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  1. Hello Norm: Thank you for posting the GAAP video.The more I hear about the BC Liberals re-election campaign, that more determined I am to inform voters of Christy Clark’s lack of integrity. What a good example of a bad political specimen on the verge of extinction.


    The Greens are calling for a police investigation into the “pay to play” access to Clark. The Liberal’s washing machine appears to be stuck on the Permanent Press spin cycle:

    “In a statement to CKNW, it appears the BC Liberal Party is blaming donors for the problem.
    Spokesperson Emile Scheffel says, “It appears this was due to donors’ misunderstanding of the rules around political contributions in B.C.”



    My nine year old grand daughter was watching a Youtube this morning called: “Eat It or Wear It” when a BC Liberal commercial interrupted the video to inform the listeners:

    “Reduce your Hydro Bills” and how to get an up-to-the-minute accounting of your Hydro Bill.”

    My question is: If the customer can find out how to reduce hydro bills, why can’t BC Hydro do the same on all of their secret deferral accounts?


    CFAX radio website in asking on today’s Poll:

    “Do you think the BC Liberal Party will do and say anything in order to win May’s election?”

    I hope you will take the time to respond. It is well known that the Liberals collect data from CFAX

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  2. Definitely the Liberals will blame everyone else for their difficiencies. Get out and vote people, time for chsnge while wwe still have a province we can be proud of.

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