CFAX 1070 - Jessop & Farrell

Serving public or corporate interests?

The audio file below is a recording of my time with Ian Jessop June 17. We talk about LNG and resource taxation, inter-provincial cooperation on resource matters and oil spill response capability.


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  1. Norman. I thinks it's time for you to play in the big league i.e. CBC (How about it Stephen Quinn?) and CKNW (What say you Jon McComb?)


  2. I have high regard for Ian Jessop and his willingness to explore issues that
    make other media commentators nervous. When we first talked about my regular appearances, he said nothing and nobody was above criticism but I only needed to ensure my arguments and opinions were based on facts that could be demonstrated.

    Ian is doing vital and interesting work. For example, June 16 2:05 pm, he interviewed Jessica Ernst and Diana Daunheimer, two women taking court action to make Alberta a safer place to live. The only mention of them I found after searching Postmedia papers was one about Ms. Ernst from last year after a judge refused to throw out her court action and ordered government to pay triple costs because of their protracted efforts to derail the lawsuit. This vital public information deserves attention and this Victoria broadcaster i s providing it.

    CFAX1070 June 16 2 pm

    Ian also brought Andrew Mitrovica to the air in British Columbia. He's an articulate and harsh critic of mainstream journalism. All work of Andrew's that I've researched is accurate and factual and I love to hear an expert who holds different opinions from the commonly heard ones.

    In fact, compared to the quality I've heard elsewhere, Jessop's program is the “big time.”


  3. I also value the work Ian Jessop is doing. My intent was not to diminish his work, his program, or CFAX. All I was thinking was that it would be nice if you had a broader audience and McComb and Quinn came to mind.


  4. Re Ms. Ernst latest court case. I did read of the judge refusing to throw out her court action. However, what I did not know of or read about, was that the judge made the government pay triple costs !
    Is it a coincidence that the MSM did not publicize this fact ? Is it a sympathetic trait the MSM have for sitting governments ?


  5. No problem. I didn't take your statement as a criticism of Ian or the Victoria station. You are right that Victoria is a smaller market and does not have a strong signal into the lower mainland. However, Ian's show is also broadcast in the Okanagan on Bell Media and available regularly by online podcast.

    If you look back at the work I've done here about Corus, CKNW and CBC, you'll will understand why my voice won't be heard on their programs. (My old stories on Power & Politics contributor Alise Mills still draw frequent visits.) Corus and CBC are limited in what they can cover because they must pander to the aims of the owners and, for Corus, the advertisers. The CBC has had serious constraints placed on it by the Harper Government now that almost all senior management people are subject to political authority.

    Whether I am invited or not invited to speak on other media matters little to me. This little corner of the internet is subject only to my own rules. If something strikes me as worthy of discussion, I discuss it. There's no need to worry about whether that offends a government official, advertiser or the army of shills working for the BC Liberals and their resource industry associates.

    In a sense, there is an informal editorial board for In-Sights. It is made up of the people who submit comments and send private messages and financial support. I'm particularly proud of the highly articulate and thoughtful people who interact here. Some regulars have superior writing ability and leave comments that we all enjoy. Others send emails to me that reflect views that I consider carefully.

    As I said to one person recently, I hope that political changes arising from the 2015 federal election and BC's 2017 provincial election might make this blog less needed. If there is a substantial shift towards real grass roots democracy, you can bet the mainstream media will resume the role of government critic. They'll still be operating on behalf of the one percenters but they won't be protecting government when they do.

    There does appear to be momentum for change in Canada. Alberta demonstrated that fact and the polls show Stephen Harper and Christy Clark are in trouble, respected only by a small proportion of citizens.

    The task ahead is to engage more people and convince them not to vote against their own long term interests. I don't care whether that is Green, NDP or independent but I'm sure it's not Liberal or Conservative, the Tweedledum and Tweedledee of politics. (Demonstrated by the fact that many BC Liberals are also allied with the Conservative Party of Canada.)


  6. In the Jessica Ernst case, it is less about protecting government and more about protecting the oil and gas industry. Recently, after a ministerial assistant was employed, the Alberta media made issue of the fact new hire (Graham Mitchell, of Leadnow) had no record of supporting pipeline projects.

    There was no issue though of the Alberta Energy Regulator Board Chair having this resume:
    Gerry Protti has more than 35 years’ experience in the energy industry, including 15 years as an executive officer of EnCana Corporation and one of its predecessor companies PanCanadian.

    Mr. Protti’s corporate experience includes marketing, operations, new ventures and corporate relations. He was the founding president of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) and was executive director of the Independent Petroleum Association of Canada…”


  7. “CBC [is] limited in what they can cover because they must pander to the aims of the owners.”

    We are the owners!


  8. Noting your “army of shills” comment above I had a “shoulda had a V-8' slap to the forehead moment.

    Of course, that's what she meant by creating a million jobs! Best coverage money can buy.


  9. I completely agree with your commentary above Norm.
    It is unfortunate that true freedom of the press does not exist. Muzzling of the MSM, has essentially given us a society that is being “intellectually herded”, to follow the particular political party ideals, in power at the time.
    True democracy, can only be assured by an engaged electorate, most likely grassroots and very active. This would be supported by an unfettered MSM, preferably with rights accorded under an amended constitution, to prevent political tampering, or from being used as a propaganda tool.
    An educated, informed and politically engaged electorate of all ages, would indeed make for a modern democracy of free thinkers, and a political system, that would be watched far more closely, and be far more accountable than the corrupt, malfeasance based system we have now.


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