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“Bullshit is everywhere”

Common Ground writer Bruce Mason had generous things to say about this site and he emphasizes an important point. We each have an opportunity to help make British Columbia a better place, for today and for tomorrow, for ourselves and our children, and their children. More about Mason’s article later.

The 2017 election is only weeks away. Get involved. If you don’t join an opposition party, do like independent candidate and Fort St. John entrepreneur Bob Fedderly is doing. Work to ensure ordinary people are represented in your community.

Bob  promises transparency and long-term, responsible financial planning. He is worried about the province’s financial management and says, “Passing on massive debt to our children and grandchildren is simply not acceptable.”


I’ve been acquainted with Fedderly for the last few years and I am convinced he would be an effective MLA. Intelligent, informed and generous, Bob was extraordinarily helpful when I visited Northeast BC in 2016. He showed me around this important region and talked at length about its history, people and present day challenges.

ma2If there is no strong independent in your home riding, look to support people new to politics. I’m impressed by North Vancouver’s NDP candidate Bowinn Ma,  a business savvy young professional engineer who promises to “bring in $10 a day childcare, to protect our coast, to invest in education, and to expand public transportation.”

I sat one morning with Bowinn Ma, after interviewing likely Green Party candidate George Orr. I thought the two would engage in a stimulating campaign to unseat Liberal lightweight Naomi Yamamoto and I planned to write about their distinct approaches.

However, Andrew Weaver, leader of what I’ve come to think of as the Liberal-Lite Party, decided that Orr would not be allowed to run for the Greens. Weaver’s schemers were, I think, frightened by a independent-minded candidate, more dedicated to principles than politics.

I respect the commitment and experience of Legislative holdovers but we need the revitalizing force of new blood. We can’t continue electing a government filled with people who sold their souls to the highest bidders.

img_2604For eight years now, I’ve been posting words on the Internet. I was influenced in the beginning by my first two grandsons, now pushing 11 years of age. I looked at these youngsters, and the ones that followed, and concluded that I owed a duty to agitate for a better world. I want all children to have the best possible chance for education and opportunity, to live in a society that is fair and respectful to people and values the environmental riches of our land.

I’m happy to have been involved in this commitment but I hope the May election will be a turning point. It will be a time to decide whether or not the powerful self-interests of privileged people are insurmountable.

Now, back to the purpose of this post. It is to introduce you to Bruce Mason’s article at Common Ground. Please go to the magazine’s website. There are numerous regular contributors providing information not available elsewhere, including Alan Cassels, a man to trust when the pharmaceutical industry is caring for itself. This is part of Mason’s Mayday! Abandon the Christy Clark ship of fools that touches on my work:

…After 16 years hosting The Daily Show, Jon Stewart observed, “Bullshit is everywhere. The good news is bullshitters have gotten pretty lazy and their work is easily detected. So I say to you tonight, friends, the best defence against bullshit is vigilance. So if you smell something, say something.” And may we add, be somebody, do something?

One of my most trusted and vigilant sources is Norman Farrell, a long-time accountant with a well-developed, keen sense of smell. Dubbed “master researcher” by one of my mentors, Rafe Mair, Farrell’s outstanding blog, IN-SIGHTS, has several thousand posts on everything from “Accountability” to “Wilderness Committee.” He told me, “People have questioned my opinion, but never my facts.” It’s well worth bookmarking and supporting.

Just before this issue of Common Ground went to press, Farrell posted “Pull down the veil of lies” (February 26), utilizing Ministry of Finance numbers to show how the record and promises of Christy Clark (Neo)Liberals are “egregious dishonesty,” in conflict with basic truth and common sense.

In the recently released 2017 Budget and Fiscal Plan, the government that got elected by promising a “Debt-Free BC” forecasted the provincial debt will grow $11 billion to a total of $78 billion over the next three years. But that last number doesn’t include $100 billion-worth of contractual obligations, as if non-existent and without impact…

A last word from Norm Farrell: “Because corporate media does not report the above figures, it is up to citizens to correct the record. Do so at every opportunity during the election campaign. Blow up the myth that Liberals, while pandering to special interests, are competent financial managers.”

Do more than just vote, which is every citizen’s right and enviable responsibility. Google the platforms and join the campaigns of the optional parties: the opposition and our best chance, NDP, the Green Party and even the Conservatives. Ask questions, become informed, talk it up. Be able to honestly look anyone in the eye, including future generations, and say, “This is what I did, up to, and including, May 9th, 2017.”

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  1. Hello Norm:
    I listened to Dermod Travis on CFAX radio yesterday. He discussed the fact that Christy Clark was using false figures in “the growing demand for Hydro”. She originally stated that there was 1.69 million hydro customers. To boost her claim for more electricity she used the BC population statistic of “four million customers now requiring Hydro”.

    I guess truth and facts are something she doesn’t hold in high regard.

    The other concern is the statement that Mike de Jong sold $650 million “panda bonds” in China. Apparently, this money is being stored in a numbered bank account in Singapore. Dermod questions, “Why isn’t the money in a BC bank earning interest here?”

    Are you aware of this transaction? Will this money suddenly appear in the BC Prosperity Fund?

    I’m encouraged by the latest poll statistics that the Liberals are losing ground at 33% and NDP at 38%. The Undecided vote, they believe will swing from Greens to NDP.
    It looks like there is a chance to remove 12 years of corruption on May 9th.

    Even Trudeau with his Kinder Morgan unpopular pipeline stance will not be able to gather support for the Christy Libs. Maybe she will be shipped off to England to follow Gordon Campbell’s legacy. (He drinks and drives, she runs red lights with her son in the car.)

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  2. I was reading a story about Arnold (let’s see if I can spell it from memory)… Schwarzenegger. He was talking about pollution — but his words can also be used in relation to the coming election:

    “You have to talk about now. And if you don’t communicate it the right way, it will go right over people’s heads.”

    I know I’m not alone, in spending hours each day on BC political issues. I suspect we’re in a 1% group, though. So many citizens don’t have the time or the inclination to even think a minute a day about politics. If they ARE going to vote, they’re either going to stay in their same-old groove, or they’ll be moved by impressions, images and catchy phrases.

    As Arnold councils, we need to make sure our communications to the swayable are clear and understandable.

    I offer one tip: use frequent paragraph returns, when communicating in text. Nothing turns me off quicker than seeing a big block of text, with no place to breathe.

    Tip two: name-calling and put-downs are often a turn-off. Make your points respectfully — and if you can dazzle with graphs and charts: bonus points!

    Tip three: if you don’t have charts and graphs, Norm does! Link back to this site or other faves (many of which you’ll see in Norm’s reading list.)

    Arnold’s article: http://www.mensjournal.com/features/articles/arnold-schwarzeneggers-picks-his-next-fight-w469845?utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email


  3. Dear Norm,

    I’m interested in knowing why you “have come to think” that the BC Greens are “Liberal-Lite”.

    If the NDP are elected, the last thing we need is another unaccountable government arising out of a Liberal backlash landslide. We desperately need a credible third option to prevent the continual yo-yo-ing between left and right. I don’t expect the NDP to be any more credible, capable or ethical than the Liberals. In fact, there are many examples where the NDP has left constituents swinging in the wind over the last 10 years, failing in their duties to hold government accountable and betraying the trust of citizens (not unlike the Liberals).

    The Greens are the only party who appear to offer some semblance of human decency and practical, progressive platforms. However, perhaps I’m missing something. I’d like to know what I may be overlooking rather than have to guess at what you meant.

    Thanks, Joan



  4. Hello Norm:

    A recent article in the Times Colonist indicates that Christy Clark is spying on her opponents. It is reminds me of the old days with Richard Nixon and Watergate. He was called “Tricky Dickie” and was impeached. The voters have a similar opportunity to evaluate Christy Clark on May 9th..


    CHEK TV reported on how the taxpayer’s money is being spent to promote the BC Liberals during the Academy Awards. Approximately $20,000 for 20 seconds. Is there a debt clock running on the cost of Site C Dam?


    There is an 30 second animation by the BC Feration of Labour expressing their thoughts on Christy Clark. Fortunately, there is no charge to the taxpayer. It’s free on Youtube.
    “It’s All A Game To Christy Clark”


  5. Speaking of Bullsh#t:

    Anbang, a Chinese insurance company with murky ownership buys Retirement Concepts.

    “B.C. grants final approval in sale of retirement homes to Chinese conglomerate”


    “Health Minister (Liberal) Terry Lake said he is not privy to details of the sale of Retirement Concepts”

    He’s not privy, but he thinks it’s a great deal.

    Canada-China-FIPA applies, so Anbang can sue Canada when they don’t like new regulations put on them. Great.


  6. well noting smells like taxpayer funded propaganda
    Hey it won the last election on quadrillion dollar LNG promise
    fool me once…


    • There appears to be another set of secretive deals in British Columbia. The BC voters deserve some clear answers. Imagine if our newspapers were told what to print.

      Imagine what would happen if BC “Panda Bonds” allowed Chinese ownership of our real estate yet we had no power or opportunity to question the management. We should be concerned. We should be worried. Below are some topics that should be considered for our future.

      Christy Clark knows her position is slipping awayand the priority#1 is getting the Liberals reelected.. I can picture trying to capture a greased pig running down the halls of the Legislative hallways … the squealing, the anxiety, the frantic escape and the smell. (It’s a typical day called “Question Period”) If you don’t live beside a farm, you should live beside the Legislative Building when in session .. fortunately, that is only a few days a year.

      The BC taxpayers credit card is being used to pay for BC Liberal commercials as fast as Trump can tweet. Norm’s blog is an excellent way to educate voters throughout the province, that will inform us before May 9th.

      Times Colonist:
      Consider the retiring BC Health Minister Terry Lake, allowing the Retirement Homes (real estate) transaction to proceed. Has foreign investment money been put toward the latest BC Liberal campaign? May all the Liberals someday reside in these dwellings.

      “Some of the purchases Anbang has pursued in the U.S. and Europe have failed because regulators and investment bankers haven’t been able to figure out who owns the company. The New York Times sent Chinese-speaking reporters and assistants into remote villages and office towers. They found a fuzzy picture of almost 40 shell companies linked to the Anbang chairman’s wife, the granddaughter of former Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping; Chen Xiaolu, the son of a notable general; and a few, little-known Chinese state-owned companies. ”


      CKNW on Panda Bonds:

      So what exactly are Panda Bonds?
      They’re bonds created by the B.C. government, but sold exclusively inside the Chinese market, in Chinese Yuan (as opposed to Canadian dollars).


      BBC on their quest for information:
      British reporters went to investigate their own concerns only to be harrassed, detained and cameras smashed.

      China congress: BBC team forced to sign confession

      Thugs attack a BBC team seeking to meet a Chinese petitioner ahead of parliament’s annual session.


  7. There sure is truckloads of money coming out of the Christy truck. How on earth are the citizens of this province going to pay what she’s pushing? Millions and millions. I for one cannot afford 4 more years of this gang in Victoria. It matters not to me who you vote for, that is your choice, but please just don’t vote liberal. Vote who you believe will oust the current regime permanently.


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