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I’ve been quieter than usual here and on social media but I am working on new reports and inquiries. My capacity has been somewhat limited recently but I’m hoping that will soon be resolved.

In early August, I spent numerous hours in a dentist’s chair, preparing for installation of three crowns. Didn’t have any problems with the teeth beforehand but sure did afterward. That’s meant repeated efforts to resolve the difficulties and now, consultations with a new professional.

Not surprisingly, feeling miserable doesn’t help one get on with often tedious tasks of document examination. I expect we’ll have another post by the weekend.


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  1. THREE crowns? You were already the King, in my books.

    Take care, Norm — and may the pain in your mouth be passed on to the purveyors of IPPs.


  2. Hang in there Norm. A lot of people rely on your ability to get your ‘teeth’ into things so good luck with the dentist!


  3. Norm, I can testify to your discomfort. A few weeks ago my dentist decided to replace a few fillings…. just because. He drilled too deep. End result? Root canal and crown on one tooth and the one next to it became infected. That one I will be having extracted. Prior to that I had been pain free. Yes, it was just that easy.


    • My dentist drilled too deep and I had a toenail removed; such is life.

      Good luck Norm.
      Be back soon you are needed.



  4. Three crowns at once??? I knew you were brave but that is ridiculous. Please feel better soon.

    We will wait for your recovery and next post. We have no choice. Harvey O. has decided to “abandon” us and get on with his retirement and leave until 5 Dec. We ought not to complain about any of you. Some of us would have to get jobs or take up exercising if you weren’t writing.
    It truly is amazing how much work you do, considering you are “retired”. Thank you for all the work you do and have a speedy recovery.


  5. Ahh the euphoric release one feels when a dental issue is repaired/resolved. Nearly equalled by the feeling one gets when the oppressors are defeated.

    Be well Mr. Farrell.


  6. Is there any other profession where one books an appointment months in advance so as to subject oneself the expeditious, albeit numbed discomfort while the dentist works with various instruments in each hand and both fists in your mouth, well aware of the inevitable and inexorable wash of pain yet to come, and likely to endure for sometime once the lidocaine is metabolized in the liver, all the while shelling out half of your monthly salary, perhaps more, and spluttering “hnk -u” to the good doctor through the drool that’s running over your paralytic lower lip and down your chin?

    Best wishes.



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