Climate Change

Climate talk – UPDATED

Climate Uncensored provides information, commentary and assessment of the scale of the climate challenge and responses to it. In this video, young activist Greta Thunberg and climate scientist Professor Kevin Anderson talk with Ingrid Rieser.

Part two of this conversation:

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  1. If you found this video an informative call to action, imagine if you will an additional chair as part of this discussion, occupied by one of the current provincial aspirants to the big chair in Victoria.

    Imagine them one at a time being included in the same discussion and how the discussion might progress (or regress). Imagine which of them would even agree to attend.

    Kevin Falcon. David Eby. Sonia Furstenau. Anjali Appadurai.

    Just imagine. Before you vote.

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  2. An important point that Kevin brought up starts at the 19 minute mark.
    I think that could be close to home as afar as BC goes. Not going to get
    the much needed attention until you are trying to live in it.

    A further issue in trying to slay the wrong information being put out there
    can be witnessed by watching the you tube link below were a brave Stephen
    Schneider takes on a skeptic Aussie audience on climate change.
    The arrogance just seems to ooze out of the long haired shirt and
    tie guy in the audience trying to vainly take Stephen to task. This is
    probably why a lot of the scientific community will not come forward to try
    and inform the public. He picked on the wrong guy. Stephen’s bath
    tube example really shuts this guy down in a respectable fashion.

    Watch the debate and puzzle over the number of the converted after the
    debate concludes. Quite interesting and really is the elephant in the
    room. What does it take? Next IPCC (a biggy) report is scheduled for
    late 2022, early 2023.


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