness, etc as priorities for government. Furthermore, although I may be naïve, it seems to me that balancing the budget is easy. What is difficult is balancing the budget while maintaining services.

    The other thing that frustrates me is people don't seem to understand that when taxes are cut, services have to be reduced as well. Everybody seems to want governments to cut taxes but they don't seem to understand that there are consequences, Maybe we should stop referring to our health care, education, etc. as being “free”.


  3. You have to remember Norm, its not the average person she is talking about, its her string pullers who are getting BC,s natural resources for nothing and as you have pointed out in previous columns, the mining industry was subsidized to the tune of $40,000,0000 last year. So when Christy claims things are working she means her friends and re election funders and no one else!


  4. In a word…Bankrupt…morally, ethically, politically and economically. Good job, Christy, thanks for the incredible mess!
    It will take decades, to return this once great province, to some sort of fiscal and prosperous condition.
    The concept of a kleptocracy has been explored to its fullest, and implemented with the taxpayers left in the lurch. If your not aligned with the governing party, your excluded. Sounds like a “psudo communist” state to me.
    We have a very serious problem, indeed. Organised Crime…you bet.


  5. CC, talking to the legislative press: “Well, ya know… I think I need to go on a trade mission next week.” (Listens in her ear-piece.) “Ah… ah… Families First! Grow the Economy! LNG! Yeah! LNG!

    “What comes after $trillions? I think it's time we changed our message.”


  6. Whenever I hear Christy Clark speak in the media. I just know some lie or nonsense will be forthcoming. Most often, both at the same time. However, unbounded optimism only goes so far until reality sets in. Unfortunately, B.C. suffers while she spins, twirls, and giggles her merry way down the campaign trail towards her golden retirement.


  7. In BC, the primary purpose is not balancing the budget, it is delivering public assets into private hands while filling pockets of the arrangers. Another goal is to create minefields to lay waste to successor governments. They will find the cupboard bare and that the cupboards no longer even belong to the public.


  8. Norm, perhaps off topic, but seeing the tags to this article perhaps not. See website “Oliver Daily News” and the letter from John Slater's family


  9. So true; but then to make matters worse, (possibly a checkmate) – the political and media culture of complicity keeps anybody from telling the truth about what has happened, and what is happening. The opposition party exists in name only when they refuse to blow the whistle. No one except journalists like you represent the interests of the citizens anymore, let alone the benefits and virtues of knowing the truth in and of itself. The fuel that seems to drive this death spiral is greed, lust for power, and pathology; an unholy trinity indeed.


  10. Just wondering if anyone else read the amazingly bizarre account of an interview between Brent Jang and the 'Premier' in today's G&M 'Business Section'?

    Here's a link for anyone who hasn't:

    Be very interested to hear why such a puff-piece (seemingly the interview took place before the AB election) would make it to any section of the paper – let alone the Business pages.


  11. That’s got to be in the running for puffiest puff piece of the year. The competition is really getting tight though, and while the winner will probably come from the Globe and Mail stable of fine puffmasters, Jang is not a lock for the award. Still seven months of tire pumping, pillow fluffing, and good old-fashioned ass kissing to go, and he’s surrounded by experts.

    Interesting that the interview supposedly took place just before the Alberta election and the only related question Jang asked our LNG queen concerned her thoughts on Alison Redford. Nothing like a relevant hard-hitting question to define an interview.


  12. While I read that fluff piece, a fun thought popped into my head: “Any LNG deal will come to be known as the “Charlatan Accord.” Our smoke-and-mirrors premier needs to be exposed for the phoney that she is.”

    If I'm the first to coin the “Charlatan Accord,” I'll be happy to accept a prize of $1,000 in BCRIC shares. If I'm second, I'll take $2.000 worth.


  13. Christy's new message…”well yeah, we did try, but the industry has taken a turn for the worst ya know. Maybe my, er our next trade mission, can drum up some new business.” “Charlatan, ya, BC maybe, thought it was in North Carolina”…
    Where do they find these people?


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