BC Hydro

This delay provides opportunity for public input

Make your submissions directly to Garry Alexander, Executive Project Director, Environmental Assessment Office, since they don’t seem to have reopened the project to public comments although they’ve provided additional time for the proponent to make more submissions. Note: Calgary based Altagas, part owner of Narrows Inlet projects, donated $8,700 to BC Liberals in 2009-2011. David Cornhill, Chairman and CEO of Altagas, donated another $5,000.

Notice also that Narrows Inlet Hydro Holding Corp. requested a delay in a letter dated January 25, 2013. That delay was granted in a letter from the EAO also dated January 25, 2013. Surely that would set a record for application, consideration and disposition, unless the delay had already been negotiated. Is this truly an independent process?

Click for the rest of this release by the WILDERNESS COMMITTEE.

Follow this Northern Insight link for additional information and photos of the Narrows Inlet projects.

Narrows Inlet by NRF_Vancouver


EAO Response by NRF_Vancouver


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  1. I'm not sure why this project is even being considered. Energy Critic John Horgan has recently outlined how BC Hydro already has a massive surplus:

    “B.C. Hydro documents released last week show a massive surplus of power that is costing the Crown corporation hundreds of millions of dollars every year, say the New Democrats.

    “B.C. Hydro will lose nearly $300 million this year alone thanks to Liberal government policies that have resulted in high priced long-term contracts for (IPP) power we didn’t need,” said New Democrat energy critic John Horgan.”


  2. They are actually contemplating draining 3 alpine lakes, one by as much as 45m, according to the WCW website. Fish habitat losses.


  3. Ben Isn”t this project exactly the same as the one that is already on line in Salmon Inlet? That one has caused a Huge silt problem,resulting in Salmon and Trout losses. How do these projects get approved in the first place?


  4. From the info Norm has provided, it appears they get approved by political donation. It also appears the size of political donation directly relates to the level of mainstream media complacency. Subsequently, the folly of most of these projects does not get reported.

    Anon 9:53….yup, exactly the same…nearby Tyson Lake (also in Narrows Inlet) was the one with the silt problem.


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