Horgan, John

Future generations will decry what we’re doing

Revenues from British Columbia’s monthly tenders of petroleum & natural gas (P&NG) rights are no more.

During the five years 2005 to 2009, average ANNUAL revenues to the public from those tenders were $1.4 billion annually, in 2020 dollars.

P&NG royalties are disappearing too.

Yet production has soared in the past decade.

Policies that originated under Gordon Campbell and Christy Clark, which are accelerating under John Horgan, result in BC trending toward no public share of this natural resource value.

In addition, taxpayers incur major expenses administering the resource and will, of course, face massive costs for restoration of oil and gas sites.

By promoting acceleration of fossil fuel production, the Horgan Government is shown to be run by climate change deniers.

The NDP’s CleanBC is a public relations program that is a massive lie to Canadians who want governments to act on resolving the Climate Crisis.

Promoting and subsidizing natural gas production by ending industry payments for rights and royalties, while government also offers billions in electricity subsidies is indefensible.

But the most serious issue is the environmental effect, on the ground and in the atmosphere.

Future generations will decry what we’re doing.

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  1. IF there are any ‘future generations”!
    At the rate we’re going I wouldn’t want to be a ‘future generation’.
    At the rate we’re raping and pillaging the planet there won’t be anything worth living for, if it’s even possible!


  2. Spot on.

    BC under the fake “NDP” has a policy of giving away sovereign resource wealth, a public resource, to anyone willing to come in and cart it away. Worse, they don’t care HOW it’s done, i.e. fracking, and seem happy with the few spinoff jobs the activity creates. Worse again, and quite unbelievably, the BC Green Party happily propped up Horgan in his LNG endeavours before his recent majority. The provincial Greens are traitors to the environmental cause and beneath contempt.

    It’s just amazing what this country has turned into these past forty years. A place where we sell off our birthright on the cheap to the already overly wealthy, leaving nothing for the owners of the resource, us, and even getting us to pay the costs of the mess they leave behind.

    And the political classes think it’s just fine because it’s no skin off their personal behinds, and may mean a few more bucks for them personally, if not now, later as directors of companies and “consultants”. Hardly matters the political brand – they’re all it.

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  3. Future generations will be hamstrung by the massive bills left by the BC Liberals and the NDP; future generations will spit at our politicians of today and call them criminals.


  4. I would like to run for politics and make a change or work for the government and really help people.

    I just don’t have any experience in organized crime.

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    • But is has such an easy learning curve.

      Once elected yo have tickets paid for golf tournaments and hockey games. Nice presents and a lot of plain brown manila envelopes. you may get subsidized rent or paid for holidays and stay at the best hotels.

      You get lots of photo-ops too, and hobnob with the right people, makes sure you will be reelected.

      And all you expected to do is support building towers and high rise condos or SkyTrain rapid transit and that is just civic politics.

      Provincial politics the game gets even more interesting and you meet all sorts of “family” and the rewards are eve greater.

      The brass ring is federal politics and the country is your oyster and, if ever you get caught out, you just plead ignorance, “not my fault” and the people buy it big time. Worked for Svend, Trudeau, and a host of other federal politicos.


  5. I do like the charts. Makes it so simple and eloquent. Just leave the stuff in the ground, if the oil and gas companies won’t/can’t pay what its worth. We can use it later, in another century or so. Its not like these companies do the taxpayers of this province any great favours. We saw all the dirty wells they abandoned in Alberta. They don’t care about anything except their profits. The NDP needs to care about the citizens of this province. We still have hungry kids. Let the oil/gas companies pay for food programs.


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