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Occasionally, readers and informants send me tips and information, some of it for background, some of it that leads directly to an article. Today, I received the first draft of a message that Pamela Martin is sending to Liberal Party workers. It follows.

From: “Pamela Martin” <contact@bcliberals.com>
Date: Apr 15, 2017 10:31 AM
Subject: It’s About Us

As BC Liberals, the reason we’re working so hard this election is simple. It’s about our kids, our jobs and saving our asses.

It’s about spending to further our personal rewards, so we don’t leave here with bills to pay and no real money in our overseas accounts. Keeping salaries and expense accounts high until the very end, so our friends and families can spend the public’s money the way they want. And making our jobs last to secure a bright future for our children and grandchildren.

That’s what we’re fighting for – and it’s all on the line in this election.

The contrast is stark: already, our opponents have indicated that they’d throw this all away. Replacing our jobs with unemployment. Scrapping waste and killing thousands of patronage jobs for our friends at hundreds of places you’ve never even heard about. Pushing our families to the brink by spending money we’ve intended to put aside for our own children and grandchildren. Our opponents would rather deliver social services, fund schools and universities and benefit common ordinary taxpayers, the mugs we call the “little people.”

That’s years of discipline and our hard work at risk when British Columbians cast their ballots. That’s half a billion dollars we “saved” in the Prosperity Fund, which should allow our close friends to enjoy the lives they choose – all gone if the other guys get their way.

We can’t let the opposition parties undo the benefits we leaders enjoy thanks to your hard work. We need to keep building a comfortable life for the people we love – us. We cannot let the other guys drag us down, causing us to lose the wealth we’ve hidden away, threatening the multiple pensions we’ve each earned and exposing us to public disapprobation, maybe even jail time for some.

BC’s election campaign is just starting to roll. And you owe it to us, our kids and their kids not to stop now. If you do, we’ll be ruined.

That’s the message from Premier Christy Clark – and it’s one I hope you’ll share in the weeks to come.  Sincerely,

Pamela Martin




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    • Of course John, you’re welcome to share it with North Island voters where you are standing for election as a candidate for the BC First party.


  1. Thanks Norm! We’re on the same page on this.

    Call me sometime and I’ll tell you the biggest joke of all.

    And what I fear Site C and LNG are really all about.

    And, yep, it all relates to Christy and her crew of pirates private “prosperity fund”.

    I have a friend who recently retired from the Oil & Gas Revenue Division of the Ministry of Finance in Victoria. What she told me confirms and validates all you say and much more!

    It’s like something out of a movie. Corruption in the billions. Out of control. Cocaine and crime. Offshore accounts. Mansions in Vancouver, Kelowna and Thailand.

    Beyond belief! She saw it all first hand and knows how it works.

    Another friend told me how Christy financed her first campaign by laundering drug money collected by a fanatic charged with attempted murder.

    There is no doubt that Christy Clark is a hardened criminal with a “howdy doody” smile and a hardhat.

    Talk about deception and duplicity. Likewise with her top cronies: Rich Coleman, Peter Fassbender and Mike de Jong..

    Thanks again for taking on this evil corrupt criminal gang..

    Where are the RCMP in all this?

    Pray we can take this Liberal crew of looters and pirates down and there are some decent people to replace them with!

    God Bless you for standing tall and not sparing the rod..

    Yours truly,

    J. D. English.

    250 5109474

      Editor’s note: minor change to wording for legal reasons.


    • It might have been more appropriate on the first day of this month but Pammy’s letter only came to me today.


      • But is the letter legit?
        Pam has never been trustworthy to me, but this letter is just nuts.
        I can’t believe those thoughts made it to print.
        I know you have great integrity, but Pamela Martin is suspect at best.


  2. Hi Norm,
    That’s a very interesting comment from J.D. English who say’s ” And, yep, it all relates to Christy and her crew of pirates private “prosperity fund”.
    I hope you print what he has to say.

    Thanks Norm

    Guy in Victoria


  3. Norman .AsI sit here in Kamloops reading this article and hope that it is true. I think this is a alternative fact. Surely to goodness Pamy is not that dumb. But saying that I will share it. I have to admit I am pretty nieve.


  4. Jeez Norm, I’d be really careful – can you be certain that this isn’t something created along the lines of ‘fake news’? It’s just too pat, too apposite to the typical Martin kind of statement – if it is real and you can confirm that it isn’t from a source other than Martin who’s actually trying to discredit you for posting it – then I’d say go with it….I’d want to know the Ip of the initial message and be certain that this hasn’t been tampered with. Not that I find it hard to believe that the Clark ‘brain’ trust actually ‘thinks’ and talks this way among themselves – I just wonder they’d be so utterly careless to put it in writing!

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  5. I was really mad about this message and I jumped to the conclusion that almost everyone else jumped to that the message was genuine. Earlier today I calked Pamela Martin and I apologized for circulating the message. Well, I didn’t actually talk directly with Pamela, but following the Premier’s Protocol in these matters, I left a heartfelt apology on her butlers Voice Mail. My Dog, who is incidentally completely independent from myself will conduct the investigation into this subversion of democracy.

    Samuel Clemens

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  6. The Liberal candidate for Delta South, wants the new $3.5 billion+ Massey tunnel replacement bridge because he can now drive his farm machinery to Richmond! _ From the globe and mail.

    Elections bring out the idiot in us and as for Pamela Martin, she was and still is a flake, nothing more.


  7. “Secondly, BC Hydro’s predicted demand for electricity has “dropped significantly,” according to the report.

    Experts said that could mean electricity from Site C won’t be fully needed for nearly 10 years after the project’s expected completion date in 2024.

    The surplus energy would need to be “exported at prices currently far below cost,” leading to losses of at least $1 billion.

    Under BC Hydro’s forecasted demand, the analysis found, cumulative losses would be nearing $2.7 billion by 2036.”



  8. Someone needs to tell Pamela Martin, who claims “All The President’s Men” by Woodward and Bernstein is her most inspiring story of investigative journalism, that Shane Mills is doing a Donald Segretti Dirty Tricks number for the BC Liberals. Perhaps Pamela has stealth-fully embedded herself with the BC Liberals for a once in a generation opportunity to expose them for activities that make the Watergate burglars look like choir boys. Can’t wait for Christy to deliver the Nixon “I’m not a crook” speech. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sh163n1lJ4M
    How interesting that when you go to the link you are treated to a BC Liberal advert or Andrew Weaver before the Nixon clip.


  9. “How interesting that when you go to the link you are treated to a BC Liberal advert or Andrew Weaver before the Nixon clip.”

    I got an ad for Subway. It is a random setting from the server command according to the amount paid for the ad.


  10. Poor Pammy, if Christy looses the election she’ll be out of a job which pays her $130K a year and has for a long time. Life will be difficult without that extra $130K per year.

    They must be getting worried, or some thing because I just read Warren Kinsella’s post. He just had to spring to Christy’s defense and take a swipe at Horgan. His “reports” would lead one to believe Horgan is a sexist who simply didn’t treat Christy well in the debate. Even refers us to Vaughn Palmer’s article about how “terrible” Horgan was. Not a word of course about Christy’s record. Then of course given Kinsella is a federal liberal strategist and ‘friend’ of Ms. Mills and is not unacquainted with Christy’s ex.

    Suggested he have a read of this blog to get the real feel for B.C. and the B.C. Lieberals and how life is lived in B.C. by those who don’t donate to Christy and the B.C. Lieberals.


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