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Too much cynicism?

Rafe Mair distributes commentary through Rafe Mair Online, The Common Sense Canadian, The Tyee and other places. One of those is an email distribution list.

I appreciate anything Rafe creates because it is always worth time to read and consider. Here’s an example from today’s inbox:

So, the mining industry gave over $3 million to Christy’s war chest and some people like Integrity BC are complaining!

It appears, you see, that the mining companies have received $300 million in subsidies and these cynics are thinking there might be a connection! Surely we all realize that the mining industry have been such wonderful custodians of the environment in British Columbia that any good government would give them a little bit of a reward.

That they are a good government can be seen by the approval it consistently gets without exception, from the Fraser Institute, The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and the Business Council of BC. I’ll just bet you that Resource Works, Woodfibre LNG and the Fish Farmers would agree. I forgot the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers and their good friends at Postmedia.

I say that there’s far too much cynicism in this province when a paltry $300 million subsidy to the mining industry can get anyone upset and even suggest that they got it by a little, ahem, bribery.

I’m sure Christy would assure us that she, vice premier Gumshoe, and all her ministers have sworn on the Good Book that they would never ever, cross their hearts and hope to die, even look at a donor’s list before doing favours, oops, I mean discharging their duty.

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  1. Upp, they have money for their friends, but there doesn't seem to be enough money to have an extra court clerk here or there so trials don't have to be postponed.

    What a way to run a pop stand.

    Perhaps those waiting for trials might consider making donations to Christy and her B.C. Lieberals, who knows their trials might have sufficient staff to go forward.


  2. Yes, it appears that “paying to play” is the way. I'm very sure that the “donors” book will soon have “new additions”. Looking forward to the upcoming Real Estate Industry “probe”, by Christy's point man “Fassbender”. Hmmm another “self regulated” industry, bending “assignment rules” in the real estate transaction “game”. Should be an “interesting review, or perhaps “whitewash”, given this governments support of all things “business related”. Keep up the good fight, Rafe. You and Norm are “voices in the wilderness” against government corruption, and mistruths. We need more of your types, in a world governed by fools, put there by the “real crooks in this world”.


  3. Given the provincial government/us the taxpayers may have been ripped off by real estate agents, why do they get to investigate themselves.

    Why didn't Fassbender sent this to the various police forces to investigate. if they ripped off the government, then that is a criminal matter. Or did they perhaps now privitze the criminal justice system.
    perhaps fassbender's name says it all bending over faster than ever to keep their financial supporters happy. Certainly can't be to keep the crime out of the real estate business.


  4. Exactly. Why isnt the CRA investigating. Why isnt the RCMP financial crime unit investigating. Why does THIS government get away with paper tiger investigations all the time ?


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