BC Liberals

Hypocrisy 101

Communications sometime reveal more than planned about policy and political philosophy. That may be the case when a Liberal “digital warrior” tweeted this:

digital warrior

Liberals are OK with taxpayers paying billions to support someone else’s mining and gas companies, and private power producers, for helicopters and jets to fly to Party fundraisers, for the soon to be ex-Premier’s photographers, videographers and a biographer, for 7-figure damages to victims of the health ministry firings, for hundreds of government propagandists, for taxpayer-paid caucus workers doing Liberal  politics…

But, why pay for childcare desperately needed by the working poor?

Indeed. In the Liberal world, need and purpose matter less than taking care of the Party’s generous donor friends.

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    • Good catch. I’m sure we could come up with a very long list.

      Interesting that spending to benefit certain people is OK with Liberal supporters but not spending that helps the province’s neediest people. Like the disabled, who got no increase in benefits for a decade.

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  1. Sadly BC governance has regressed to a sorry pathetic state. Public Service is low on the list of priorities. Among the top priorities we find: Power and Control in order to be in positions of influence. Spending to satisfy donors and key supporters. Getting elected. Staying long enough to collect golden pension. Networking in order to have good paying jobs once done with politics.


  2. yes, why pay for childcare as per Rein’s question. Its like this, those kids serve no useful purpose to the B.C. Lieberals so why spend any money on them. Their parents aren;’t going to vote for the B.C. Lieberals so why spend any money on their kids. If they are not useful to the B.C. LIeberals then they can just up and die.

    Now why we as a society might be interested in paying for quality day care even if we don’t have kids is: they are the next generation of tax payers and will decide what type of care we as seniors get and that may include some of the now well off. You may not always be well off. Children who are well taken care of do better in life. Children doing better in life and then as adults will cost the rest of the tax payers less. Paying for prisons, extra medical costs, police, etc. all costs money. It is more cost effective to front load social services then back load.

    There is also the small matter of these are tiny human beings who have no skills to look after themselves. We as a society have an obligation to give them the best start in life society can. Taking care of politicians and their financial supporters, well who gives a shit, they’re adults with money and skills and they can look after themselves and not via our tax dollars and to the determent of those who can’t.

    A word to Brent Rein: life is good right now, but that can change in a second or over a period of time. Don’t think you’ll ever need social assistance or help in your life? Well unless you have $50 M or so tucked away safely you might. Stock markets crash, thieves can empty your accounts, the housing market could crash, you could have an accident or one of your family which depletes your financial resources. You could loose your job and not be able to find another. You’d be surprised what can happen in your life, As the expression says, be nice to the people you meet on the way up. You might meet them on the way down.

    Having lived to be old you’d be surprised the number of people who had a great life, lots of money only to wind up broke and living in one room by the time they were old.


  3. One of the first deeds the new government should do is gut the communication department by at least 80%. There is no way in hell that 200 + people in government “communications” is not massively out of line with other jurisdictions. And as a plus to the people who have tried to counter all the lies and miss info coming from these paid shills the new government should expose all their online aliases and fake profiles. I could probably name at least 10 of them that post on local news stories on pos.media the Tyee etc. And yes i did say pos.media. Its far past time to expose our fake news outlets that pass government talking points and out right falsehoods as news. Lying by omission is just as bad as lying itself.

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    • Mr. and Mrs. Normal who work to eat and eat to work can be easilty manipulated to purchase a tomato which they will eat even when it does not taste like a tomato. The people have been socialized to think that a red tomato whose taste has been altered to resist fungus and weeds will taste like the tomato our grandfather grew in his garden. Similarly, we have been socialized to think that the good looking news reader is telling the truth. The point is those who are too lazy to grow their own tomato will never know the real taste of a tomato, and those who are too lazy to seek the truth, ask questions and think critically will always be manipulated


  4. You may think we are the only ones who suffer this corruption of the social spirit embodied in our democracy. After all democracy is very a social pursiut, and politics simply confuses this issue of enlightenment.
    Watch the “whisperer” a poet/ thinker/ rapper about “Grenfield Britain” on Canary News, fresh fearless journalism and be inspired


  5. People in BC are force fed Conservative “bullshit” That said let’s see what Socialist Norway has done. In Norway ZERO people living in dumpsters, ZERO homeless people, free university education or vocational education for anyone of age (even Canadians) who have gone there and stayed, free dental care, free prescriptions, free healthcare, paid maternity/paternity leave, one of the highest standards of living in the world. Phony Socialists war criminal like Blair in UK, a Conservative plant if you ask me, did not have to pay tuition fees, but he introduced tuition fees for others.

    Norway has the 3rd highest per capita income in the world, it has a historic unemployment rate of 3-4%, the entire nation of Norway has one murder per year on average, and one of the lowest crime rates in the world, it has been ranked as one of the top universal healthcare systems in the world, and everywhere you look it is stunningly beautiful, clean and humane.

    Yes, Norway has its crazies like Anders Breivik who was a Conservative (far right wing) who went into a Socialist camp “Workers’ Youth League” and killed 77 children. Well we kill children by not educating them, and by not feeding them. It would be human to have publicly supervised childcare where children are fed and looked after. This should also extend to schools like its done in almost every EU country.

    Norway’s revenue by production reveals some shocking figures? Norway realized revenues of $87.69 per barrel in 2013. Alaska managed $38.54. And Alberta? Just $4.38 — one-twentieth what our Norwegian cousins managed to rake in and get this Alberta produces twice as much oil. Get this provinces control resources and revenue from them. If we had a progressive tax structure, Albertans and BC taxpayers would pay their fair share but since the tax policy favors corporations they don’t pay their fair share.

    Education is a subsidy to corporations and so are childcare costs. Most conservatives flog the racist card saying its Quebec’s fault because of transfer payments. BC and other provinces do not pay for transfer payments. Tax rates and tax exemptions and tax policy is uniform across Canada. Transfer payments come out of taxes and Quebec only gets what they put in and their priorities are child care and education.

    In BC like and in Alberta, money has flowed into corporate and private coffers instead of into the public bank account. Losses by corporations are socialized because of the unfair tax policy we have Socialism for the rich paid by the poor with user fees.


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