Climate Change

Bring out the dead…

Regional governments in North America have been counting their dead. Reuters headlined, “Deaths surge in U.S. and Canada from worst heatwave on record.”

While a paramedic told CBC news that BC’s emergency response system had collapsed, BC Premier John Horgan said “Fatalities are a part of life.” He did not say his government would rethink policies that exacerbate global heating.

U.S. President Biden acknowledged that climate change was driving “a dangerous confluence of extreme heat and prolonged drought.”

Sweltering heat wave bakes the western United States - CBS News

Premier Jason Kenney was accused of burying a 2019 report by climate scientists that said:

Projected changes will profoundly impact Alberta’s natural environment, and have the potential to affect the province’s agriculture, infrastructure and natural resources, as well as the health and welfare of its inhabitants.

Some believe climate change is not real, or that dealing with it diligently would inhibit essential wealth creation. Skeptics think other nations should address the issue while Western Canada continues driving up greenhouse gas emissions.

I don’t fully understand climate change deniers and skeptics who disregard the precautionary principle but an article in the Harvard Business Review offers insights:

First, acting on climate change represents a trade-off between short-term and long-term benefits, which is the hardest trade-off for people to make. Decades of work on temporal discounting point out that we overvalue benefits in the short term relative to benefits in the long term.

People don’t save enough money for retirement, preferring to spend money now rather than having it in their old age. People overeat in the present, despite the problems that obesity can cause in the future.

Ignoring climate change in the short term has benefits both to individuals and to organizations. Individuals do not have to make changes in the cars they drive, the products they buy, or the homes they live in if they ignore the influence their carbon footprint has on the world.

Companies can keep manufacturing cheaper if they don’t have to develop new processes to limit carbon emissions. Governments can save money today by relying on methods for generating power that involve combustion rather than developing and improving sources of green energy, even those that are more cost-effective in the long run.

In 1900, plague arrived in California. The race to identify and inhibit spread of the disease was “set against a rich background of official complacency, financial malfeasance, political intrigues and scientific disputes.”

Because the disease threatened to damage his state’s economy, Republican Governor Henry Gage denied there was a plague outbreak.

John Horgan and Jason Kenney are not unlike Governor Gage. The short term gain from pretending a climate emergency does not exist is attractive to politicians who won’t be around in the long term. In western Canada, denialism allows:

Canada’s Trudeau government says the right things about the rising climate crisis but it follows the methodology favoured by politicians and corporate leaders, which is to maintain the status quo but invest heavily in public relations. This involves celebration of symbolic improvements that may be tiny but repeated often, create false but helpful images. In some cases, agents are employed for Dark PR, using dirty tactics and smear campaigns to discredit individuals and organizations viewed as problematic to those who purport the delusion of infinite economic growth.

2021 has shown we must act on climate change. With fire danger rating of more than 75% of British Columbia at high or extreme with summer just beginning, the need is urgent. We cannot expect other regions to do regenerative acts while we continue to debilitate this part of the world.

Governing politicians in Canada and its provinces have proven unresponsive to the existential threat that is increasingly clear. Yet Canadian voters tolerate this response. Perhaps the oblivious are waiting for Eric Idle’s voice.

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  1. Michelle Obama said, “Being president doesn’t change who you are, it reveals who you are.”

    The same can be said for being a premier.

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    • Obama was a master of soaring rhetoric and a business-as-usual president, catering to the needs of the monied few and bombing anything that moved with his premature Nobel Peace Prize. Biden looks a lot like more of same, only better than his predecessor because that guy set the bar so low no one could get under it, but Joe can easily look good going over. You’a-a thunk it would be the same with Christy Clark, but John-john is giving her a run for our money.

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      • I cringed when I saw John Horgan bring up climate change when on TV news today. He reinforced my view that politicians will say the “right” words, even as they do the wrong things.

        Horgan is like an arsonist giving a speech on the need for us to make our homes safe from fire.

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  2. Horgan is a disgrace for trying to take a victory lap over the deaths of so damned many people during the heat wave. Farnsworth is just as bad trying to defend his government in the handling of the heat wave as other leadership would naturally defend their party.
    But no matter, they are still a bunch of shameful bottom of the barrel immoral, lower than a snakes belly lying politicians for trying too puff themselves up as good goodies for the people safety. They knew what was coming and did nothing.
    People lined up at fire stations for help etc. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell those scummy politicians where to go if it were my lost loved one or I was put in that position when I could have been helped. But I would still tell them too there faces what disgusting people and worse words for them. I know the courageous frontline worker’s and emergency response people had words to say about the slimey Horgan and his club of boneheads.
    What titles the lowly politicians have. Emergency Health Minister. Public Safety Minister, Health Minister, and so on. They make sick. They get paid good money for being incompetent and so highly negligent in their duties to serve and protect. But bad mouth Horgan topped it all off.


  3. I can’t stand Horgan and his disgraceful incompetents for causing so much death and tragedy because of no morals, no care, and no precautionary principles. Those despicable BC Liberals who screwed up so badly are just as disgusting of course. They are cut from the same filthy cloth.


  4. The last two weeks have left me completely empty. From hundreds of bodies located in unmarked graves to record heat, leading to the almost nuclear destruction of Lytton has left me numb.

    They hypocrisy from our elected officials with the now being located mass graves at residential schools ti just mind bending. Just about everyone knew those bodies were there somewhere and it would be only a matter of time until they were located.

    If I hear the terms genocide and colonialism once more, my gorge will rise.

    Want to see what genocide is really like, go to the extermination camps of the 2nd War War or the killing Fields in Cambodia.

    As for Colonialism, well if it wasn’t for Colonialism and colonists, we would not be discussing it now.

    The manipulation of these terms is breathtaking. What we are seeing are the results of horrific treatment by children by religious orders, bordering on malignant pedophilia, where the most base of persons did indescribably horrible things to children. Why then is not Trudeau going after the religious orders involved?

    As for the heat and Lytton, it seems to justify my observations that all Horgan wanted to do is win an election and he did so almost a year ago, but then, everything stopped, like in a time warp.

    The NDP seem unprepared for the current heat emergency as they were unprepared for Covid, unprepared to deal with school children, unprepared to deal with the second wave, unprepared for massive heat, unprepared protecting towns in drought areas for disappearing in sheets of flame.

    The NDP seem completely out of touch and now have taken on the grand photo-op from premier photo-op who perfected the ideal photo-op.

    If politicians and bureaucrat had any moral fibre, they would resign. Horgan should, as Farnsworth and Eby (the biggest politcal disappointment ever!) plus about 5 other cabinet minsters. Many bureaucrats should be given the chop for sheer incompetence, but they won’t as they sit secure behind a powerful union wall earning the 6 figure salaries and lucrative perks.

    The province is in a shambles, there seems to be no government, just a podium where certain NDP members get free airtime on with the media. And it is only going to get worse.


  5. the crooked corrupt bc govt of the day is as crooked and corrupt as ever and i have been saying this for years and no one seems to care or want to do anything about it —same old dog and pony show from the liberals to the ndp–its the crooked corrupt corporations that are running bc and the leader of the day takes his orders well———–the peace river valley has been stolen from every person in bc -in canada and the world for that matter–i have had people from all over the world in my jet boat on the peace river and they marveled at its beauty–no one wants to look at the moon scape now and the wildlife habitat destruction is appalling—the is no stewardship of the enviroment in bc—-all for crooked corrupt corporate and political greed–mark meiers–charlie lake bc

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    • I agree 22mt there is a lot of mind numbing complacency and wide spread fear in our society. It’s like the sad stories you hear once in awhile where a person is being assaulted on a bus or transportation system or a bus driver being attacked by some scumbag and everyone just turns a blind eye out of fright and cowardice. Even people who have the ability too help, don’t help.
      Even so much of our turncoat media and radio media have filled their ranks with government friendly weasels. There are a good chunk of names we’ve heard before that fit that category. They should stop calling themselves journalists because what they do is not what a journalist does.
      I seen one such repugnant butt kissing so called journalist on Global 1 having an outside interview with Bonnie Henry on Thursday afternoon, and at the end of questioning, and talking he suckholed and groveled like a smitten love struck puppy. It was so disgusting. Despite what one thinks of government or her or what have you, a real strong minded journalist should not be doing that embarrassing crap. He made himself like such a wimp. But that is just an example of the useless wonders in media. Like to know people’s take on that ooohygooy mush fest anyways. Lots must have seen it.
      Sorry for rambling and back too your subject about the Peace River Valley. Media like I mentioned are the main ones at fault. But yes complacency and not enough people caring is so true. That’s why their democracy is diminishing. This system has turned their brains into woosy mush.


  6. John Horgan, Jason Dirtbag Kenny, Justin Chinese Dictatorship Loving Trudeau and most of those spin cycling politicians are the full on reason like many others in the world for the mess our planet is in.


  7. Climate change doesn’t invoke enough fear as it is a thing spread over a long time frame.

    Doubt that assessment, simply look at covid-19. January 1st, 2020, all we know is an unknown pneumonia out of China. By February 1st, 2020 the unknown illness was now a named virus with the potential for a global pandemic. February 1st, 2020 is the earliest we should accept they knew what is was and begin developing a vaccine. By mid March 2020 we were going into lock-down because it is now a known virus spreading rapidly.

    Now consider it was a never before seen virus. We had similar, but not so much that vaccines could be readily manufactured. This would mean that CDC guidelines come into play and if you recall we were told in March of 2020 that it could take 18 months or longer to have a vaccine. The reason is in the guidelines. Phase 1 testing which occurs after initial animal testing takes several months. In this stage they only look for adverse side effects. a couple weeks of reviewing data and phase 2 begins. In this phase they only look for an immune response and further harmful side effects. This phase also takes several months with a subsequent review of the findings.

    Bear with me as there is a point with regards to Climate Change.

    When Phase 2 clinical trials are done and the findings collated, Phase three can begin. For new drugs, including vaccines, this phase takes 1 to 4 years. All the vaccines for covid were new including the mRNA vaccines which had never been tried in humans prior to now, but within 9 months of determining what we were dealing with, Big Pharma was already applying for emergency use. No 3rd phase testing. It should be noted that efficacy is not determined until the close of 3rd phase trials. We were told the mRNA vaccines had a 95% efficacy even though that number being derived was from a select handful of people in the first 2 phases of clinical trials.

    Western nations ate it up and suddenly, on cue from government we (not I as I have a disorder that may play havoc with the efficacy of the vaccine) all lined up and got vaccinated. If Phase 3 clinical trials take 1 to 4 years, the entire global population became the phase 3 trial, all because government told us it was in out best interest.

    As to how this applies to Climate Change, we look to our governments to tell us what to do. If our governments take a nonchalant attitude to global change, the people will in turn take their cue from government as to when we should get on board, however, it also includes the actions of the government. If the governments send the wrong message everything fails. With Covid they sent the right message and it remained consistent. With Climate Change we get conflicting messages from numerous sources and so the people don’t know what exactly to do.

    There is one similarity mind you. MONEY. Covid set the stage for a lot of people to make big money selling a vaccine to protect you from a virus. Big Oil uses the same tactic but in this case it is meant to confuse the issue with conflicting data on the effects of Climate Change thus leaving the general public to believe there is no urgency in developing renewables.

    Pick whatever politician or party you choose and they all do the same thing. They pander to those parts of the money class that can make them wealthier in the short term.

    To close let me put it bluntly. Politician of all stripes have only 3 concerns. Getting elected, making money for themselves and their friends, and getting reelected. When we finally decide to put in place politicians that actually care about their constituents ., we’ll be able to deal with all that ails the planet.


    • The government here in BC and the politically correct idiots of Trudeaus hierarchy didn’t send any right message to Canadians. Their gross negligence caused way more deaths. Jason Kenny’s reckless behavior as others across the nation did, caused more death because of their irresponsible attitude.
      Bonnie Henry sent nothing but mixed messed up messaging. Horgan and Dix just let it all take place by allowing a nut to run the show. Her and useless Dix used no precautionary principle with rapid tests or change up ahead of the deadly game in Long Term Care.
      They didn’t implement the tougher changes and regulation with masking or lock downs. It was the pressures from the public and unions and education sector workers and courageous Frontline workers and first responders who made Be kind, be calm, do little Bonnie Henry and Dix and other leaders from government make change. They avoided transparency. They self congratulated themselves. And what kind leader and Premier and his immoral pack would call an election during a pandemic. Only selfish self pleasing rotten to the core people would do that.
      Then we had a mostly brain dead media following and cheerleading government negligence and worshipping them especially Henry along so many others like naive rubber gumbies. Some media personalities even put down ordinary concerned good people and Frontline people as arm chair experts. They turned into cheerleaders and propagandists for our negligent leaders. But we know who some of those dirty are. Hey and get this. The ordinary everyday Mary and Joe public and the unions and the hero Frontline staff, you know us arm chair experts are the ones who made the difference to get our out to lunch leaders to make changes and get masking and other tougher regulations going. Not them. Us. We the people. He’ll I will give them credit.

      Just look what that disrespectful insensitive jerk Horgan said when he was trying to take a victory lap over the mass heat wave deaths whereby many of the tragic horrific situations could have been avoided if those useless political leaders of public safety and health emergency did something ahead of time when they knew what was coming.

      As for Trudeau and Tam and Hadju and the rest of those backstabbing bums. They screwed up everything with vaccines instead giving the funding to our own biotech outfits so they could get ahead of the game for us. Those politically correct cowards allowed air travel to regular air travel to continue and had the qaurintine regulations come in to late. And it was a joke anyways as we all know. But there again any changes that did come was from major public pressure and not from their own spineless inner thinking.
      Oh and don’t forget now. Trudeau admires the basic dictatorship of China that he stated. I wonder how many people know that. Probably lots but maybe not enough or some willfully blind themselves to his treachery. Have a lovely Sunday everyone. I’m going too go enjoy the day.


  8. this heat wave has been coming for a very long time and we/governments, etc. ignored the warnings.

    Another town has burnt. We had Slave Lake, Fort Mac, and now Lytton. the forests are burning. the fire fighting must be costing a bomb. Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to get with the changes to try to turn things around, you know lower the temp. We don’t have to ship that coal through the Delta Port. Its going to China and quite frankly, given their human rights record, we simply ought not to be doing much business with them. Just stop the coal. It might help.

    I don’t know, these fires do cost a great deal of money and then there are those who die. That is all a drain on our economy, but something tells me some one is still making too much money, for corporations to pay attention to climate change to change their ways.

    Now I have to go purchase an air purifier because I didn’t have one during the last big smoke up and my lungs weren’t happy. Also need an air conditioner because having the house at 35 deg. isn’t working for me. Its dangerous None of these purchases are going to help the enviornment either.

    We might want to stop cutting down the old growth trees though. One thing I do notice in this heat, if you go to an area with mature landscaping, its a lot cooler than the new sub divisions with just houses, and concrete drive ways.

    How many people are going to die before governments pay attention? Most likely the politicians themselves will have to start dying before the change things.


    • Who’s we ? The BC Government leadership negligence were the cause of so many unecessary deaths during the heat wave, just like not using rapid testing during Covid. Regular folks like myself and Frontline workers like my daughter, and First Responders did all they could do.
      Did you not hear or see the frontline up at the battlefront workers and first responders anger and frustration and disgust at government leadership. Did you not feel the first responders anguish and sadness when desperate overheated people were lining up at their fire station for help.
      Did you not hear that POS self congratulating John Horgan trying to take a victory lap after the tragedy. Same with the rotten shameful head of ambulance service saying the system did good. Where was useless Farnworth, and the Health Emergency Minister, and Dix too. They were clapping like barking seals backing up Stupid mouth Horgan and doing their own little self wallowing victory laps. Those pathetic asses knew what was coming and did nothing. These filthy politicians have allowed so much decimation of our beloved seniors during Covid and the Heat wave. Why ? Why so many. When a lot of deaths could have been prevented.
      But hey, if you and others want to find some exit strategies for government negligence with we are at fault attached all the time to the governments fault like we/ government, then by all means go ahead. That’s your right. Maybe I’m reading the room wrong. But I don’t think so. I do understand that some cannot quite go all the way and hold the party or politicians they might favor too account harshly, but that’s not my thing. I hold all too account. But I do like what you say about rest of the stuff concerning forest fire, environmental negligence and politicians maybe doing something if they start dying because of their negligent selfish behavior. That’s still a big maybe though, when they are so drunk on themselves.


  9. If CN Rail is proven to have started the Lytton area wildfire then make them pay for the repairs and town rebuild. Couple tragic awful deaths too. Lawsuit!!!! Hey but scum government will find some way to bail out corporate buddies. Our taxes. Seems there were warnings and concerns about running the trains through these areas. They could have been temporarily stopped to do fire prevention maintenance along the track maybe ?? Hmmm. Government corporate gross negligence and incompetence with tea and biscuits.


  10. Just a note on trains starting fires.

    Trains have been known to start fires, either from poorly maintained exhausts, spewing sparks or from the brakes on cars, spreading to dry grasses along rights-of-ways. The question to be answered is; “Was any train braking at the time of the fire?”

    I doubt it was because of the two bridges that the train must cross on either side of Lytton, have speed restrictions and with unit trains braking, if needed, is done much further away from the bridges.

    In the USA, railways maintain “fire trains” of tank cars filled with water and monitors to put out fires. Again, the question to be answered is; “Does the CN and CP have fire trains in operation in BC?”

    I do not know.

    As the ignition point has yet to be determined or if it has, it has not been released and with the close proximity of the village, roads and tracks, the fire may have been caused near the R-o-W, but not caused by a train.

    I do know, that railways treat fires with great respect as a wildfire causes expensive damage, as we have seen with the CN rail-bridge across the Thompson River.

    Before we blame anyone, we must determine how this fire started.

    Other causes, a discarded cigarette butt, faulty wiring and/or exhaust from a car and all have been know to cause wild fires.


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