Site C

Site C provides work of questionable quality to a mostly transient workforce

A justification for continuing Site C construction was job creation. Reviews of Peace River Hydro Partners at INDEED.COM, a large aggregator of job listings, suggests the work provided may be of poor quality. Some of the critical items:

Welder Fabricator (Former Employee):

…people there get laid off as fast as they get hired. I wouldn’t say there very good job security.

Rock Truck Driver (Current Employee):

Terrible attitudes, favoritism, constant bickering whining and overall unprofessionalism on the radio all day, bring advil. Can’t wait to quit. Never worked in a more toxic environment. 

Superintendent (Former Employee):

…Management on this project is extremely disconnected and constantly changing. Verbal and physical harassment in the workplace is a normal occurrence, and there is very little or nothing done about it.

Document Controller (Former Employee):

What a complete joke! No staff appreciation, disorganized, office politics at its highest. Basically if your one of the few local workers you will get treated like garbage. The camp workers are mostly from the Island, Calgary, South Korea or Spain.

If your a local workers you are ostracized. No room for advancement, no long term stability about every 4 months they seem to have layoffs. Extremely clicky office lots of drama poorly managed don’t waste your time.

Office Worker (Former Employee):

…I would strongly suggest thinking twice before you say yes to a toxic environment like PRHP.

Payroll Clerk (Former Employee):

No one treated you with respect, people were always trying to find reasons to get you or other coworkers fired. No matter what job you preformed, you were never given assurance that you did well.

Equipment Operator (Current Employee)

Worst place I have ever worked!! No direction. No support. Zero safety. Zero advancement. Zero training. Complete gong show. No communication. Horrible and toxic environment.

Field Engineer (Current Employee):

This project is behind schedule and over budget – always in a state of frenzy, there is no time for training or even taking time to do work properly. Management takes no responsibility, does not provide direction or support for staff; but has no problem firing and re-hiring on a whim.

PRHP has a revolving door of employees coming and going; the HR email notices of people being dismissed are constant and never ending. Employees/People are simply not valued here.

This is a toxic work environment, where staff are backstabbing each other in hopes to keep their own positions, instead of trying to work together as a team. This is a direct result of the constant overhanging threats of being fired, stemming right from upper management.

If you have health concerns or if you are working on site don’t get hurt… We barely have a safety team and our safety stats are appalling.

This great Canadian project loves to give away Canadian jobs to Foreign workers…

The NDP promoted its PowerBC program in the 2017 election. Had they been sincere, government would be keeping a promise to voters and they would now be preserving Peace River farmlands. Instead, they are destroying a valuable agricultural area. Government would be respecting rights of First Nations and protecting BC Hydro ratepayers.

In addition, the province would be stimulating growth of construction, maintenance, manufacturing and technology jobs for permanent residents in every region of the province.

Instead of good jobs in BC communities, Site C provides work of questionable quality to a mostly transient workforce employed by conglomerates from Spain (Acciona) and Korea (Samsung).

“Conservation is the cleanest, easiest and least expensive way to meet the increasing demand for electricity in B.C. – it’s like building a virtual dam.” – Bob Elton, BC Hydro President and CEO, September, 2008.

The above is from Motivated by greed, not by need, IN-SIGHTS, August 1, 2016

PowerBC Horgan 480

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  1. I’ve lost my faith in any politician. Seemingly the one common denominator? Adept at lying. Call them on it and they smile. Untouchables.


  2. I don’t know if the toxicity at Site C was lower when Christy Clark was at the helm — but once John Horgan gave it the endorsement of (paraphrased): “This dam is a lame duck… but we’ve blown too much on it, to stop now,” I can’t see morale going anywhere but down.
    How can — and why should — a worker have pride in a project that lacks direction and, literally: lacks a good foundation?
    We know from Larry Pynn’s story that Mr, Horgan is too busy to do his own reading and research. (I can totally understand this; being Premier is a huge job.) Maybe his staff will push his attention to this blog piece.
    John: it’s not too late to pull the plug on Site C. If you can’t do that, at least start dragging your feet and slowing down the contracts until a court ruling saves the day.


  3. Everyone knew that Muskrat Falls and Keeyask were failures, long before Site C was started. It was a bad decision to continue on and yet no one seemed to talk about Muskrat Falls and Keeyask as examples of why to quit. The stupidity must have been contagious.


  4. If the Liberals get elected we will be told … “we couldn’t just throw away $12 Billion dollars so we plan to spend even more to fix the NDP Site C Dam mess”.

    If the NDP get re-elected they may as well change their name to BC Liberals.

    Both NDP and LIberals will blame the US, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia for the need to complete the Site C Dam and the twinning of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

    Both parties will lie and hide the fact that solar, tidal/wind and geo-thermal Heat would have been the best way to deal with the changing climate.

    It’s all about being the best Liars by promising jobs to get votes. In the end, the Engineering companies will be filing for bankruptcy, the Dam will be discontinued and taxpayers will pay dearly.

    We will be using candles for our heat and light.


  5. Norm, I truly appreciate your initiative to keep the Site C Dam boondoggle news coming. Ever since Gordon Campbell took it upon himself to foolishly restart this unnecessary, unjustifiable, grossly destructive project, I’ve been hoping sanity, and some badly needed respect for the remaining natural features/values of the one and only Peace River Valley, might somehow prevail.

    Thank you Sarah Cox for your timely, excellent research/reporting in the writing of “Breaching the Peace: The Site C Dam and a Valley’s Stand against Big Hydro” UBC Press, 2018. For those of you interested in more details (many of them both deeply disturbing and yet liberating), if you haven’t read it yet, this book is highly recommended.


  6. Norm, I’m extremely gratified to you for carrying the torch against the construction of Site C. (And for the unconscionable renumeration paid to those scoundrels in Victoria.)
    I did what little I could by going Solar, even though it was relatively expensive, today. I believe my decision will reap financial benefits in the near future but real reward is/was in diminishing the amount of PRODUCTIVE power Site C can claim to be providing.


  7. I can understand the company who was hired to build wouldn’t be perhaps up to standards because, hey the B.C.Lieberals hired them. I can understan this is a non union job or one of those pretend untions, because that is what the B.C. Lieberals wanted. BUT NOW WE HAVE AN NDP AND GREEN PARTY GOVERNMENT. SO WEAVER DO YOUR JOB. HORGAN HAVE YOUR MINISTER OF LABOUR DO THEIR JOB.

    /we obviously aren’t getting jobs for Canadians so just ank the dam dam, fill the hole and call it a day. If we want jobs, then have the Canadian workers build schools, hospitals, more roads, you know the things we really need and keep the workers in their home towns. Camp work situations are never good and they seperate families. time for Horgan and Weaver to get their act together and close down that dam. I’m not paying taxes and electrical rates to give jobs to people who don’t live in this country..


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