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Back scratching


An old expression says, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.” The maxim doesn’t require that rewards for scratching be equal. Often, they are not.

According to Elections BC, AltaGas Ltd. and associates contributed a little more than $70,000 to the BC Liberals. It’s been money well spent.

Top Picks, Business New Network (BNN), November 10, 2015:

AltaGas is a conservatively managed energy infrastructure company that has been overly depressed by the current commodity price environment. It recently completed hydro projects in BC, which alone could represent the majority of the valuation at current levels and have favourable 60 year inflation indexed contracts with the BC government.

Those contracts are for power generated at:

  • Forrest Kerr Hydroelectric Facility (NW BC)
  • Volcano Creek Hydroelectric Facility (NW BC)
  • McLymont Creek Hydroelectric Facility (NW BC)
  • Bear Mountain Wind Park (NE BC)

The company reports it sold 1,300 GWh of electricity to BC Hydro in 2015. The province pays $97,000 – $309,000 per GWh cost for onshore wind power and $93,000 to $500,000 for run of river power. At $110,000 per GWh, AltaGas’ revenue from BC Hydro would be worth $143 million in 2016.

Over 25 years, rising 1.5% p.a. for inflation, contracts to supply 1,300 GWh a year would be worth about $4.3 billion.

Now, here’s an interesting twist. While BC Hydro is buying power for its grid from AltaGas for roughly $143 million, under the provincial policy of selling cheap power to large industrial users, AltaGas could buy the same volume of electricity from BC Hydro for about $75 million.

Of course, AltaGas provides gas processing and natural gas liquids extraction services in northeast British Columbia and consumes substantial amounts of electricity. There is no public record of the volume of power delivered to AltaGas operations.

At the start, I mentioned mutual back scratching. Besides the Om the Bridge sponsorship offered Premier Clark, here is another favour provided BC Liberals by AltaGas. This is from the same BNN article linked near the top.

…Douglas Channel LNG project represents only $100 million of potential capital expenditure and is more of a publicity exercise than a material game changer.

Imagine that. Is it possible the LNG program promised by BC Liberals is, and always was, an electioneering fantasy?

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  1. So a goat farmer could milk his goats — keep 10% for his large family’s use — then sell the rest for, say, $900.

    Or, he could sell 100% of the milk for $1,000 and buy 10% back for $50.

    Even a farmer who doesn’t own a computer could figure that one out. Pretty strange that the “milk” buyer can’t. Perhaps it’s because the farmer is on the “milk board.”


  2. It would seem Clark and her 2013 election strategists have managed to firmly wedge the BCLP and PNWLNG’s 38 % stake between a rock and a corrupt place i.e. Petronas’s 62% stake.


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