Natural Gas

BC is eliminating natural gas revenues

Beginning in Gordon Campbell’s years as Premier, natural gas producers lobbied mightily for reductions in the public share of revenues derived from exploiting the natural resource.

The fossil fuel industry’s lobbying and public relations campaigns paid off handsomely. These charts demonstrate the facts. BC Liberals were receptive to the idea. Surprisingly, when the formerly centre-left New Democrats came to power, they accelerated the reductions.

In February 2020, the Horgan Government suspended monthly tenders and reports of Crown Dispositions of Petroleum and Natural Gas Rights. 2020 revenue from rights is reported as $74,052.

The average annual revenue in the years 2005 to 2009 was almost 20,000 times higher.

Instead of competitive public tenders, government is now using administrative awards to assign rights, almost wiping out this revenue source.

But, of course that’s not the only benefit given the fossil fuel industry.

Royalty reductions programs have crashed those revenues. The credits taken and accrued since 2007 amount to more than $10 billion. In addition, the gas industry is being offered electricity for production and processing at around half the unit cost BC Hydro is paying for private power. In addition, other expenditures and tax credits increase profits for the industry.

Revenue reductions might be understandable if natural gas production were in severe decline. In fact, the opposite is happening. It has been increasing steadily over the years.

Other both Liberals and NDP, British Columbia’s fight against climate change is conducted by falsifying spin doctors, not by government officers and scientists.

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  1. Laugh or cry?? Not sure how to respond.

    Here’s an idea for Covid recovery…. mandate Declarations of Competence from all managers in public service and crown corporations. Fire the clearly incompetent. Next, do contact tracing on these incompetents and isolate anyone who hired them or manipulated the system to get them hired. Find out if they’ve been complicit in any wrongdoings and fire them too. Finally, make a list of people involved in Site C, money laundering, LNG promotion and SNC Lavalin…. fire them all.

    This process will be a lot of work and will require hiring honest ethical people… first step of recovery. Then we will have to replace many of these bad apples, so there will need to be a new independent hiring process and hundreds of jobs to fill… econonic recovery hundreds of jobs created.

    We need to make sure that the people we fired are barred from public service in the future, they can start food trucks and sell bolongna sadwiches. We know they’ve all been feeding baloney to everyone around them for years.

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  2. ……. but the public service is a catch all for all those university grads who are far too incompetent to get a regular job!


    • Only because we put up with it. We can demand change.

      We can demand declarations of competence.

      I’m now calling out people’s incompetence when I encounter it. Zero tolerance for people who do not know what they are doing or worse, lack the knowledge or intelligence to conceive of their own mental limits.

      This has to be done if we want to stop Christy Clarks and Trumps from running the show. Horgan is a different matter as he is fully aware of his deal with the devil… he did the math and chose to do the wrong things to ensure a future majority… ends justify the means?


      • “Zero tolerance for people who do not know what they are doing or worse”……..I wholeheartedly concur……problem is they actually do know what they are doing……they are exceptionally good at fooling the general public and getting their projects pushed thru for the benefit of themselves (if only we could prove that) and the benefit of profit taking (due to low costs enabled by taxpayer subsidies) out of province and/or country privately held corporations.

        Challenge is to get those of us in the general public who are just as smart, if not smarter, to get involved and push them out never to return. This is where I insert yet another dig at lack of balanced reporting by long in the tooth BC media.

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  3. another crooked corrupt giveaway by the current bc govt -who is going to pickup the short fall in lack of revenues to keep bc alive—is the govt going to raise taxes on the average joe public to subsidize the fossil fuel industry—its time bc residents took back their province as the current policey makers are only in it for there own crooked corrupt gain


    • Mobility pricing is being done for two reasons, non have to do with Global Warming.

      1) It is a cash grab because the CoV cannot control spending.
      2) To force people onto the Broadway subway because the subway has been so designed that it will not take a car off the road.

      The CoV wants the subway for two reasons:

      1) To use it as a driver to build high rise Condos and towers.
      2) To make Vancouver look world class, whatever that means.


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