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Questions for BC Liberal by-election candidates

One day after Kelowna Liberal MLA Ben Stewart resigned in 2013, unelected Christy Clark called a by-election so that she could seek election and continue as Premier. Weeks later, Stewart was rewarded with a $150,000 a year patronage appointment.

On July 8, Jenny Kwan resigned as MLA for Vancouver-Mount PLeasant and August 14, Douglas Horne resigned as MLA for Coquitlam-Burke Mountain. Both ran in the October federal election; Kwan was successful.

Tuesday, Premier Clark got around to calling by-elections to fill the two vacancies. For one, she had three days to spare since the BC Constitution Act specifies a by-election must be called within six months of a seat in the Legislature becoming vacant.

Perhaps Premier Clark’s by-election strategy will follow that used in 2015 by Stephen Harper, her political soulmate. In that case, her candidates will go into hiding and there will be no opportunities for questions.

Joan Isaacs & Gavin Dew

If Ms. Isaacs, a former mutual fund salesperson, and Mr. Dew, a spin doctor who’s been working on behalf of Kinder Morgan’s project to ship dilbit through Burrard Inlet, appear in public forums, here are a few enquiries that could be posed to them:

  • Why is the Liberal government allowing Shawnigan Lake’s drinking water to be poisoned?
  • Why is the Liberal environment minister refusing to be interviewed about Shawnigan contamination?
  • Why should BC Hydro spend $10 to $20 billion for unneeded electricity?
  • Are you happy with provincial debt and contractual obligations that are budgeted to rise above $170 billion by 2017/18?
  • Why not halt Site C until court cases proceed?
  • Why make new IPP contracts 3x market price for unneeded power?
  • Why pay IPPs double the price BC Hydro sells power to industry?
  • Why secretly subsidize industry through BC Hydro instead of making the supports part of the BC budget?
  • Are you in favour of the BC Public Sector (schools, hospitals etc) spending $millions to purchase dubious carbon offsets?
  • Why charge same MSP premium to person with $30,001 annual income as a person with $2 million income?
  • Why has disability assistance been frozen since June 1, 2007?
  • Why sell Burke Mountain Land to Liberal contributors for $43 million less than assessed value?
  • Why did BC Liberals allow Queen of Chilliwack to be sold for a pittance two years after a $17 million refit?
  • Why fire health researchers w/o justification, then pay them off with taxpayer’s dollars and require their silence as part of the settlement?
  • Why pay BC Liberal cronies huge fees to conduct “independent” examinations of wrongdoing by the BC Liberal government?
  • Why have Liberals ignored the duty to document business of government?
  • Why allow governing politicians to take cash from companies they regulate?
  • Since you chose to run for BC Liberals, can you be trusted?

I invite readers to submit additional questions that Liberal candidates might be asked if they appear in open forums. I’ll add them to the body of this article.

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  1. I don't live in the riding, but I do live next door to it. I will take this list, ask the questions, and report back. I have confidence her opponent Green Joe Keithley will make any absences by her very, very conspicuous.


  2. A few questions for the eager-to-answer candidates:

    Will you ask the Premier to release all the source documents relating to the $150K school renovation feasibility study grant to the Old Massett Village Council?

    According to The Fiji Sun newspaper, Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama was very impressed with the former BC Ferry MV Queen of Chilliwack’s state-of-the-art facilities and high standard condition. George Goundar, former BC Ferries manager, revealed in the article that BC Ferries had spent more than $FJD 40 million ($28 million Canadian) on upgrade and maintenance on the vessel he is now operating in Fiji before selling it to his company. Can you tell us how much he paid for the Queen of Chilliwack, whether it was sold with full fuel tanks, and if you will encourage BC Ferries management to make more of these deals on our behalf?

    In the secret deal to end the Basi/Virk trial, Basi and Virk were required to sign releases before they pleaded guilty that extinguished their right to appeal if they were convicted. Under the terms of their indemnities, that made them immediately liable for over $6.2 million in accumulated legal fees upon conviction. Did the Deputy Finance Minister have authority to sign a release after they were convicted that retroactively waived that debt?

    Do you honestly believe that the government conducted a two-week “by-the-book” thorough investigation that resulted in the Premier accepting the resignation of her Chief of Staff Ken Boessenkool for “unacceptable behaviour” without generating or documenting one written word?

    Why, specifically, were the Offense Act penalties removed when the Information Management Act replaced the Document Disposal Act?

    Why did the government pay out of court three times the amount its own and independent experts determined would be the maximum court award to end the Boss Power lawsuit?

    Who ordered the firing of eight drug researchers working for the health ministry in September of 2012? Why would the former Deputy Health Minister publicly allege the government was planning to make him a scapegoat in the firings?

    Was the deputy minister in the health ministry firings the same individual that signed the release referenced above in the Basi/Virk deal? Was he deputy to the same individual each time?

    Are you SURE you want to do this?


  3. Why does the “Carbon Neutral” BC Government want to export more coal and natural gas from BC, despite both of which being sources of CO2?


  4. Hey Norm….. I think you upset someone:

    Keith Baldrey Verified account ‏@keithbaldrey 13h13 hours ago

    I'm now reporting some trolls to Twitter for offensiveness and harassment. Getting tired of these yahoos and wannabes. #bcpoli #cdnpoli

    Guy in Victoria


  5. Maybe send a copy of these questions to John Horgan at the bcndp. More ammunition to use against Christy and the minions. The more …the merrier.
    As for Baldrey….if you can't handle the heat, get out of the kitchen….its going to get a lot worse, in the run up to election date in 2017. The “game” you and your cohorts are playing, serves no one, except those that are creating the real problems in this province.


  6. Another question is ” Now that the Supreme Court ordered the Equivalency Agreement invalid, why do you think the BC Liberals worked to hand over our decision making capacity on the most significant projects of the decade like NGP and Kinder Morgan pipeline? And now that the court has ordered BC make the final decision and issue an Environmental Certificate as final approval, do you support building these pipelines?


  7. Do you feel that in your tenure that you might be able to get your fellow MLA's to answer as to why they felt it necessary to refurbish a ferry for $15 mil, then sold it soon there after? By the way, taxpayers would like to know the purchase cost. – Thanks, Blake Newton


  8. Very glad you phoned home Norm and let us know all is OK!

    In the meantime, I'm reporting back. There was an all-candidates meeting last night put on by the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce. That explains why not all questions submitted to the chair got asked….especially the one about giveaway of Burke Mtn lands!

    The chair did ask the one about carbon offsets, but left off the key part about forcing schools and hospitals to pay. He just asked “what is your policy on carbon offsets?”.

    Joan Isaacs was first to answer. Well, not really….she couldn't find her talking points on the subject and totally stumbled. Someone in the audience yelled out “look at page 53!”. Humourous. Green Joe Keithley was next. He did not need talking points. He nailed it and showed great amount of knowledge on the subject. All on his own, without prompting, he brought up the issue of having schools being forced to pay this. Jodie Wickens of the NDP followed Joe and was equally knowledgeable and very well spoken, though not as loud as Green Joe. I believe Jodie would also have mentioned, without prompting, the issues surrounding public sector institutions being saddled.

    I can't remember if Joan Isaacs ever did find the instructions she was given.

    I'm ok with loud.


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