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Merv Adey ( “The proper role of political media is to unspin the various prevarications and lies governments like to foist on us.”

B.C. Premier Christy Clark still trying…, CBC News, February 6, 2016:

Clark campaigned in 2013 on B.C. being able to pay off all its debts with LNG money, with those revenues also counting towards a $100-billion prosperity fund and development that would generate 100,000 jobs.

…instability doesn’t seem to faze Clark, who insists the provincial government is already on the road to being debt free, without one cent from LNG being put into the provincial coffers…

Indeed. The Premier who presided over BC’s largest ever increase in government debt – who has committed to at least $30 billion more in the near future – says we are now “On the road to being debt free.”

Recently, I heard one of the Legislative Press Gallery habitués remind his audience that, in 1994, Glen Clark, then BC’s Employment and Investment Minister, had promised the $210 million fast ferry budget was final, “It’s all in the price, right down to the toilet paper.” (The ships cost more than $400 million and were late entering service so, in BC Liberal terms, they were on-time, on-budget.)

Interesting that a professional pundit continues to speak to us of a false statement made by a departed politician two decades ago but is mute about lies of the current Premier Clark that are absolute whoppers by comparison. In my opinion, this demonstrates partisanship of some political journalists in this province.

That assertion surprises no person who pays attention to corporate media and we are left wondering how different our political landscape would be if all journalists were guided by the words of American Supreme Court Judge Hugo Black:

The press was to serve the governed, not the governors. The Government’s power to censor the press was abolished so that the press would remain forever free to censure the Government. The press was protected so that it could bare the secrets of government and inform the people. Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government…

Recently, someone asked me why the Premier seems to care so little about truthfulness. The easy answer is that deceit is effective, particularly when it goes unchallenged. But, for Premier Clark, I think it comes naturally. This is from the professional journal Psychiatric Times:

Narcissism can be considered both the fuel and fire of leadership. …A healthy dose of narcissism is necessary to lead and relates to the traits of ambition and courage.

When coupled with authority and control, however, narcissism can lead to an abuse of power. It is difficult to maintain the enthusiastic and/or symbiotic lock and key of a leader and organization over long periods. There are inevitable failures and disappointments of unkept promises, as well as fantasies that cannot be met…

Even a mild degree of excessive narcissism is likely to cause a leader to have difficulties cooperating with other leaders, and to contribute to problems in the transfer of power to a successor.

Malignant narcissism renders a leader susceptible to self-esteem injuries and/or narcissistic rage when his need to be idolized is not adequately met. At worst, the malignant narcissism of a beloved leader combined with regressive tendencies of an unstable organization or country can lead to the scapegoating of outsiders…

…those with a strong degree of narcissism may appear to be good leaders early on but often soon fall out of favor…

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  1. Seems Christy is a victim of her own ego. It would appear that narcissistic behavior has forced her into a corner. The reality, is the failure to comprehend the LNG world situation, and the same time take “offence” to those that oppose her policies for good reason. The “corner” she is in is now is quite obvious, the looming future of the provincial debt, and her inability to deliver on her “promises” to party insiders, financial supporters and of course, her political corporate friends, makes her and the BC Liberals future, look dubious at best.


  2. The Govt measures debt as a ratio of debt/GDP. So, in order for the ratio to stay the same, the GDP absolutely HAS to grow, every year, since the debt grows every year.

    They see LNG export and Site C as ways to grow the GDP, even though both are economically and environmentally unsound.


  3. Hello Mr Farrell. I keep remembering the photo of the debt free bus parked in front of the payday loan shop last election as that a image becomes more factual every day.


  4. Hmmm, you're right, Norm. It's tough to do any news searches that aren't on fairly current topics. To be fair, though, I couldn't easily find a photo of Dix and the missing skytrain pass either.

    (I hope the public libraries have their own digital back-up, though I fear they may be relying on the internet.)


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