BC Hydro

BC Liberals import teams of ethics investigators


BC Liberals to natural resource companies, “Actually, we’re the party of no. No, you don’t have to pay the public for natural resources and energy.”


As reader motorcycleguy says in comments, the intended power producer doesn’t have approvals but does have supreme confidence the proposed projects will proceed. As in many BC energy deals, the market need for power, the environmental appropriateness of the facility and the possibility of BC Hydro profitably reselling power doesn’t enter the equation. The only thing that matters is whether or not the proponent has political support in government.

The head of Narrows Inlet 70 km NW of Vancouver
Before the land is scarred by IPP installation


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  1. How true, how true. The picture says it all/! thanks for the laugh.

    it was beyond belief that a Cabinet Minister stood there and said he'd have the organization which represents real estate agents, look into the matter. Talk about stupid. The province of B.C. was ripped off, if those people did not pay the tax. That is fraud, theft, conspiracy, etc. For that we turn the matter over to some private group?

    The last time I checked if someone engaged in fraud, tax evasion the police investigated and there were charges by the Crown. Its time Fassbender and Christy were replaced. They truly seem to have forgotten how the province is supposed to work. Illegal activities are investigated by the police, not some organization represented the alledged wrong doers. Like where is the Attorney General?

    Given Fassbender's pronouncement is it fair to conclude the next time some one alleges drug dealing by a drug dealer, we will ask the Hell's Angels to look into the matter. Because that is exactly what Fassbender is suggesting. Or perhaps his name says it all; bending over faster than you can blink an eye for a group who make large donations to the B.C. Lieberal party.


  2. Hilarious..pretty much sums such a ridiculous statement from ” the gang that couldn't shoot straight”. Princess clown herself should show up in a keystone “cop outfit.”
    VP Gumshoe could provide the supporting “good cop” role. Just one more reason, to laugh at the BC Liberals and their ever increasing damage control methods. ” Ostrich antics, buried heads in the sand while dealing with Malaysia, and now we're going to take on our “wild west” real estate bad guys, “our good friends mind you” but we'll straighten them out real quick.
    Yes siree, the Clark brigade will fix it up licked split. No problems her, move along now, shows over….
    What a pathetic joke these clowns have become….


  3. Good one Norm!….this could be applied not only to Liberal appointed investigators on any given issue, but to Liberal favoured proponents of hydroelectric IPP's that seem to be able to steamroll their way through the approval process…….just start building on a large scale before any need for the project is established or before all environmental assessments, government licences, public hearing results and necessary zoning are in place…a veritable “Field of Dreams”. Happening now with the Narrows Inlet IPP and soon for the 13 more IPP's slated for Jervis/Princess Louisa Inlet (and who knows how many more). Licences? We don't need no stinkin' licences. Money? We don't need no stinkin' money, we can get it from the Hydro ratepayers of BC. What would you call it if the government appointed investigators squared up against the government favoured beneficiaries? A TFW Standoff?


  4. Also, we don't need the additional high-priced energy. IPPs love to sell to BC Hydro because they can get triple the market price (or more) and never have to worry about whether they will sell their output. If necessary, BC Hydro will shut off its own facilities or ship power outside BC for a tiny fraction of what they pay IPPs.

    It's a business plan that would be worth studying in business schools, as an example of what governments can do to reward friends without anyone going to jail. All that's needed is a compliant corporate media. But, they can be bought cheaply.


  5. One thing is that BC Hydro is not allowed by policy to develop any new power, except Site C ($9+ billion) or existing plant upgrades. At the same time huge but unrealistic demand growth is predicted. The outcome of this is that more power has to be brought online by IPPs.

    Also, BC Hydro is not supposed to use Burrard Thermal, except at certain times.

    And, BC Hydro is supposed to be self-sufficient, and not import power.

    It's obvious how IPPs benefit from all this. They sell power to BC Hydro.

    These requirements are in the BC Clean Energy Act:


    The CE Act directly benefits the IPP industry. I wonder who wrote it? Hmm.


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