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  1. Roger Bryenton provides an in depth summary. Just the facts as stated should make those in power cringe. However, they’ve been corrupted for too long. They are bereft of any conscience. We must make sure those in power will never be in power again.


  2. Justice Thomas Cromwell “….that there is a common law duty which applies to all contracts to act honestly in the performance of contractual obligations. They were not in school when the Ethics class was held? Thanks Roger, well said.


  3. Ah, contract law, so misunderstood, by so many.

    A contract signed, either under duress or in bad faith is no contract at all.


  4. Gotta wonder what our Premier has to say about that? We do know that as education minister she ripped up a contract that she didn’t like. Wonder if she’ll rip up the Hydro contracts too? And now that we’re in the “wondering” phase, what does our mass-media heads have to say?


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