Mr. Prime Minister, start pushing British Columbia

Trudeau says Indigenous people can teach the world how to care for the planet, APTN National News, November 30, 2015:

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said during a speech in Paris that Indigenous people can teach the world how to care for the planet.

…He said Indigenous people are taking a leadership role on climate change and that Indigenous knowledge could be helpful in dealing with the issue.

“Indigenous peoples have known for thousands of years how to care for our planet,” said Trudeau. “The rest of us have a lot to learn and no time to waste.”

Justin Trudeau pledges to push laggards on climate change, Toronto Star, November 17, 2015:

Canada will work with the United States to push laggard nations to adopt more ambitious climate change goals going into the Paris talks to curb greenhouse gas emissions, a signal of Ottawa’s new readiness to act on the environment file, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says.





B.C. Natural Gas…, Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee, May 26, 2015

The B.C. government has long contended in fact sheets distributed to the province’s high schools that exporting “clean” natural gas to China would reduce the use of dirty coal and therefore reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

But the fact sheets are based on questionable numbers, Hughes [David Hughes, one of Canada’s foremost energy analysts and a former federal government geoscientist] argues. For example, the 1.5 per cent methane leakage rate from shale gas fields cited by the government is an underestimation, he says. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency now uses a leakage rate of three per cent.

Using the three per cent figure on methane leakage, “burning imported B.C. LNG in China would produce 27 per cent more greenhouse gas emissions from the various processes in the LNG supply chain on a 20-year time frame,” Hughes claims.

As a consequence, he reports, “building modern coal plants in China is likely to be superior on a 20-year timeline to building new gas plants to burn imported B.C. LNG.”

BC’s climate action masquerade, Marc Lee, CCPA Policy Note, November 29, 2015:

BC has received much praise since its 2008 introduction of a carbon tax (under previous Premier Gordon Campbell), and for its legislated greenhouse gas targets, which call for a one-third reduction in emissions by 2020 relative to 2007 levels.

The trouble is BC has done essentially nothing on the climate file since that time, and the current Clark government has actively been moving the yardsticks backwards by aggressively pursuing an LNG export industry. In truth, Campbell’s Climate Action Plan never contained measures sufficient to meet that 2020 target. A 2008 Climate Action Team was tasked to make recommendations about how the province could achieve the 2020 target, but the government largely ignored them…

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  1. Uncle, that maybe true, but first some of those B.C. Lieberals will have to vote with the NDP and that isn't going to happen. They might loose their jobs and they don't want to be unemployed in B.C.'s current economy. They aren't Glen Clark and Pattison won't be hiring any of them.


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