BC Liberals

BC election survival tools

Campaign survival tool: a PVR so you can skip the endless Liberal commercials we taxpayers are paying to air. Or, one of these magic instruments:


With a decoder, we could separate truth from fiction. That would keep us from being misled. Such as when the Liberal Party promised the most accountable and transparent government anywhere and then spent years hiding the giant BC Rail fraud.

2001 New Era for British Columbia

And it would prevent us being fooled  by Andrew Weaver, leader of the BC Liberal-Lite party, AKA the BC Green Party. SOURCE

Here’s a scientific image to help us better understand the world of BC politics.




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  1. Bull shit decoder ring…I sense a pre election marketing opportunity. So much is said in so few words. Ms. Clark should be wondering how long the public can bear her Incessant commercials before they mentally turn her off. There has to be a threshold. Time for John Horgan to begin shooting holes in her rhetoric.


  2. How can I purchase one of those c.c. bullshit decoder rings? I really need one. All those commercials are driving me nuts. In some programs its each commercial break or every other commercial break. Its costing us a fortune. Then if we get really unlucky that commercial is followed up by a commercial paid for by the friends and supporters of C.C. against John Horgan. Like that must be a gift from their corporate friends at the t.v. stations to run those commercials back to back. I usually just go walk the dog and he gives me his opinion on Christy, he either pisses or shits. So do hurry up and let us know where we can get the decoder ring or a ring which ensures we don’t hear it all. OMG, the commericals are end less and must be costing millions all the while c.c. says we can’t afford bus passes for the disabled. we can’t afford that woman any more, she needs to go and go far, far, away from B.C.


    • Just takes the TP toilet paper rolls off two TP holders. They make great scopes for seeing Liberal visions for BC taxpayers & China’s filthy dirty rusty oil tankers on BC Coastal waters.


  3. How can you get through all the BS when you get 2 scoops of propa po per hour on about all media outlets in BC?and paid for by us?
    unlimited money turns BC into 24/7 electioneering/raising three ring circus
    Panem et circenses


    • Guess Mr. Young won’t perform at any $10 million arena celebration to be seen this spring by trillions of people all over the world. Young doesn’t do Bollywood.


  4. I’ve already received my “secret bullshit decoder ring”. I placed it on my finger. It was so overloaded that it began to spark and the house lights went dim.
    Even our Smart Meter failed.

    The small print on “money back guarantee” states that the Liberals “guarantee you won’t get your money back”.

    Also, you have to pay PST, GST, MSP, ICBC plus Shipping and Handling.

    However, they did recommend a limited time offer for the “Christy Doll” with a Secret Handshake. You pull the string and she babbles with a goofy grin.
    ( I’m a little concerned about the handshake.)

    Does anyone have any idea what you get for $10,000 to pay-to-play with premier?


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