Statistics Canada reports that 27,200 fewer people were employed in British Columbia in January, compared to the month earlier. A single period is an unreliable indicator but StatsCan provides decades of data for analysis; data that proves Christy Clark’s government has the weakest record of job creation in the last 40 years.

This is a fact worth remembering when think tanks working for the uber-wealthy, resource companies and other foreign-owned corporations underwrite “citizen groups” to convince voters to keep their proxy government in place come the election campaign that is now a year away.

The numbers reveal significant weakness in job creation for people in the age groups that should form the backbone of the working force: adults of an age when people are most likely to be raising families. There is not a missing data point; during Clark’s tenure as Premier, this age category has essentially averaged no new jobs.

By the way, under Christy Clark, the number of people 70 years and older has increased 225%, a rate more than 50 times the increase shown above for ages 25-54.

The following chart shows one reason that younger people have fewer employment opportunities. It also demonstrates that many Canadians believe they cannot afford to retire.

Source: Statistics Canada CANSIM Table 282-0001

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  1. Our little Miss Christy was on power and politics today inviting all out of work Albertans to come to B.C. as we are overflowing with opportunity!!
    How out of touch with reality can any one person get?


  2. Christy is simply out of her element, and the reality of our current economy. Say, “getting to yes and bashing the “forces of No”, simply does not cut it. The real world is operating on a different frequency. The costs, prices and uncertainty in resource and power pricing, along with construction costs, makes Mega projects a questionable proposition at best. Go back to radio Christy, your done in your current career.


  3. But our economy is booming and we have a surplus in the budget, this premier is a genius. She is leading us through very tough times and the LNG rainbow is just around the corner with a massive pot of gold awaiting us all. Our future is bright, right….right?


  4. Former Alberta premier Ralph Klein once issued welfare recipients in that province one-way bus tickets to BC.

    BC NDP leader John Horgan should immediately contact Alberta NDP premier Rachel Notley and ask her to respond to Christy Clark’s invitation to all out of work Albertans by assisting with their cost of transportation to BC.

    Given the dire situation in Alberta, the ringing endorsement of Christy Clark’s financial success by the Fraser Institute, and an open invitation from BC’s premier to share the wealth here it is incumbent on Ms. Notley to assist her citizens in their time of need. Possibly some of the trade unions would assist with transportation arrangements as well.

    Mr. Horgan should then publicly ask Christy Clark to make herself available on the front lawn of the Legislature on a specific date during this sitting to welcome arriving workers and advise them where the jobs are. She’ll appreciate the help. After all, she can’t be expected to do everything on her own.

    Step up and lighten her load Mr. Horgan.


  5. BC's Debt Clock

    Apples and Oranges
    “P3 financing doesn’t show up as a debt of the province, but requires the provincial government to make payments to the P3 operator over the life of the scheme. To give an idea of orders of magnitude here, the B.C. public accounts report (note 27 to the financial statements for 2013-14) a value for future contractual obligations payable by taxpayer-supported Crown corporations and agencies amounting to a total of $42.97 billion – more than the officially reported provincial debt.”


  6. Excellent charting Mr. Farrell. Just listened to the Premier cheerleading on The House. Claiming 50,000 jobs. Sounds like an out and out lie. Supports TPP while in contrast Jim Balsillie gave a very reasoned approach on why not to support it. Claiming Alberta could tie electrically to BC. Why would they when they can generate their own with gas substantially cheaper? They have proven it with the Enmax Shepherd facility that is within smelling distance of about a million people. Her myth spreading needs to be countered as you have done. No amount of her flawed reasoning can ever justify Site C.


  7. CBC Radio's “The House”, Saturday Feb. 6.

    Christy was a guest, from 2:40 till 14:00 — and I have to say that her supporters will be buoyed by her performance. She sounded coherent, with no “um… well… like ya knows” — helped by slo-pitch questioning. There was no talk of Site C, raw logs, or off-shore real estate speculation propping up our economy, for example. I suppose the interviewer could say those weren't topics Christy discussed with Trudeau… though he could have challenged her on where her “50,000” jobs happened and what the displaced oil patch workers could do in BC for jobs. That surely would have induced some stammering.

    A few statements that Norm or others may want to dispute: @2:50 “50,000 jobs created last year. 10,000 crossed the Rockies (this way) in the last 6 months. @3:30 “$7 billion being spent right now on infrastructure — without going into deficit.” @12:00 “100% in favour of TPP.”


  8. “Our province is being held hostage by a loud few, with too much free time and very few facts,” says the Independent Contractors and Businesses Associations's TV ad that ran during the Super Bowl.

    Being retired, the “too much free time” resonated with me. Perhaps that's Christy's plan: keep the grey-haireds employed, so they won't have any time to “rant in the underwear.”


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