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  1. Thanks Norm . I totally agree..

    We should all support the Boon Family and others who have been wrongly dispossessed by the BC Government.

    Best Regards,

    John English. (250) 5109474.


  2. I agree too !   But the courts are crooked so why raise $$ to support dirty lawyers where the fix is in already?  Waste of good money…sorry but unless something has changed I would not recommend this action.  Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android


  3. Site C to flood agricultural land that could feed over 1 million British Columbians annually. Harold Steves adds only 5% of B.C. is arable farmland and only 1.1% is capable of growing vegetables, the Peace River, Lower Fraser Valley and South Vancouver Island.


  4. With the record the liberals have for estimating construction contract costs, the dam is sure to come in at $15 to $20 billion.


  5. John Horgan can show fiscal responsibility by shutting down Site C and purchasing an American Electric Utility facility for about $1 Billion.
    The half billion dollars spent on the temporary work camp near Fort St. John could be dismantled and used to house fire evacuees, the homeless or school buildings needed in British Columbia.



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