Not last in sparkle ponies – updated

Statistics Canada reports weekly earnings by province (Table 281-0027) and it seems that if Christy Clark aims to lead average British Columbians in a race to the bottom, she is succeeding.

In British Columbia, we are experiencing a steady decline in the proportion of goods producing jobs. These now account for less than 20% of the province’s employment.

Worst hit is manufacturing. In the last year of NDP administration, the proportion of manufacturing jobs in the goods producing sector was 50%. It is now 37%, with the worst declines under Clark.

BC Liberals have focused on non-renewable resource industries and consistently argued their policies of subsidies, reduced taxes and industry self-regulation would result in sustained job growth. Statistics Canada surveys paint an opposite story.

The remaining items were first published May 10, 2015.

The final item is intended to remind us that, for corporate welfare bums, creating good quality jobs is not high on the list of priorities.

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  1. This is corporate ideology at its core. As few low paying no benefit jobs as possible , paying as few to no taxes as possible with almost 0 benefit to BC. And little to no regulation or oversight.We truly are the Kansas of Canada. And the corporations get what they paid for.
    The only reason these “leaders” are able to do this is because of a well heeled cadre of boot licking sycophants…. ooops i mean the press. Thanks Christy Brownback.


  2. but under an ndp regime the ecomony [sic] would go in the tank…. and didn't dix get caught on skytrain without a ticket, seriously … where is clark's jack knife….. norm; you keep going off topic


  3. Bless you every day, Norm!

    Today's lesson for Scotty? Don't let years of propaganda, no matter how vehemently resisted, prejudice the cursory glance: I'd read the contents with usual eagerness before I caught the headline! Better now, but one glance wiser as to how the damnable is regularly turned into accolade. The headline format seems to open a cognitive door while anaesthetizing the guard dog—and whatever it is thus assumed to have been vetted, absolving critical thought. I think it might have something to do with the naive notion that nobody would have the gall required to assert with such vigour something that's so easily refuted, some kind of trust mistaking vigour for sincerity and pithiness as veracity.

    Oh! Such a simple farm boy am I sometimes! Ever confronted with choices between gritty, mendacious realism and real bucolic pastoralism that compels me to invigilate Rachel Notley's uncalculating forthrightness as potentially concealing a sinister agenda not in our best interest, and accept that the stream of obvious lies from Christy might, incredibly, be to my advantage…I mean, they both seem so sure of themselves.

    Unlike all the penny arcade proprietors and bus station grifters I've ever met, Norm can't see me comin', the gutter snipe and alley cat sucker, from blocks away. He keeps illustrating the power of the baldfaced lie. Now I see why some of our public servants speak as if reading headlines or repeating punchlines for bombed jokes: people like me tend to trust them, especially when they hold offices of trust.

    Thanks again Norm. The charts convince, the headline amuses (like, when I finally get it!) and now I'm a little more forewarned. Now I gotta go plant these three beans I got at the farmers' market…Only cost me a cow!


  4. I believe and trust you, Norm — but for the doubters and the unquestioning followers of BC Christy, it would be useful to explain your methodology and to give links to sources so anyone can (easily?) check it out for themselves. Without that, they can (try and) dismiss you as a crackpot with a grudge… perhaps ranting in your underwear!

    (I do note your reference at the top: “Data from Statistics Canada, CANSIM 282-0087” but I only seem to see stats from 2014-2015 there. )


  5. The landing page at Statistics Canada initially shows five month of data. However, click on “Add/Remove data” and you have opportunity to alter the information reported. I called for the entire monthly data table – dating back to 1976 – and downloaded it into a giant MS Excel spreadsheet.

    CANSIM Table 282-0087


  6. Christy Clark has another way of interpreting the numbers. Last fall in an update on her jobs plan she issued a message to British Columbians that included this:

    “Three years ago we launched Canada Starts Here: the BC Jobs Plan, our strategy to lead us to a secure and prosperous future for all British Columbians. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished. We have a near-record 2.3 million people working in B.C. and there was $3.9 billion in economic growth last year. The full report of our progress is online at”

    That website includes these statements:

    “The BC Jobs Plan is working: B.C.’s economy is growing and adding jobs.”

    “Our economic success isn’t measured on a monthly basis; success is measured
    in terms of outcomes over time. Since 2011, our job numbers, exports and economic activity have increased and we have been successful in attracting new investment to the province. The BC Jobs Plan is helping create a competitive, diversified, export-oriented economy that supports families.”

    “Since 2001, total employment in the province has increased by 20.2 per cent, adding more than 388,000 new jobs.”

    “Since the BC Jobs Plan launch, the Province has added more than 50,000 jobs and is among the top four provinces in lowest unemployment numbers.”

    Notice the set-up paragraph starting the game in 2011, then the sudden detour back to 2001 to gather numbers. Bill Vander Zalm operated Fantasy Gardens. Christy set up a whole fantasy province.


  7. As I have said before, your charts should be all over the region on billboards, construction fences (like concert flyers), so people who are visual learners start to get it.


  8. SD, I agree with your sentiment — but that would take money. We can all do our part (for no cost) by sharing links to Norm's site, so people can start opening their eyes. I sometimes print out the site of major BC poli-bloggers and leave them around at coffee shops and bulletin boards. Those who are ready to have their minds opened will, hopefully, check out sources other than the MSM.


  9. It's hard to look at the sparkling towers, bridges and megahouses of the Lower Mainland and think of declining provincial: production, employment and and service sector earnings.

    How can it be? 'Looks like wealth is being amassed in certain areas, at the demise of the masses.


  10. I agree completely with G. Barry Stewart. The lower mainland has had 150 odd years to accumulate the wealth from the rest of the province. That being said, in the past 15 years, our form of “socialist corporate governance”, has been at the forefront of a collapsing debt ridden economy on a grand scale. At least previous governments realized where the true resource wealth came from, and managed to encourage the “outlanders”, to keep on working to provide the mostly one way flow to the south. First Nations have got it right. Keep the wealth in the north. If the rest of us here had done that, we may have had a bigger piece of the pie by now.
    The current corptocracy is becoming more of a communist or socialist regime by the day. Neocon's morphing into whatever is necessary, to maintain the warped governance that they are manipulating the populace with. Organized , planned with intent, and working to absolve responsibility and integrity on the part of the players, it truly is organized crime. Corruption is alive and well in Victoria, he real fools the BC liberal supporters will one day regret their participation in this kleptocratic regime.
    The message is clear…the BC Liberals are a government run by insiders and key individuals that are engaged in a concerted effort to reduce governance to an irrelevant shadow, so the a well planned corptocracy can control and dictate the agenda. The taxpayer is essentially reduced to an insignifigant “nusiance” that has to be pandered to, every four years, then shuffled off so that the real business of malfeasance, can continue.
    How can this be stopped and sooner, rather than later?


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