Recipe for the future

10 things business should do to save the planet, Cecilie Hultmann and Anne Louise Koefoed, Sustainability DNV-GL, December 1, 2015:

…while governments are busy haggling over details, business should pick up the clear signal and start looking beyond Paris. Here are 10 things business leaders should urgently do.

  1. Develop a long-term vision
  2. Redefine the company purpose
  3. Aim for net positive value
  4. Establish a strong accountability system
  5. Set in motion the transition
  6. Advertise responsibly
  7. Embrace transparency
  8. Look for opportunities
  9. Lobby responsibly
  10. Nurture collaboration

Of course, this list is also applicable to every level of government. It is dangerous to continue business as usual, exalting growth of polluting industries when survival of the planet may be at risk. The concept of “grow first, clean up later” is wrong, particularly when a truly sustainable economy can develop equivalent levels of wealth.

The ILO, a United Nations agency, reported in 2013:

Escalating natural resource use and pollution will compound the growing scarcity of fresh water and fertile land and accelerate the loss of biodiversity and climate change beyond tolerable – perhaps even manageable – levels. The overuse of natural resources, such as forests, fish and clean water, and the rising levels of pollution, including emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), are increasingly exceeding planetary boundaries.

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  1. My guess is that we, as a Province , don't subscribe to these ethos. Guess we're still haggling over details.
    What is the harm in admitting that circumstances change. LNG has been shown time and again not to be the golden goose it was a few years ago.
    What's the saying? “______ is doing the same thing over and over again, expecting different results.” Hyping LNG over and over is NOT going to make it more saleable. There's gotta be another drum to beat! Over to you Christy.


  2. well Christy is going to keep going to the mike and make the same sort of dumb comments and the same press will continue to publish it like it was words from a messiah. What is worse the voters will keep voting her into office. Oh, well when B.C. declares bankruptcy don't blame me. I knew we were Detroit North a long time ago.

    B.C. in my opinion has the dumbest government in Canada. No plan B. not even a plan A, just photo ops for Christy. You'd think some one who liked photo ops as much as she does, she'd get a stylist and wear something more appropriate. She looks like something out of o.k. Whalley, who stayed at the bar too long and put on a too tight jacket and retained to too much water in her face. When she opens her mouth she's like, ……….ya, Mom says if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all.


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