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A few billion here, a few billion there…

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  1. Hey! No fair using a zero-based y-axis! The BC Libs don't do that when they talk about taxes. I suggest a $6000 (million)-based y-axis for the first graph just to be fair.

    p.s. Love the blog here


  2. While it may be true that BC Hydro is 'obliged to pay over $50 billion for private energy' (does anyone really know how much? Has anyone seen the contracts?), is it not true that they will get SOME value for their money? Even if Hydro is spilling water over the dam, they are not wearing out turbines. Granted, it is not anywhere near $50 billion, but maybe $5, or10 billion? And I'm NOT an apologist for Chrispy, Gordon or BC Hydro. Just sayin'.


  3. Yes, someone knows how much…..but it ain't us ratepayers. I couldn't get the yearly figures for electricity purchased by BC Hydro from Renewable Power Corporation from their Tyson Creek IPP on the Sunshine Coast. My (paid for) FOI came back redacted because release of this info was deemed to be harmful to the private corporation. I wasn't even asking how much we paid for it, just how much was produced! Now the same proponents have secured another EPA (purchase agreement) from BC Hydro, as well as getting Bennett and Polak to sign of on the EAO (environmental assessment office) file. This for the Ramona Lake drain and Chickwat Creek ruin of river project in the same area…..though Site C is likely going ahead, we get stuck with even more more hydroelectric IPP's ….meaning even more water spilled without getting a return on our public investment. It is rather ironic that projects like Tyson and Ramona actually do wear out turbines significantly faster that legacy BCH dams…..large amounts of silt comes down due to the draining of the alpine lakes.

    At the same time I was denied info on Renewable Power, I did get very complete info on the Fitzsimmons Creek IPP in Whistler. They produced 0 (zero) during the time of the Olympics. This despite a very in depth Global TV report on how the Olympics were making use of “green” renewable power from projects like Fitzsimmons. This kind of reminds me of the recent talk given by Craig Silverman on the “Hoax Economy”…..the business of spreading fake news. One need look no further than Global on this one.


  4. The BC government must tell us what we need to know.

    What does this BC Hydro accumulating debt mean for residential hydro users?

    Will electricity become unaffordable for the average home? Does BC Hydro 'subsidize' and by extension 'us'(ie; give a lower rate) to commercial users? What time of day or night is 'peak' demand for commercial industrial, residential users? Who uses the most? Who pays the most? Is the BC Hydro debt going to hurt us a little or a lot? Can we afford Site C? Can we afford to lose the land that Site C will cover?


  5. The secrecy on the IPP deals is probably the most sinister thing done by the current government next to the gifting of BC Rail to insiders. What is so secret that ratepayers cannot see the facts? Are some being paid more than others? Based on what? Are there any buyout/bailout terms? Who pays for reclamation upon completion of the purchase agreement? Biggest reason not to vote BC liberal everrrr. And Hugh hits it perfectly. we can't afford anything to do with Site C. Donate to the landowners” lawsuit if you can.
    Jessica McDonald made a speech recently to some organization and said talking about Site C is the only way to get to “yes”. Can someone please tell her that No means NO.


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