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  1. Thanks again Norm. You always come bearing facts. Christy always comes bearing optics and strategies to hide the truth….and yes, the CEO of BC Hydro was not hired for her expertise. She is merely a malleable component in Christy’s government.


  2. Thanks again for your leadership on the BC Hydro file, Norm.

    Surely the BC Liberals and Hydro now know what a failure the IPP contracts have been — and will be for years. As you have said, they may have had honourable intentions to start with… to generate power to sell at a profit to what once “looked like” needy markets in the USA.

    Now that they know the mess they have created, one would think they’d quietly put the brakes on the program and not allow any more IPPs to be developed — yet I see the following at Hydro’s site:

    Standing Offer Program

    Program updates

    August 18, 2016
    SOP Target Volume for 2020 and Beyond

    BC Hydro advises all potential SOP (Standing Offer Program) applicants that we have received sufficient SOP applications to fill the remaining available SOP energy volume for Target CODs up to the end of calendar year 2019. Price and volume beyond 2019 are currently under review and both the price and volume may change post 2020. As a result, we will continue to receive and review applications, after the date of this notice, but will not assign any volume for year 2020 and beyond for the SOP until the price and target volume post 2020 Target CODs are determined by BC Hydro with input from Clean Energy BC.”

    I SHOULD be seeing this: “______________.”



  3. I am astounded by the numbers you provide so I don’t believe them.

    Obviously, you must have a political agenda so you make stuff up. Unbelievable stuff. If your assertions were true, people would be angry. Newspaper reporters would be writing about this. Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smyth would be all over it.

    Sorry, I just don’t buy your claims.


    • My friend, you are an example of the problem in BC. You are uncomfortable with what facts tell you, so you vow to ignore them and pretend they are not real.

      If you took the time to check my assertions, you’d find them to be accurate.

      My guiding principle is:

      “You are welcome to disagree with my conclusions but I aim for you to be unable to argue with the facts upon which I base opinions.”

      I don’t make stuff up. I read official data carefully and draw conclusions based on critical analysis.


    • “Newspaper reporters would be writing about this. Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smyth would be all over it.”

      Jason, these reporters are ignoring the facts and herein lies the problem. When was the last time you saw real digging by any reporter in this province??


    • Jason, why would you challenge what Norm is providing when it is all BCHydro and the Govt’s numbers. A more appropriate reaction might be to challenge Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smyth as to whether these numbers are truthful and exactly why, given these numbers, why the hell they aren’t all over it.
      I don’t think, nor should you, that John McComb or Norm would be on CKNW very long talking this way and giving FACTS if there was any possibility of falsehood. Give your head a shake!


    • Jason, if you were a regular visitor to Norm Farrell’s site, you would know that he ONLY uses figures straight from BC Government websites (Ministry of Finance). He gives you the numbers and shows that what the results tell us. He does NOT imply his own personal interpretation of the numbers, but merely lays them out in clear form for those of us with the brains to read and make the only conclusions that any of us could make. If you are disputing this on the basis that Norm has a “political agenda”, then you are in absolute denial as to what you as part of the fan club of the current government do not want to see. As well, if you really believe that Vaughn Palmer and Mike Smyth “would be all over it”, give your head a shake — because, old dear, they are part of the MSM that benefits from looking the other way, and taking the the financial rewards by receiving tons of expensive advertising by said government.
      It really comes down to idealogy and who benefits whom, rather than looking at the truth and doing valuable investigative reporting for us masses.


    • Jason,
      The reason your argument fails is twofold;

      1. If the numbers are inaccurate or falsified by Mr. Farrell the present government would be setting its hair on fire all over the place in the media claiming false reporting, which would lead us to the number 2 point;….

      2. The Canadian Radio Broadcast Standards would be contacted by the government and a complaint lodged against the program that aired the segment. if indeed the numbers were not correct a public broadcaster would be required to make a correction during the following or next program, something like that anyways.

      As of today we have not witnessed any protestations from the government and no complaint has been lodged to the broadcast standards council.

      Can you explain that?

      if not then perhaps the number are accurate.


  4. Thankyou Norm, and thanks to Jon for airing this issue.

    Hopefully this raises a red flag somewhere that takes notice. Palmer, Smyth..anyone.?


  5. Norm, during your show with Glen on https://www.theviewuphere.ca last night you mentioned the young producer who tried unsuccessfully to get Rafe Mair to ask questions Rafe knew were not appropriate, and how that producer got a quick lesson in the value of experience. That vignette coupled with your Twitter comment yesterday about Patrick Moore brought forth a memory I have that connects the two.

    Rafe had a producer named Shiral Tobin, a very talented and capable journalist in her own right. She often filled in for him as host when he was away. In fact she would be a marked improvement over most on-air talk show hosts today on CKNW. Once when Rafe was on holiday Shiral came on and announced she was going to be naughty and disobey strict orders from Rafe not to bring Patrick Moore on as a guest. On he came, and it quickly became apparent why Rafe had left the edict. Moore commenced a non-stop tirade that would be the envy of world-class motor mouths like Shirley Bond, Mary Polak or Rich Coleman. He continued trashing fish farm opponents with questionable “facts” for the entire segment without once coming up for air.

    I’m sure Shiral put that in her experience bank for good use in future. Not so sure about what Rafe said when he returned.

    I’m also not sure and worry about who is teaching prospective journalists today. Because judging from their work, most of the incumbents don’t seem capable. As exhibit “A” I offer the BC Hydro file.


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