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  1. Hopefully every graduate present at his address took up the challenge and set out to prove him wrong. Which undoubtedly was what he wanted them to do.


  2. One can easily gather anecdotes from teachers who deal with pampered special kids. I was told recently about one school kid being suspended for three days after he directed an extended and profane outburst at a teacher. Father was unhappy about that discipline so he visited the school and directed a lengthy and profane outburst at an administrator while demanding son's suspension be withdrawn.

    Another teacher told me about a student who was usually absent or late, did no homework or assignments, did not write tests but had a parent who ignored communications until failure was imminent. Mom then visited the school to complain the teacher was failing to teach her child and she wanted to know what “they” were going to do about it.


  3. “Climb the mountain to see the world, not so the world can see you.”
    Pretty much sums up a whole lot wrong, with a whole lot of people.


  4. Apparently Chrispy wasn't listening when she graduated High School! (She did finish High School didn't she?) And what about that other guy- Daffy? Don't hear much about him the days – I mean Duffy. Burke Mountain? Just withered and died? English Bay oil spill? Mount Polley spill? Moved from 'disaster' to 'event'. Even LNG, Kinder Morgan and Enron have disappeared from the news. I guess everyone is so busy working their jobs, jobs, jobs they have no time for mundane problems.
    Keep up the good work Norm. Perhaps when the public realizes that the jobs have disappeared like the LNG there will be a murmur of resistance to the current cabal.


  5. I’m confident the teachers providing those examples wouldn’t use them to define the entire student body, and only relate them because they aren’t the norm. Good educators will enable students to achieve their potential even if it means dumping a pail of water on the whole graduating class to get to the ones that need the message. They’ll be recognized by their objections.

    He might have saved a bucket for the parents that step forward as well.


  6. As of today, the pom pom queen announced the Petronas LNG deal…sounds like I sure thing, from her point of view, as for the rest of the “real” world…memorandum's of agreement are not written as a “be all, end all ” final agreement. This will be a long time coming. First nations have a say, that's not really being heard. The BC Lib's are desparate. The economy is a mess, ( info from a previous post by Norm), and the resorting of the old, worn “fast ferry issue from the 1990's, is incredibly out of context and out of any comparison to the BC liberal debt accumulation. The BC Liberals are the poster children for the massive BC Debt. As for the general population..time to wake up folks, no matter what political bent you have…your going broke “real” fast, especially with the current crop of BC liberal clowns running what laughingly passes for governance in this province.


  7. Pretty scary! 45,000 new jobs (for TFWs?) What happened to the 100,000 'new jobs'? $8 billion over 20 years? Is that the same as $16 billion over 40 years? Or $32 billion over 80 years? Pretty meaningless. I'd like to know what it is over 2 years!
    I just figured out that I'll pay $750 million in income tax over 180 years. (adjusted for inflation!)
    LNG: First you need a source, then a customer, then a transportation facility, then a compressor station; and 'they' don't have any of those.
    I'd like to see a breakdown of the '$38 billion' 'they' are going to spend! How much of that is to be spent here? How much is budgeted for 'royalties'?
    Maybe PETRONAS is just tying up the market so that the other 18 (according to Chrispy) plants will face stiffer competition?
    Would the last person out please close the door.


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