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  1. Pretty damning material, but when will in penetrate the fog of disinformation from Palmer, Baldry et al? Merry Adey's better government through better media is a great thought, but we already have better media; there's just too much stupid out there for the impact to be what it ought rightly to be.


  2. Interesting the 2010-2011 time frame and Bill Bennett's activities. convenient when you look at his position in government now. Also when you see the revenue B.C. residents see from those same interests drop so dramatically in the past five years.
    Logic tells us what is happening and who exactly this government works for!!
    So obvious it is shameful.


  3. Another great interview Norm. CBC, ‘NW et al are doing us a great disservice by not having you on at least once in a while so listeners can get “the rest of the story”.

    Your remarks about floating LNG plants were especially interesting given that any liquefaction plants here are likely years off, and the technology by then will surely allow Petronas to float one here already built. How many jobs will that leave us with, in exchange for selling our resource at bargain-basement prices? And if things go wrong for them or they get a better deal elsewhere, they can just sail away.





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