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  1. The journalists in the crowd are most likely appointed as a favour for light duty reporting or indeed concealment of details that might be embarrassing for a government. But the others, who knows? Do they all know things that could bury folks in the lower chamber? Nice payoff any way you look at it, but thoroughly disgusting. Can't begin to think of a reason why Neufeld is there, but he was very cozy with Harper's people in Calgary and set up some royalty credit kickback schemes.


  2. cfvua
    You ask if they all know things. Well see thecullenreport.blogspot.ca and subscribe if you believe in exposing things and giving power back to the people. Im not afraid to. The thing is that im all alone with only hundreds of MPs pretending as if I have nothing to say. People claim they believe in informing the public until they step in my direction. Only evil people make their nest in propaganda. So many people are never heard. I even have seen incredibly important stories that have not received one comment on the Web while 34 million people have never even heard of the stories before. I have knowledge that could start a revolution but perhaps people like oppression, slavery and living lies.


  3. Of course none of this came up during the election. I've almost convincing myself that Dix was in the election to lose. And what about Horgan…well he let Dix STEAL the leadership and barely a whisper of protest from him. It really does boggle the imagination to come up with a worse election strategy then going into a campaign with a leader that not only was tainted from his past misdeeds and then continues to show he's totally unfit to be a leader of anything with his shennanigans in securing said leadership. Pity, what could have been. 😦


  4. I've looked at those pictures for 2 hours and darned if I can see a difference othe than the bottom lot look a little more trustworthy.


  5. The PMO office deserves its' very own picture as well Norman. Perhaps the aftermath of a hurricane or tornado would do it.


  6. Former Chief of Staff Nigel Wright was maybe Right in 1999 when his Gerald Schwartz Onex Group failed in their bid to buy Air Canada from the Feds…… “I think the 15 minutes (of fame) are up,” Wright joked, adding: “It's back to the relative obscurity of a corporate conglomerate.”

    And then of course his 15 minutes has escalated, will continue to escalate… until who knows when… but not for FAME

    Source: District of North Vancouver Public Library: Digital: Onex: 'We're out of it now' ; In wake of court ruling, it won't be involved in airline restructuring: [1 Edition] Wright, Lisa. Toronto Star [Toronto, Ont] 08 Nov 1999: 1.


  7. Is it worth reminding everyone here that the NDP is the only party willing to put effort into this waste of hard earned tax dollars that feed the Senate? The Senate that really accomplishes very little but navel gazing? The Senate that has been the go to for payment of political favours by the Liberals and the Cons? The Senate that the Green party Lizzie May colluded to for a seat with Stephan Dion?


  8. Norm, I miss your comments. Sincerly hope you haven't given up in despair.
    BTW, is that Mike Duffy in the middle? Then that would be Rob Ford, or is it Rich Coleman on his left?
    John's Aghast.


  9. No despair. We're in a stage of personal life where we're nearing completion of a house rebuild. Unfortunately, it's the point where the budget is nearly exhausted but the work is not.

    I began the project knowing that most people experience longer terms and higher costs than expected. I put that down to inadequate planning.

    Not so.

    We're close to being finished in our house addition but, after spending tens of thousands, we have to be careful of spending tens of dollars.

    I'll be back writing regularly soon.


  10. Renovating one's house is something no one should undertake prior to a good psycological exam. Many renovaters suggest moving out of the nest prior to the work. However, moving out for 2 yrs doesn't work for most people. My favorite solution is, do the master bedroom and bathroom first. Move your favorite things there and don't come out much until it is over. Oh, and find a realllly good caterer who delivers the meals. Good luck with the remainder of the work and clutch that wallet to our heart.

    The expeditures of the Canadian Senate will be higher than the British one simply because those going into the Canadian senate, see it as a reward for services rendered. They want to “clean up” while they can. Those in the British House of Lords have usually known they will go there eventually.

    There are no requirements for appointees to the Senate. As much as I disliked WAC when he was in office, I thought it very nasty that he was never appointed to the senate although every other fool was. The salary and expense accounts are outrageous but veterans, the poor, women's organizations are short changed. Perhaps they should restrict the senate to those who did military service and have been injured in the line of duty. A P.M. may not “annoint” some one from their party while in office to the senate.

    That Duffy and Walin, having worked in the press for all those years, didn't think they would be “outed” for their expense claims at some time by a member of the press, is just beyone it all. Did they really believe they were entitled to all that money? Did they not think they might be caught? Watching these senators swain about while many in this country will hve to work until 67 to retire is disgusting and so are those senators and the Cons.


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