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Who funds BC politics

I noticed an item on social media that claimed BC NDP received more contributions from its supporters than BC Liberals in 2013. The assertion was based on an incomplete report by the Vancouver Sun in August 2013.

Annual reports of the parties filed with Elections BC reveal that BC Liberals have consistently taken in substantially more political contributions than BC NDP. This is a seven year summary to 2015 (2016 reports are not yet posted).

contributions 2009 2013

In 2014 and 2015, contributions to BC Liberals averaged $7 million a year more than contributions to BC NDP, most of that extra coming from businesses and larger donors. Add in the millions of tax dollars that Liberals spend promoting themselves with government advertising and we see that Premier Clark’s part is contemptuous of democracy.


I find it interesting that BC Liberals raised only 7% from individuals donating $250 a year or less. 27% of NDP contributions were from individuals providing less than $250. Many of contributors are people associated with corporations doing business with the province.

This is from the database of Elections BC:

Political Contributions Recap


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  1. Hello Norm: CFAX Adam Sterling is doing an interview this morning on Liberal scandals and pay for play. Please email, phone in free or listen on line. 9am. They are also doing a straw vote. It will also be on Adam’s blog archived.


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