Why fixed election dates?

North Vancouver District councillor Jim Hanson, a person wise in the way of politics, gave me his insight about fixed election dates. It’s worth a wider audience:

When the BCNDP was in opposition, they appreciated that fixed election dates allowed them to look ahead and engage in an election with foresight and planning. Candidates with lives outside of politics could plan to be available for an election campaign.

Snap elections make it impossible for qualified candidates with busy lives to participate.

Snap elections favour the participation of political elites at the expense of the participation of working citizens.  

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    • Qualified?

      Define please, since when people running for political office be qualified?

      One does not need have a degree in politics to be qualified; there is no law in BC that states people must show qualifications to run for office.

      Sorry, to be “qualified” to run for politics in BC, one must be schooled in the art of graft, deception, and corruption.


  1. Qualified? Interesting word to use.

    For the results we get, I would be more supportive of a random lottery of ‘qualified’ individuals in government. The track record shows that most representatives get worse or more corrupted the longer they are in government. Even civil servants (like Les MacLaren) seem to create more problems after they get more experience.

    Just don’t vote for NDP or Liberals, both parties are completely co-opted.


  2. IF snap elections disqualify the participation of ‘working people’ to campaign, then how would those same ‘working people’ find the time to govern?


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