Natural Gas

A clear choice

There is one comparison that should be remembered by BC voters. It is this:

In fiscal year 2001, British Columbia took in $1,249,000,000 in natural gas royalties. According to the Bank of Canada, that is equivalent to $1,645,180,000 in 2016 dollars.

In fiscal year 2016, British Columbia took in $139,000,000 in natural gas royalties. That was the net amount after producers had taken credits of $320,000,000 in drilling and other subsidies. However, the balance of credits owed to producers grew by $520,000,000 in FY 2016 to $1,932,000,000. BC suffered a loss on gas production.

Under the system of accounting trickery used by BC Liberals, the almost $2 billion owed to producers under the credit program is not recorded as a liability. The number appears in footnotes to the annual financial statements. The credits program is almost never discussed by BC Liberals, except when they issue a press release drawing attention to their support of the gas industry in BC. However, those press releases never discuss the real extent of the subsidy programs, they mention only a small portion.

The above should lead you to the conclusion that natural gas producers are one of the Liberals’ protected groups of corporations. In the years before Christy Clark, BC relied on significant revenues from this segment of natural resource production.

Ms. Clark’s  rise to the Premiership was sponsored by the BC gas industry – mostly owned outside this province – and the corporations were represented by Gwyn Morgan on her transition team.

The acquisition of Premier Clark is earning gas companies an outstanding return on investment.

Voters have a choice. You can vote to ensure the rich and powerful stay that way or you can vote for John Horgan who promises to make ordinary citizens the focus of government policies.

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  1. Thanks Norm. All true. Christy is a worse criminal than impeached President Park of South Korea who is now in jail facing bribery charges!


    • ‘Lock her up’

      ‘Worse than the I preached President Park of SK who is now in Jail
      Facing bribery charges”

      ‘Criminal Investigations”



      And all of the rest!

      I am quite sure I am not required to list any more of the “Hate and Vitriole” directed at Premier Clark, any of her Minions or those of the “Great Unwashed” that support the Liberals because it is all written here by so many supporters of “Free Speech” and “Tolerance” that hate everything about “Free Enterprise”.

      I have just spent over an hour reading this Blog and I have not found One Post or opinion that gives the B.C. liberals one bit of credit for anything they have Legislated over the past 16 or so years.

      Have the B.C. Liberals not accomplished anything positive or beneficial for the people of B.C. over the past 16 years? Have they done nothing but “Evil”, another classy description.

      On top of that I have seen dozens of comments that paint and describe any individual that Votes or Supports the B.C. Liberals as a Moron, Knuckle Dragging, Low Information, pathetic and the rest.

      Why would anyone with another point of view even bother to participate in this Hatefest” of anything “Free Enterprise”?

      Talk about dishonest.

      I know nothing about Norm At all, I am sure he is a fine man but someone like me has no place on a Blog like this.

      By the content and tone of most of the Posts i have read over the last little while I do not any chance in Hell that any one that Posts here would want another point of view anyway.

      Some here may be aware that the B.C. Liberals actually did manage to get almost what, 42% of the popular Vote.

      Boy, that would tell most here that there are a lot of Morons, Crooks, Low Information Voters, etc. and the rest that live in this Province.

      My apologies for the intrusion.

      And they talk about “The Dark Web”.


      • Well you came here , read the posts for over an hour and spent the time perusing all the “dark web” information. Is all of the info here “fake news” ? Nope , most of Norm’s info comes directly from government stats and releases. Please enlighten us with your free enterprise love fest wins Christie’s government can lay claim to. We are more than willing to listen to all the awesome things you have to say about what the Neo-Liberal party of BC has done for the actual taxpayers of British Columbia over the last decade and a half.
        Just write them all down here clearly where all of us haters can be once and for all be truly informed about the good works that they have done for us. Just write them down. I will be waiting breathlessly for you to change my mind. Please excuse me if i don’t actually hold my breath as i do want to continue living.

        Liked by 1 person

            • OMG don’t tell me its true. I don’t read names that much, but OMG you’re right its right after this. O.K. what can I say. We have the right to freedom of speech. Perhaps BCMQ or whatever will learn something over here at Norm’s. You can express an opinion at Norm’s but you can’t argue the facts because, they are facts. the facts are the government’s own facts and figures. that is why this blog is so good. its just the facts man.

              John’s Aghast, just hang in there, its e.a.f. just read past it and enjoy the rest. I know its hard to do for some of us old types but we’re strong.


          • TEGM

            Yes BMCQ, I believe many people that post choose something other than their name.
            I use the initials because I am in business and somewhat outspoken and critical of Municipal Governments and do not want every Inspector in those Municipalities paying me a visit. Can you blame me? I simply used my name by mistake when I posted here.

            A few months ago I looked at this Blog when some on The Harvey Blog suggested I participate here. I took a look here and commented that I would not be welcome here, they in turn told me that I was wrong and I would be welcome.

            I posted and then As expected the “Tolerant” and “Boad Minded” Left took only a few hours to attack me for posting once. Should I be surprised? I think not!

            I always find it quite laughable how those on the left are always the first to call for “Freedom of Speech” but they are always the first to shut down anyone that has a different point of view.

            So far you have not surprised me! Very sad and pathetic.

            Now you may realize why I called this Blog a “Hatefest” for anything Free Enterprise.

            I would add more here but frankly I am “Aghast”!

            The Tolerance of the Left? Yeah, Sure.


      • Bob, I was one of those at Harvey’s blog, who suggested you drop by here, as practically no one ever challenges Norm on the veracity of his data. If a BC Liberal supporter has a counter view that they can back up, they should come and test their data against Norm’s.

        I should have mentioned that there’s usually a gentler tone here; more of a coffee bar atmosphere, compared to Harvey’s roadside “beer and ribs” bar, though the colour of the commentary has been rising here in the run-up to the election.

        In past iterations of Norm’s website, he described the tone he was looking for as what he’d expect if he had guests over for dinner: then you walk in and the first thing you hear is “Criminal!” and “Lock her up!”

        This gets your dander up and you rise to the occasion, then others pile on you.

        “%#@*! The dinner’s ruined” I can hear someone yelling from the kitchen, LOL!

        Maybe you’ve had enough and don’t want to take another stab at it. That’s up to you. I, for one, value your opinions.


        • Barry

          Thanks, if you look up the page at least two or three of the earlier comments suggested exactly as I posted, I was just repeating what was said there and on other posts I saw earlier that night.

          So I believe the Dinner Table Conversation was already in full gear, you can see for yourself.

          Not once did I hear from anyone anywhere during the B.C. Election Campaign to “Lock Up” Horgan or any of his Minions, did you?

          You can see yourself where someone earlier suggested that Premier Clark is no better than the Impeached Leader of South Korea, Really?

          Look Clark is not my favourite person to be Premier but in my opinion I feel her Government is better than the alternative and trust me I have a lot invested in this Province and Country.

          Of course we all feel we have a lot invested but I employee People and that is important to me and obviously them.

          I do not want to upset Poor Old Aghast here so Il will not go on too long so I will cut this short.
          After all I do believe that Aghast is the Content and Number of Words Cop on this Blog.

          If by a Miracle John Horgan becomes Premier he has pledged to send the Site “C” Project back for a review.

          I am quite sure almost anyone here is aware that a Review of that Magnitude will take over two years and perhaps three years before they conclude and file a Report.

          I think it is safe to assume that by that time Site “C” will be more or less COMPLETE!!

          I mean Finished!

          Now you or any of the Mensa Members that addressed me earlier tell me if they believe Dear Uncle John is Dealing off of the Bottom of the Deck here or is he attempting to appease his Base and move things out of the way until the Report comes down and he can say “Oops, Too Late”!!

          I know all of those on the Left that support Mr. Horgan are very honest and beyond reproach so I look forward to any opinions offered.

          You may also remember that I commented that I thought Carol James would be a wonderful Speaker and much superior to Linda Reid.

          I enjoy the give and take with you very much Barry, I always learn something when I read one of your Posts. You show a lot of class.

          I do not expect anyone else to answer my question by the way.

          And thank you to Mr. Farrell for the chance to make a point or two.


          • Barry

            Don’t know about you Barry but I am not surprised that not even one Mensa Member that frequents this Blog addressed my question about Mr. Horgan putting up the silly “Kick the Can down the Road” argument on Site “C” and wait 2 or 3 years for a Review from the Utilities Commission.

            Again, by that time the Damn Dam will be more or less complete! How dishonest is that?

            I wonder if Voices here would be so silent if the The Shoe was on the other Foot? Of course not! How do we spell “Hypocrite”?

            I for one am “Aghast” !!

            Mr. Farrell has One Hell of a Blog here, I compliment him on his hard work and effort.

            I for one would be absolutely thrilled if he put his skills and keen mind to doing an expose on wanton Government at the Civic Level, especially at the City of Vancouver.

            All Major Cities but especially Vancouver take in more Property Tax Dollars by Hundreds if Millions than ever before yet Property Taxes keep climbing by anywhere between 2.5% and over 5% each year and the City Government continues to grow and Spending is out of control.

            Vancouver is busy spending a lot of that Monet building Housing for Drug Addled Criminal Felons that come to Vancouver from other parts of Canada, Why?

            Much like the old Kevin Costner Movie, “Build it and they will come”!!

            Instead The Feds, the Province, and the City should be using the Tax Dollars to build Affordable Hiuding for Seniors on Fixed Income and Single Moms with Children doing their best to escape a Bad Marriage, instead we are Housing many Convicted Felons that are here from other Provinces on Non Returnable Warrants!

            It would be better for us to pay to Ship them back to face Court time in their Home Province. That way we may get rid of them.

            Only 5 or so years ago Vancouver had perhaps 2 Communications People on Staff in Vancouver, now there are close to 25! Something else to look at. Why?

            I believe Mr. Farrell would do an excellent job exposing Government Waste at the Civic Level an Vancouver would be the place to start.

            I still believe this Blog is targeted to criticize the B.C. Liberal Government but just the same I will be making a Donation to Mr. Farrellto support this Blog in the hope that one day he may just take a look at Government Waste at the Civic Level, especially Vancouver.


            • Good to see you back, Bob.

              There are many targets that a blogger could choose to hit. I’ll guess that Norm has focussed on the provincial angle, as it involves all British Columbians. As a Chilliwack resident, I don’t really care about Vancouver City’s issues; there’s TOO much to care about and only so much time. (I’ll agree, though, it sounds like Van City Hall needs some exposure.)

              Norm has said a number of times when he was a guest on radio shows that he intends to be critical of future BC governments, should the BC Libs ever be unseated. I hope he soon gets a chance to do that.

              During the election campaign, a number of people on Facebook posts wanted Mr. Horgan to clarify if he would stop Site C work while the BCUC looked at the business case for the dam. I don’t know if the question was ever directed to his face. I never heard a response if there was one.

              If he did respond, I suspect Horgan would be careful to be vague, as jobs would be on the line and Christy would jump on that. Once the votes are counted and if a Green/NDP coalition happens, we should be able to hear a firm position.

              A BCUC study should be fast-tracked, with the work of UBC’s Dr. Bakker as some of the evidence to be considered. Then there’s THIS story out of Alaska Highway News, showing that we’ve basically lost a market for power in California, where almost had its power was generated from solar, in March.



            • yes Norm’s blog is more of a dinner party. actually it is a dinner party and we all need to be nice. no lock her ups. perhaps something more agreeable, i.e. an investigation might be in order.

              Over at Harvey’s, well he was a political reporter for longer than, o.k. I take that back, since my mid miss spent youth and as such he is more given to the rousting and rabbling of the unwashed. Norm on the other hand had a more professional position in life. In fact, well with the exception of two former collegues, always kept with polite company, to the best of my recollections. Even one of those spoke in a better tone when discussing him.

              As they say you can try arguing with facts but it doesn’t work too well, unless you’ve written a new accepted and published thesis, with newly formulated facts, not opinions.

              If any one ruins dinner I will not be amused and John will be more than Aghast.


            • Well i will take a crack at your question. Perhaps in the heat of the closest election our province has had in the last 50 years Mr Horgan didn’t want to get the Dix surprise by the bought and paid for media at the last minute. I mean i’m not a card carrying mensa member but i’m smart enough to realise that a premier who has to fire her top 2 staffers for misusing taxpayer dollars and repay 70 grand , a scandal that went right to her desk should be forced to resign. A premier who breaks the law by deleting her emails destroying the public record and breaking foi laws should be forced to resign. A premier stands up in front of the legislature and on television who LIES about a police investigation that never was on more than one occasion should be forced to resign. A premier who was taking a 50,000 dollar top up for fundraising thereby exposing where her true loyalties lie should be forced to resign. A premier that during the last election spun the tale of the trillion dollar windfall that was just around the corner while she loads 11 billion on the provincial debt should not get a free pass on that load of bullshit. This is the business oriented government that you pine for ? Under 16 years of this business themed government they have doubled the debt not including our 100 billion BC Hydro deferal accounts and ipp obligations. Every election they have a fire sale to liquidate public assets to have a pretend balanced budget. Any business man can see that they are not good at handling the business of the public good. So unless you are snout deep in the trough this government is hurting you and your children’s future and the future finances of this place we call home. Worst government ever.


  2. The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, in addition to having Gwyn Morgan heading Christy Clark’s transition team when she arrived in office, formed a marketing partnership with Postmedia. So the facts Norm presents on a regular basis, including those above, do not find their way into print in the Vancouver Sun.

    What does find its way into print in the Vancouver Sun is an endorsement of Christy Clark and the BC Liberals in today’s election.

    The clear choice citizens should be able to make when voting today has been deliberately made very opaque by this BC Liberal government and a member organization of the free press, both of which have a public duty and trust to do the exact opposite.

    This must change. Hopefully starting today.


  3. It is not accounting trickery, it is fraud and fraud on an industrial scale.

    When one steps back and sees the type of person or corporation that supports this, are the very same who decry crime on the streets or the homeless or the addicted.

    Such a sad state of affairs which just 30 years ago would be subject to a police/criminal investigation is now treated as common practice.

    It seems the inmates have indeed taken over the asylum.


  4. These deferrals are bad news. The question I have is why Has the NDP not brought information such as this to light? We have just gone through 4 weeks of electioneering and not one word.


  5. WELL, this is going to be entertaining, given Weaver said he’d support Christy Clark and not Horgan. So know that Weaver has 2 other Greens with him, wonder what will really happen. The other 2 Greens may not want to support Christy and all the money she shovels out of the treasury to the big business boys. Weaver could be in trouble if some one send his two collegues a copy of this post.

    Thank you again for all your work. Without it some of us would never have knows the truth. I believe the results tonight are the result of the work some of the progressive blogs did such as yourself, Laila, RossK, Harvey O., Bob Mackin, Things will be changing,


  6. I’m far more encouraged by the election outcome (if the Lib minority stands), than the 2013 result. The Greens and NDP share some important ground, in their core principles.

    Here’s what I commented in Michael Smyth’s column today:

    “Even if the Greens don’t want to officially sign an accord to the left or right, the legislature could be run on an unsteady day-to-day basis, with Greens agreeing to vote one way on Day 1 and another way on Day 2.

    If they vote with the NDP on Day 1 to get big money out of politics, “free enterprise” parties will be forever screwed, as they feed off of big money, rather than armies of volunteers.

    On Day 2, they can lean with the BC Libs on naming a pedestrian overpass after Brad Bennett… but only if Brad steps down from his role as Hydro Chairman.

    Day 3, they can side with the NDP on halting work at Site C until a comprehensive study of the “business plan” is completed. (In the likelihood that no plan exists, they can have the BC Libs make one, then study it.)

    Day 4, they can side with Christy (if she’s even in the building) on more butter — or margarine — for the free muffins.

    Day 5, they can side with the NDP on banning the grizzly bear hunt.

    I’m liking the possibilities!”


  7. Against HUGE odds (Media bias, corporate largess, entrenched NDP negativity) John Horgan achieved great results. Of course, he had Liberalism kleptocracy, lies and innumerable gaffes to his advantage. That 50% of the BC voters were either aiding abetting Chrispy’s crime syndicate or benefitting from it is unfathomable!
    Maybe they don’t have any kids, grandkids; or conscience.


  8. Why didn’t Horgan even bring up the the $100B in contractual obligations, and the Weaver’s support of the $65B Ruin of the River fiasco.

    BC would be close to GHG free if all that cash had been spent on transit, and power rates rather than having to almost triple to pay for it all, stayed low enough to justify a gas to electric geothermal heat conversion.

    Yet not a word?


    • Despite the use of negative ads by all parties, there wasn’t a lot of “tree shaking” going on in the campaign. Perhaps Christy’s handlers convinced her to just stay on the “Jobs, jobs!” mantra, obliging Horgan to nibble but not bite. He dared not be painted “Mr. No.”

      On the other hand, we heard months ago about Horgan’s wonderful plan to create jobs through retrofitting energy-robbing old technology in industry, homes and businesses… though I can’t say this was highlighted much during the election. It was a good — and green — initiative that was all about “Jobs, jobs!”.

      I loved the third-party traveling white elephant show, though I don’t recall Horgan or Weaver’s schedules ever matching up with the Site C protest. Bad planning… or strategic?

      While the amazingly-close outcome is historical, the campaign itself was rather safe and smooth on all fronts. Maybe that contributed to the close finish.


  9. Norm, I like your graph showing declines in royalty revenues. It is a compelling picture. I think that you updated the dollar figures to current dollar value. I’m just wondering if you’ve also adjusted for gas prices? If gas prices were higher ten or twelve years ago, then wouldn’t the royalty revenue be higher, no matter who was in government? If you could adjust for gas prices that might make your point even stronger.


  10. The amount of folks I explained this fact to who tried to argue was very large. I blame the media for skewing the realities of this and many other facts which were conveniently overlooked during our recent election campaign.


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