BC Liberals

$50,000 car allowance?

Andrew MacLeod of The Tyee spoke to Premier Clark in December 2012. This is part of their conversation:

The Tyee:

I have a detail question for you. Gordon Campbell while he was premier claimed on his conflict of interest disclosure statement a stipend from the BC Liberal Party, and you do as well. I’m wondering how much it is and what the rationale for it is?

Premier Clark:

I don’t know. Doesn’t it say in the thing?

The Tyee:

No, I think you probably tell the Conflict of Interest Commissioner the amount, but what gets reported publicly does not have an amount.

Premier Clark:

It’s a car allowance.

The Tyee:

Why? I’m wondering what the rationale is.

Premier Clark:

I do a lot of driving. I do a lot of driving for party events and those kinds of things.


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  1. you got that right…and a lot of people read this

    more worrisome is all those that aren’t aware this even exists to read…..and they vote


    • That’s the scary part – the voters that aren’t aware. Betcha Chrispy gases that $50,000 car up on our dime too. Wonder how she has time to drive. Oh yes, to the airport.


  2. Hmm? Does our well-healed premier have a Lexus parked Victoria, an Audi in her garage in Point Grey, and an Escalade on stand-by in Kelowna?


      • You’re too kind. Some guy named Drex was more direct sometime ago, though I didn’t and still don’t see it, and I still don’t understand how she could possibly consider the remarks as complimentary.


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