BC Hydro

A cunning plan

In 2009, I published While you are distracted, It was among many articles about private power (IPPs) that described plans to privatize public wealth worth tens of billions of dollars.

The late Gwen Barlee of the Wilderness Committee was quoted:

Requiring BC Hydro to purchase power that it doesn’t need is an idiotic decision and a gift to the private power industry. Three months ago, the BCUC said buying this power was not in the public interest, and yet the BC government is ignoring their own regulatory watchdog and ordering BC Hydro to spend billions of dollars on power we don’t need. This decision won’t reduce greenhouse gas emissions in BC by one iota, but it will damage a lot of streams and rivers in the process,” said Gwen Barlee, policy director with the Wilderness Committee.

Ms. Barlee called Gordon Campbell’s decision to reward Independent Power Producers idiotic, but for a relative handful of people, it was a cunning plan.

This cunning plan was very rewarding.

Gaining billions of dollars, with a promise of $50 billion more, by selling an unneeded product to a single customer for a multiple of market value ought to earn IPPs a featured place in the Canadian Business Hall of Fame. Or, should that be the Hall of Shame?

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  1. And then comes along lil’ Ms, Chrissy Clark and creates her own scam called….. wait for it….Site C. Reason; ah, its simple; financially break BC Hydro. Then hire on Gordon Campbell (he is now called an expert consultant) to sell BC Hydro as he did with BC Rail ( that sale got off smoothly, didn’t it?). Yep, I’m classified as a confirmed conspiracy theorist.


  2. Yes , BC Hydro has been a creeping privatization project by Mr. Campbell. Load up the balance sheet with a growing amount of financial obligation and eventually the current owners {BC Public) will throw in the towel. Sovereignty up for sale or given in exchange for debt forgiveness.


  3. Of course being premier and selling off government assets, which belong to all of us, is a great way to reward your friends.
    The IPP thing along with the meter switching, made some agreat deal of money, as did the selling of B.C. Rail. Now Kevin Falcon wants to be Premier. Wonder what government assets he wants to sell of to “friends”. Lets see what we have left, B.C. Ferries, land, water, etc. Ah, lets not forget health care. Its how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer and how the middle/working class disappears.

    If people vote for Falcon and his b.c. liberals the people will get what they deserve. A number of those MLAs were part of the Campbell/Clark cabal.


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