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No sense of decency

In Liberals’ memo shows party’s delusion, Keith Baldrey takes aim at the government crowd and fires a cruise missile through the target. Actions of these minor league partisans suggest Joseph Welch’s famous lament applies to the BC Liberal Party:

“Have you no sense of decency? At long last, have you left no sense of decency?”

Baldrey seems amused and amazed by the mindless effrontery of people he calls rank amateurs:

Burnaby Hospital Community Consultation Committee

“For a glimpse of how manipulative and detached from reality many B.C. Liberals have become, one needs to look no further than a three-page memo written by party insiders that deals with the future of Burnaby General Hospital.

“…The memo was written back in December 2011, and reveals in fine detail how utterly politically partisan a committee created to plan the hospital’s future really is and how it was created to save the hides of B.C. Liberal MLAs.

“The memo’s authors are B.C. Liberal party insiders, including a former president of a Burnaby riding association for the party…

“Talk about delusional…

“The great irony, of course, is rather than using the hospital to win three seats in Burnaby, this whole episode has more likely cost the B.C. Liberals seats.

Or, in the words of the memo’s authors, they’ve “sealed the deal.”

For more Liberal outrages, read this offering from The Gazetteer: Re-Invasion of The PAB-Bots Snatchers… Fire Them All!

According to Cassidy Olivier at The Province, people involved in preparing the Liberal campaign to smear Adrian Dix were collecting regular cheques from taxpayers. One of them, Christy Clark’s good friend Don Millar,

“currently holds a lucrative contract with Government Communications and Public Engagement allowing him to bill up to $10,000 a month for advisory services…”

Again, decency is absent. The money they waste on partisan government advertising is only the obvious part of a campaign to debase democracy.

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  1. I couldn't agree more Norm. What a travesty of democracy. All done with Crusty's Lieutenants observing and inputting. Disgusting!


  2. The disturbing part about all this, is that without a “sitting” legislature, and an MSM that is either bought and paid for, or simply has been playing the role of ostrich, (our heads have been buried in the sand so long, we would'nt know a good story that matters to all of us, if we saw one),that the public simply does not get the message.

    Manipulation of the electorate has become a black art for the BC Liberals and even moreso the “Harpertists” in Ottawa. Subversion of democratic ideals and respect for the electorate, can take many forms. This new and divisive form, of Canadian political subversion, is becoming a very real and dangerous threat to the political fabric in Canada. Without a “sitting” Legislature, huge omnibus bills, proroguing and other “creative” forms of government behavior, the public is isolated and removed from the equation. Rebuttal and opposition questioning of issues, on behalf of the public, ceases to be a requirement, and the optics of a defacto dictatorship are implied. The electorate, is essentially being told to “dummy up” and put up with it.

    Arrogance and deception, become the underlying operative, and the public is an entity to be tolerated and put up with at best…at least until the next election.

    This crap must end, or the relevancy of political democracy in this country, currently being called into question, must be re-evaluated by all Canadians, as to whether the system is good for the majority, or has ceased to be a viable form of governance. We the electorate as a whole, now see our value in this whole process, as nothing more than a rubber stamp every four years. Sidlined by manipulation and deception, our value has been reduced to paying taxes, and being told not to worry, “we know what's good for you”.

    Political lobbying, so pervasive in American politics has infiltrated the Canadian system. Business groups and large financial intrests have essentially “seduced” certain political groups and are setting and operating the agenda. The taxpayer is the “mark” and is left holding the “collective” bag when policies go wrong, or when things go right the “intrests” have a win-win scenario, while the taxpayer simply ends up with no return on their “investment”.

    Political subversion is a very real threat to our democracy. It is alive and well and living in Canada.


  3. Nothing surprises me any more. I am sure we will see more of this prior to the lieberals going down in defeat. Of course their supporters in the lame stream media will forgive all once the election is called. In the meantime they want to ensure people don't find out about any of this. This is a scandal! But its just business as usual in B.C. without even having the government holding a leg. session.


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