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Don’t miss…

BC Legislative Press Gallery searches for news The account of a one small Alaskan newspaper holding a BC Minister to account for his misstatements of fact: The Bleatings Of Bill Bennett…Not Just […]

A question to consider

A quick reminder about on-screen diversity at Fox News #foxnewsfacts — The Poke (@ThePoke) January 11, 2015 // @ThePoke @Norm_Farrell Can’t help but think if that’s what the collage of missing […]

From Andrew Mitrovica

//[View the story “Media accountability, or lack thereof” on Storify]

Losing the news

Pulitzer Prize winner Alex Jones wrote the 2009 book Losing the News: The Future of the News That Feeds Democracy. In it, he examines “authentic journalistic objectivity” and finds “a crisis of […]

Good questions

Not-a-nincompoop blogger RossK at The Gazetteer mentioned difficulties faced by Bob Mackin, the province’s preeminent investigative journalist, when Bob digs, and pays, for information the government does not want us to know. […]