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We moved!


shifted to a more modern and secure platform on a new server at a new home. This is it.


You will find old content at the new location but there is a revised system for broad subject groupings (CATEGORIES) and specific content detail (TAGS).

All labels on posts at the old site have been carried to the new place as CATEGORIES and it will take me some time to change more than 2,000 articles to the new indexing system. As I go through old writings, some articles may move to an archive and outdated posts may disappear. Items that remain particularly relevant will be brought to the top.

The new site will be a work in progress, improving gradually as I learn its set of tools. Please let me know, through comments or by email, what you like and what you dislike about the new format.

I’ll keep similar content at both places for a short while but I prefer that you use the new location for reading and commenting.


PS: Thanks to financial supporters who’ve helped make this upgrade possible.

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  1. Nice looking user friendly website, Norm.
    I particularly like the photo banner…Isbister Islands?

    I’m very much looking forward to your northern coverage and appreciate you are doing it for all of us. Flush out the sentiments of the locals and keep your back to the wall.


  2. I’ve got a few photos that are supposed to appear randomly at the top. I think the one with a sailboat mast was taken near Lund, possibly in Okeover Arm. Others are taken in Malaspina Strait, south of Powell River and there is one of Howe Sound, taken from Lions Bay.


    • “I think the one with a sailboat mast was taken near Lund, possibly in Okeover Arm.”

      That’s what I thought and even though it is so typical of our coast, Isbister Islands, in Okeover, are very recognizable. People need to see our province through those eyes and then consider the destruction exposed by you and your blogging brethren. I look forward to the others.


  3. Like the new look. Picture is very B.C.
    Its easy to navigate.
    Moving was most likely a good idea following what happened to Laila’s blog.

    Still enjoying the blog. O.K. I like the blog but the information does make my “blood boil”.

    it just is so amazing that this type of news just doesn’t ever make the Vancouver Sun and province or Times Colonist. Haven’t heard this information pass the lips of the news readers on the new works either.


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