Clark, Christy

Rule by expediency, not by principle

clark-140After days of claiming Official Opposition supporters were hackers engaged in dirty politics, Premier Clark finally made the walk back. Turns out there was no computer hacking involved; there was simply an error by Liberal hacks who posted unencrypted citizen contact information on their own website. The information was available to anyone, even those without passwords and with no particular computer skills.

The information leak was relatively insignificant but it served the political purpose of diverting public attention from another devastating report, this time into the too-short and too-sad existence of Alex.

By Thursday, evidence proved Premier Clark was either mistaken or untruthful in her accusations against the NDP. This is part of her excusatio:

It is further proof of the fact that when we jump to conclusions and we make a mistake we should own up to it. And I have no problems saying sorry because I made a mistake and I shouldn’t have jumped to those conclusions as quickly as I did…

Liberals patched the leak on the webpage that revealed contact information but I gained access to one that had a first, rejected, draft of the Premier’s apology. It started this way:

It is further proof of the fact that when we have a plan to divert attention from a series of tragic failures and every other option is exhausted, we will sort of own up to being mistaken. And I have no problems going before the cameras to make a hollow apology and I will continue to say whatever is expedient whenever it is expedient…

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  1. Thanks Norm..

    We have information on how Christy funded her first election with the help of … [EDITED FOR LEGAL REASONS]

    This does not even touch on the crimes her government did to our family’s property and business in tofino..

    Thanks for exposing the BC Liberal government which we believe to be the most corrupt government in the history of this country.

    Hats off to you!

    John English. 250 5109474


  2. The leaked memo that shows the Liberals recognize they’ve had tragic failures. This is the apology John Horgan should be asking for on behalf of BC taxpayers.

    The Liberals are well beyond their shelf-life and they know it. If they have to rely on deceit, corruption and lies Christy Clark knows that they are finished.

    This is all over the BC coffee shops, social media and radio talk shows. The last place to get the news is from the newspapers.

    The NDP will win the next election – not because they are loved …. it will be because the Liberals are despised. It will take the NDP four years to cancel many of the contracts, undo the Liberal’s environmental damage and shame many of the MLA’s for derilection of duty.

    Clark should be polishing her resignation speech and practice the last smile. She will be rich and become the head of some generous donor corporation. Her legacy is a $60 Billion debt.
    A new centre party will rise from the ashes.


    • Interesting that your idea of a new centre party rising from the ashes may be enabled by the legislation NDP leader John Horgan promises to eliminate big corporate and union donations.

      Right now the Liberal Party of Big Business is loaded with cash drawn from groups that do business with government directly or want to influence government’s regulatory and taxation decisions. Parties that depend solely on grassroots support are hardpressed to compete. If Liberals have $10 million to spend on an election and spend another $10 million on government advertising to promote Liberals, even a group of people that raises $500,000 will see their party remain in the shadows.

      If, suddenly, big money is out, the landscape changes. Getting noticed and gaining a following would require ideas that resonate with voters. Parties would have to work to inform ordinary people of programs and policies. One set of party members would be like another. A single billionaire like Murray Edwards couldn’t buy a government.

      Our democracy wouldn’t be perfect, but it would be better.

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      • There may be as many as 50 top earning companies financially supporting the BC Liberals, but companies can’t cast a ballot, at least not yet. It would be interesting to see how many constituents vote for a Riding in which a Company resides. Or when it comes to negotiating with their employees, the oft mentioned ‘cupboard is bare
        ‘ (eg North Shore resident now, former BC Finance Minister Kevin Falcon, line for the government too) has the companies donating ‘their’ money to the BC Liberals.


    • I hope you’re right Art. Not about the $60 Billion debt, but that Chrispy will be gone. In a fair and just society her pension would be gone too. But her buddy, Gryn Morgan will look after her. The NDP will have their hands full!


  3. Norm: Please recheck the facts for accuracy. They should be found in Focus Magazine, Times Colonist and Victoria Press.

    There is a desperate attempt by Liberal leader (Ms Make Believe) to repair the deck of the Titanic, once believed unsinkable. With the help of alternate news and computer animation, the sinking will not happen and all known history will be tripled deleted.

    Presently, the Esquimalt mayor, Barb Desjardens has been accepted as a Liberal candidate. It has long been a long-held NDP seat. The mayor has an outstanding record of public involvement and has done the job well.

    On February 28, 2017 the 24 voting members of Victoria’s CRD must decide if the new billion dollar sewage plant will be built at Mcloughlin Point in Esquimalt. This location also comes with a $20 million amenities package for the municipality.

    An “expert panel” with a reputation of getting-the-job-done (but also implicated with multimillion dollar cost-over runs) was appointed by the Clark government. The Panel recently requested additional payments of $20,000 per month, including back pay – totalling over $100,000 to top members. They claimed it was due to the workload. They got their raises.

    Problem is: The tweaked Plan is identical to the Seaterra Plan which was rushed along, as “government funding and time was running out.” Harbour Resource Partners got the direct-award-contract. It is coincidental that many of the companies involved are Liberal donors.
    If I were a betting man, I’d bet the project will be built in Esquimalt. Is there a hint of blatant “conflict of interest”?

    Here is a list of current positions held by the Esquimalt Mayor. I think the hat rack must be overflowing:

    Mayor Desjardins currently serves on the Capital Regional District/Hospital Board; Capital Regional District Core Area Liquid Waste Management Committee; Capital Regional District Environmental Sustainability Committee; Capital Regional District Finance and Corporate Services Committee; Capital Regional District Solid Waste Advisory Committee; Capital Region Emergency Services Telecommunications (Alternate); Esquimalt Chamber of Commerce ; Esquimalt/Victoria Police Board; Greater Victoria Harbour Authority; Greater Victoria Labour Relations Association; Local Government Treaty Committee (Te’Mexw Treaty Advisory Committee); and Municipal Insurance Association of British Columbia. Mayor Desjardins holds her Bachelor of Science with specialized training in Physical Therapy from the University of Toronto.

    Current Board Membership Appointed
    Police Board – Victoria and Esquimalt 15 November 2008
    Victoria Regional Transit Commission 8 March 2012


    • I’ve been a casual observer of projects in Victoria (will the Johnson Street bridge ever be finished?) but I’ve avoided having a serious look at the sewage system. Something most of us urban dwellers take for granted seems to be an insoluble problem in Victoria. Of course, once you begin to throw money at a bureaucracy, you’d better have a plan of control or you’ll get burned severely.

      Something that is never discussed in corporate media and too extensive and complex to be properly addressed by social media is the highly developed system of patronage in BC. It happens not only at the provincial level but also within the municipal systems. Often times, the boards and committees pay meeting fees and expenses and a politician’s earnings grows well beyond the seemingly modest salary level attached to his/her primary position.

      How can the public interest be protected? By full public disclosure of every payment made to a public official or made by a public or quasi-public body. Further, the Auditor-General should audit personal financial statements filed by public officials, much the way Revenue Canada routinely audits the statements of selected taxpayers.


  4. Mistakes happen to Premiers. So does carelessness. Add bad policy and unintended consequences, the customary political gilding the lily, meaning technically truthful but exaggerated to suit, without severe consequences. and you have summed up the human frailties which can perhaps be if not foregiven, overlooked.

    Deliberate lying is, without exception, totally unacceptable. There is an enormous and demonstrable difference between customary political hyperbole and deliberately telling an untruth..This phony wiretapping bullshit was a deliberate and extremely serious lie as it claimed a crime had been committed. An apology does cleanse the record – in time, people get hazy anout what really happened but remember “something about the NDP tapping Liberal telephones”. Partisan Liberals work on the ” where there’s smoke, there’s fire” theory and the vicious lie becomes a fact.

    If this were an aberration, a one-timer brought about by exhaustion from slaving over state papers one might feel some sense of understanding but this woman’s only instinct in every situation is to distort the facts and indded more often than not make up her own. She doesn’t just have a tendency to misstate the truth, telling whoppers is her default position. She abandons from the outset the defence “well, that was my honest belief” when four years history teaches us that she doesn’t often have such things, only a deeply imbedded habit to say what, if true, would exonerate her and the Liberal Party – the operative words being “if true” and that happens so seldom as to be difficult if not impossible to recall.

    It raises the ever-growing and ever more loudly asked question, “have you had enough yet!”


  5. Chrsity did not, in my opinion, put her mouth in gear before her brain. She knew what she was doing and was testing the waters, to see if it would work. yes, it did. It took “air time” from the report on the death of the young man. All she had to do was “apologize” when the media was no longer focused so much on the report and the snoozing MSM goes back to sleep.

    Come election time I would not be surprised if you hear Christy was right, the NDP did it, Huntingdon didn’t really do it………etc.

    Once the damage has been done, it so very hard to repair.

    The death of the young man would have gotten a whole lot more traction. This way the MSM played along with Christy so the voters’ attention was redirected.

    Shame on the media for not giving the death of this young many and all the other young people more coverage. This has gone on for years. If we hear anything at all its they do better and then another child dies.

    Christy and her supporters are so intent on cash collection, they don’t really care how many children die in this province. We have only to look at how many died of fent. last year. IF they had cared, there would have been massive changes, but no. all Christy wanted to do was go in front of the cameras and say she has a $2 billion surplus which she is now distributing hopping people will vote for her. Lets hope people remember al the children who died on the B.c. leiberal watch and that is tax payer money they are tossing around, which they collected at the expense of those children who died, those who don’t have adequate health care, shelter, or disability pensions.

    I expect Christy to launch a few more of those “verbal bombs” before this election is finished. I fully expect the MSM to report every one of them as fact and then Christy will do her “fake apology” all the while knowing it might get her re elected. Doesn’t say much for any of her MLAs who continue to be her co dependants.


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