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Rafe Mair was a man with long experience in government, journalism and political activism. He warned us of the consequences after Canada’s largest newspaper chain crawled in bed with the fossil fuel industry.


We have an illustrative example this weekend. Saturday, hundreds of protesters took to the waters of Burrard Inlet to continue the campaign against Kinder Morgan’s plans to expand their Burnaby bitumen export facility.


Postmedia chose not to cover this story.

Global TV appears not to have covered it either.

CBC and CTV did. So did News1130 and CKNW.

One In-Sights reader said this today:

It looks like Post Media has been ordered by big oil and gas not to carry news of protests in Vancouver. No surprise.

Mair 400

Rafe Mair, writing at The Tyee, 2009

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  1. Not only do they tow the line for CAPP. They also seem to be afraid to criticize the defeated Liberals. Not one follow up comment about the good work been done on the total neglegance by Colman and the casinos laundering millions of dollars of bad money. Palmer if he was doing his job should have been all over that one.


    • Palmer and his media pals spent years reminding us of the fast ferry situation and much time telling us not to worry about how and why BC Rail got sold to one of the largest of Liberal donors. They’ve done no examination of the multi-billion dollar financial fiasco caused by the Campbell/Clark private power policies. And, they have carefully avoided reporting on the billions of dollars in subsidies to BC’s fossil fuel producers.

      Many of the press gallery gang have wanted to ensure doors stayed open to the Liberal Government and its private industry sponsors, both for talking points and job opportunities.

      They also wanted their own pet projects supported. Anyone suspect that coverage was affected by BC Ferries’ financial support of the golf tournament co-founded by Global TV’s Keith Baldrey and the Times Colonist’s Les Leyne? Or that speaking engagements with big business would be available were critical reporting to appear in the media?

      As Rafe Mair said, willingness to hold the establishment’s feet to the fire is uncommon today among the people who purport to be journalists.

      We have too few reporters and too many explainers.


  2. There is a reason that Post Media is willing to lose a million dollars a month while continuing to publish their “news” papers. (remember Conrad Black?) If you can’t figure out how that works . . . . then you probably read the National Post, Vancouver Sun & Province. I remember Samuel Clemens: “if you don’t read newspapers, you are uninformed . . . if you DO read newspapers, you are misinformed!”
    I can’t wait until Post Media folds!

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    • I agree, and the likes of Tom Fletcher should be gone, no pension, no benefits. He has not done his job! Representing us, the people. Arlene


      • Don’t worry about Fletcher Arlene his wife will look after him. I am sure Fletcher is not an idiot, but just pretending to be one but than again maybe not pretending.


  3. Tom Fletcher is not there to represent us. He is there to represent those who pay him. Same goes for Palmer, Baldrey, etc. They are employees. They are not independent workers. They work for large corporations and large corporations have their own interests at heart and those of their “fellow” large corporations.

    All the MSM does these days is report on shootings and advise us of the death toll for drug overdoses. We buy the papers, and they stay in business. Now it maybe they make enough from advertising and therefore only have to dump the papers on the street, but there are still a lot of people who buy newspapers.

    We have had Sam Cooper writing a series of articles for the Vancouver Sun regarding the money laundering via casinos but my question is: why didn’t the Vancouver Sun run these types of articles while the B.C. Lieberals were in office? Perhaps their current goal of publishing these articles and naming specific individuals is to ensure they do not become the next leader of the B.C. Lieberals. They have their girl in line and they sure don'[t want some one else to screw this up.

    The current series of articles by Cooper also are clearly indicating most of those involved are Chinese descent, Chinese-Canadians, or here on visas from Communist China. Its almost as if they were whipping up a bit of racism. Its just one can’t help but wonder what the real agenda is with these current series of articles now, when there were bloggers writing about this as far back as the last decade. Perhaps in the end, it will all be blamed on the NDP, just as the lack of schools in Surrey is now being blamed on the NDP.

    to those who think the newspapers are there as “your friends”, forget it. I can recall my Mother telling me back in the late 1950s not to pay attention to the editorials in the Vancouver Sun. They were federal Liberals.


  4. Cannot believe what is happening in the Legislature today. BC Liberals trying to get the message out that political interference into money laundering in Casinos cannot happen. It is a law enforcement issue. How they can keep a straight face or look in the mirror is beyond me. Arlene


  5. I remember in downtown Calgary people handing out free newspapers. These included the Calgary Herald, The Calgary Sun and National Post. Obviously they weren’t making any money selling the papers which likely runs at a loss. So…where does the money come from? Advertisers? I’d be surprised if that is the whole story. What has happened is that shills like Vaughn Palmer, Keith Baldrey and Tom Fletcher are paid to run an appearance of “journalistic integrity”. I’m sure that to some Breitbart sounds like it is a viable news source, but to those of us with brains, we know better.


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