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Clark is an illegitimate Premier

Britain’s politically conservative Telegraph newspaper says the Cabinet Manual is “the closest thing Britain has to a rule-book.” It is important here because BC’s legislature is based on the Westminster parliamentary system and follows common conventions.

The course of action Christy Clark should have followed is written in the manual:

[Incumbent Government] is expected to resign if it becomes clear that it is unlikely to be able to command that confidence and there is a clear alternative.

clarkWas John Horgan entitled to form Government as soon as he demonstrated confidence of the Legislature? When a majority of elected MLAs delivered to the Lieutenant Governor an agreement to support Horgan as Premier, Clark should have resigned. Instead, she ignored the verdict expressed May 9 by 60% of voters.

The Cabinet Manual explains the Queen (and the Lieutenant Governor as the Queen’s representative) has had only one path to follow:

In modern times the convention has been that the Sovereign should not be drawn into party politics, and if there is doubt it is the responsibility of those involved in the political process, and in particular the parties represented in Parliament, to seek to determine and communicate clearly to the Sovereign who is best placed to be able to command the confidence of the House of Commons.

Clinging to power may offend our unwritten constitution but it enabled Liberals to advance favoured projects and reward favoured supporters. More importantly, the defeated Premier has used her illegitimate position to use the Legislature to promote an entirely new election platform, mostly lifted from those of opposition parties.

This is part of my response to a reader who sent an email, saying the Lieutenant Governor “should just say Christy Clark has won.”

Under proportional representation, parliaments will see minority government more frequently. It will not necessarily be the leader of the single largest party that is made first minister, it will be the leader of the bloc that combines enough members to demonstrate he/she can hold confidence of the house.

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  1. Illegitimate? Absolutely.
    And once Mr Horgan becomes premier and introduces legislation enacting the policies contained in the election platforms of the NDP and Green Party, will Christy and her MLAs vote in the house to support those policies which her Throne Speech today purported to support?
    That’s the test (if you want to play this game out to its logical conclusion Ms Clark).


  2. The LG anointed CC as she had the majority. Once the NDP/Greens had presented their agreement the LG should have stepped up and shut down the BC Liberals. One may well ask on what authority the LG is letting CC’s charade continue?

    The LG’s Facebook is as good as it gets: ” The results of the recent election are the closest in the Province’s history. With no party obtaining a clear majority, we have a minority government situation. How British Columbia will be governed needs to be decided by the elected members voting in the House. This is a very important part of our democratic system and it is the Lieutenant Governor’s role to protect this. Even where two or more parties indicate they have come to an agreement to vote together, the House must be called so that all elected members can hold a vote. In the meantime, until the House is called and the elected members vote, the current government continues in office.” June 2 at 8:43am

    A shame that in the 4 1/2 years Guichon was there, she couldn’t find time to acquaint herself with this seminal document.


  3. Christy is more than illegitimate…

    Dogwood is pushing for a corruption inquiry. Christy, De Jong and Coleman would be my top contenders for ..investigation.

    And the Special Prosecutor could not be a BC Lawyer or guaranteed the Corruption Inquiry will be rigged just like the Missing Women Inquiry.

    My top pick for the Special Prosecutor would be Martin Kenney who is an experienced international government fraud and corruption investigator.

    He’s a Canadian Lawyer and his brother is Jason Kenney formerly with the Reform Party.

    In my opinion the top BC Liberal Cabinet Ministers …are much worse than South Korea’s deposed President Park who is now facing up to 14 years in prison on bribery charges.

    Hopefully John Horgan and Andrew Weaver will appoint Martin Kenney or someone like him, from outside BC, to [investigate] Christy and her …gang of …political insiders and bagmen…



  4. Christy Clark should resign then be taken to prison for theft and dereliction of duty.

    She rarely showed up at the Legislative Buildings and took the provincial debt from $30 Billion to $70 Billion, claiming all the while of “balanced bookkeeping and fiscal responsibility”.
    It will be interesting to see the growth in her personal wealth over the past six years when the Liberals push her through the Exit door.
    Now, she’s stealing from the NDP platform as she has no new ideas of her own. If she was interested in helping BC residents, she would have put all her ideas into action during her abmissal reign.
    I wonder if the NDP/Greens will “non-confidence” her before July 1st, so that she won’t be able to claim she was still the Premier on Canada’s 150th celebration.


  5. Today’s throne speech confirms the obvious. Ms. Clark is without equal when it comes to her ability to park a conscience. That ability allows her act in ways that anyone else would consider grossly shameful. No, she’s not my premier. I have a conscience.


  6. The “plagiarism” Premier. Government by “clone”.

    What we see is the true Christi Clark, a malevolent, nasty pit of garbage who will promise anything to be premier. The goal is power and power by any means.

    If I were a BC Liberal I would be appalled. Those who support this, lack moral fibre; lack a moral compass; lack humanity.

    Here we see the old axiom; “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.


  7. Here is an original idea for Christy Clark’s cloned “Throne Speech”.

    California is currently paying other states to buy their excess electrical power. BC could be paid to take California’s electricity.

    Stop building the Site C dam and running up billions of dollars of interest debt while making friends at BC Hydro extremely rich. The temporary jobs for 2200 workers will make BC residents poor and the provincial debt will lower our credit rating to third world status.

    Invest in geothermal power generation.

    Christy, stop being so obviously desperate in your fantasy-premiership, trying to cling to power.
    Show some integrity, grace and class and bow out quietly. I feel sad and embarrassed for the BC Liberals.



  8. It’s time to use a new word that I’m pretty sure I invented: “Hyperpocricy” . . . . taking hypocrisy to a new and higher level.


  9. If I was Horgan one of the 1st things I would do is order a forensic audit with a special prosecuter for the major Crown Corporations (and anything else that is found of political criminal activity). 2) Hold a meeting with the editors/producers/publishers of all the MSM in the Province and tell them that there will be no longer any Government sponsered advertising. Reason; MSM reporting is bias and lacks balance (ie. BC Hydro mismanagement) and unashamably lies. I heard Kieth Baldry say the other day on the radio that the Lt.Gov. has to take the advice of the 1st Minister (Premier). I’m sure when the LT. Gov. was sworn in she didn’t swear allegiance to the Liberal Party or CC. Baldry didn’t seem to care nor mention if the advice to the Lt’ Gov. could be wrong or illegal.


  10. If one believes that true legitimacy is the embodiment of both the spirit and the letter of legitimacy, then for me she has *never* been legitimate. Her stint as interim Premiere was not tested by the ballot box (even her party mostly didn’t support her), and in the 2013 election she was defeated by Eby in Pt. Grey; a truly embarrassing repudiation. Ironically, her recent victory was eclipsed by her party’s historic loss, much of which can be validly attributed to her “leadership”.

    If this same set of circumstances had happened to the NDP, there would be a frenzy of sophists like Palmer, Baldrey, and Smyth (sheesh; we gotta find us some new sophists!) attempting to chase them out of existence. It would be breathless, wall to wall coverage. Comparisons to Trump would abound. I’m already sick of hearing about it, and it never actually happened, lol.


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