Good questions

Not-a-nincompoop blogger RossK at The Gazetteer mentioned difficulties faced by Bob Mackin, the province’s preeminent investigative journalist, when Bob digs, and pays, for information the government does not want us to know.

This Day In Snookland…Maybe Mr. Mackin Should Take Out A Membership

In comments, reader Lew wonders about the experiences of other journalists if and when they seek information beyond press releases and talking points. Good questions.

Perhaps, a few reporters and commentators are busy with other tasks and cannot afford the time consuming process of digging for information in difficult-to-find places. Those tasks might include speechifying to the province’s rich and powerful business interests. I made a comment about that on Twitter and got an angry reaction from someone who thinks his business is nobody’s business.

You might wonder if John Winter and the Chamber of Commerce are buying something the sellers do not know they’re selling. I think every party knows exactly what’s being transacted. Here is part of the Twitter exchange.


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  1. It's not too difficult to search & find other recent appearances to the Chamber of Commerce by Mr. Baldrey. ” The Straight has left a message with Winter to find out how much, if anything, the chamber is paying on expenses and speaking fees for Palmer, Baldrey, and Macarenko to appear at the convention. A spokesperson for the chamber, Alexis Hoy, returned the call and said she couldn't divulge that information.” ( )
    Mr. Palmer was also there in 2008 & responded to the Straight ” Palmer said that members of the press gallery were offended by my column which, in his view, suggested a “giant Canwest conspiracy”. Palmer told CKNW listeners that he didn't think I knew what I was talking about because two of the people asking questions, the CBC's Jeff Davies and the recently laid-off Sean Holman, are not Canwest employees. ” (from another story)
    It appears Palmer & Baldrey like to use the phrase ” he didn't think I knew what I was talking about “

    Seems the only ones in BC that know what they're talking about is Palmer & Baldrey. Except it seems what ever they talk about sounds so much like the media releases the government or Chamber hands out.

    Guy in Victoria

    PS. Bob Mackin is a journalist that these 2 individuals should aspire to be.


  2. Looks like you might have struck a nerve, Norm.

    Unfortunately, the good Mr. Baldrey has given us dozens of examples of how he has been “tamed” by special interests; therefore his protests don't count for much.

    As my dad used to say, “I've heard ducks fart in shallow water before.”


  3. The reaction from Baldrey et al reminds me of the Kübler-Ross model, while the MSM slowly dies, losing any semblance of significance, the minions like Baldrey are in denial. I don't blame them, they are victims of circumstance, but now their leashes are so short it has to tough to come to work every day.

    Many, many years ago I was in television news – I truly feel sad to see how far the industry has fallen. I see no semblance of ethics in reporting, nor do I see any concern about quality of product, especially from Global.

    Your blog (and others that report what's really happening in BC and Canada) are island havens in a sea of MSM despair!


  4. Well, what would you expect from BS Baldrey, I would not trust anything he said and the main reason I stopped watching Global TV.

    BS Baldrey, Vague Palmer, and Bill Boring have taken news for a Gobbelesque ride from truth to fiction. Their motto is; “repeat a lie often enough and the people will perceive it is true.”

    Here is a question, begging fo an answer: Why did Wally Opal shut down the Missing Women's Commission before any mention of the Hell's Angle's involvement in Willy Picton's horrendous action? Could it be that friends of the BC Liberals were involved?

    Just like the BC Rail bought verdict, $6 million for a plea change is cool cash to go to jail for a short time.

    How about the Canada line cost over runs, as the project went from $1.3 billion to $2.5 billion and the Fast Cats were only $250 million over budget.

    It is common knowledge that BC's Casinos are nothing more than government money laundering centres to help our local drug cartels to cleanse their money. I wonder what political donations the Liberals receive from the cartels in BC, but expect the 3 amigos will bother to search.

    Where was Global; CKNW; Good; Baldry; & Palmer, while this was going on? Oh yes they were paid speakers to government friendly agencies.

    The news in BC is bought and sold like a cheap whore, by reporter pimps who have long sold out their integrity for the proverbial 30 pieces of silver. Even so, Judas, had the moral upper hand and ofted himself when he had seen what he had done. Our boys just go on long paid for vacations.


  5. One thing I do know is, Kiefs continuous ridiculous statements is by far the worst B.S.there is on Glowball.I refuse to be corrupted anymore so I stopped watching….it's a good thing there is a teachers dispute it gives the idiots something to talk about…..over and over


  6. Methinks the Baldrey doth protest too much. What is telling is that Baldrey did not insist that you retract the appropriate RTDNA provision that you quoted. I don't have a problem with journalists speaking to government friendly organizations, but they should have the decency to retire from their current positions first – to avoid all implied and explicit conflict. Maybe you should expect a rebuke from a lawyer on BC legislature letterhead!


  7. I don't mind repeating myself at all……I challenge Mr. Baldrey to explain to me in person how his colleague Gillian Shaw was not acting in the interests of big business when she called me “your worst nightmare”. This was at an IPP convention where she was a guest speaker. She was paid.

    Mr. Baldrey has a string of appearances that have worked directly against your average BC worker. Particularly with the Chamber of Commerce. See North Van's Grumps scan of the Kelowna Chamber of Commerce newsletter espousing the “how can you afford not to?” mantra of big business with respect to hiring temporary foreign workers. We need some temporary foreign journalists that have not been here long enough to have nestled into the back pocket of the current (no pun intended) government.

    While he is explaining that to me we can compare what is in whose underpants.


  8. Motorcycle guy: We need some temporary foreign journalists that have not been here long enough to have nestled into the back pocket of the current (no pun intended) government.

    Funny you should say that, I was just musing about this with my partner…automaton pap from India or the Philippines will cost a whole lot less. At the very least they can cover sports and culture, the rest to follow. The only way the Tighty Whitey Righties will be able to stay relevant is to do their job. I'm not holding my breath.
    July Morning


  9. Read the exchange again;

    Baldrey admits the RTDNA code is correct as he is asked directly about that by Norm;

    “You should really correct your previous tweet because it is wrong.”

    (My observations are; it is wrong to tweet or the content of the tweet is incorrect?)

    “About the RTDNA code of ethics?” (This is a direct question to Baldrey)

    “Your ridiculous statement about getting “business friendly” coverage.”

    (My observation is the RTDNA is avoided by omission which is an admission that Norm is correct.)

    Obfuscation is systemic with Baldrey and the others.


  10. I notice Baldrey's Linkedin profile lists “Corporate Communications” and “Reputation Management” under the heading “Skills and Expertise”. I'll say.

    I could mention he also lists “Storytelling”……but that would be unfairly taking something out of context. Humourous though.


  11. Norm,

    If I were Baldrey, I would've sent you a ticket to my next “event” gratis. That would've been more in line with his Reputation Management/Reputation Management schtick. Unless of course, you're correct.


  12. Baldrey ought to seriously think about retiring. In my opinion the man simply doesn't do the job he was did. Its time to hang up the keyboard and retire, or at least simply come out and say he is shrilling for the corporate interests of this province and the B.C. Lieberals.

    His “tweets” make him read like he's a twit and a twat.


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