Two minutes of Radio Rah Rah

good pixA few people are having fun with broadcaster Bill Good in the twitterverse following his response to a suggestion – after the Vancouver Sun finally published a comprehensive criticism of Site C – that the mainstream media was trying to catch up to reporting done long ago by independent online journalists.

Mr. Good’s rejoinder was, “what nonsense!”

Laila Yuile asked, “Where exactly is the nonsense here Bill?”

There was no reply.

However, the exchange did remind me of other opinions the broadcaster expressed about work of your humble servants in the blogosphere. This short piece might be the favourite because one can’t help but admire Bill’s depth of feeling:

Mind you, there is another excerpt from Radio Rah Rah that is even more revealing:

Can anyone guess who Bill’s associate is during the broadcast  and the work she went on to do?

Answer: the BC Liberal Government believes all loyal supporters deserve to thrive:


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  1. I guess Bill feels that Baldrey needs help holding down the Christy sycophant fort. It’s too much for just one brown noser in the face of numerous truth assaults from the likes of you and Laila.


  2. I quit listening to Mr. Good a couple of years before he left ‘NW after soiling the chair and the ratings left him by Rafe Mair for far too long. The reason I quit listening is that Mr. Good was, to use his apt descriptor in the first clip, full of crap. I also challenged him directly on many occasions to back up the claims he made about bloggers with specifics, but he wasn’t up to it. To sum it up, I quit wasting my time with a waste of time.

    The fine lady in the second clip I believe to be Rebecca Scott, who went on to be Christy’s press secretary. Her husband Stephen Smart, another ‘NW alumni, worked as the CBC’s legislative bureau chief while Rebecca toiled for Christy Clark. He now holds the lofty position of press secretary to Christy Clark formerly held by his wife.

    We really need to do something about this. One of the pillars of democracy is being eroded by these people and they no longer even pretend they aren’t responsible.


  3. Bill Good was never even been a has been,just went through the doors his Daddy jarred open for him after that just browned nosed with his twin Campell.He is so sticking doing that Capital ad with that God awful horsey snicker I can’t click him fast enough,Does he not get it rid of because of there former listeners,I have a hard time being polite when it comes to him!


    • The only reason he got the CBC gig was his old man was the ONLY person in the universe that cared about curling. The “free enterpriser” that cut his teeth at the public tit of the CBC.


      • Not really. When Bill had microphones at both CKNW and CTV, he was pulling in over $600K a year plus what he earned in appearance fees. Media managers thought he was worth it at the time.


  4. Seems I guessed the wrong ‘NW BC Liberal spin-master in training. Forgot about the gratuitous giggler Gares. Mr. Good never said anything she wasn’t prepared to reward with an adoring supportive titter.

    I wonder why Mr. Good didn’t tell us his long-time television “news” sidekick Pamela Martin was full of crap and spouting nonsense when she promised us a trillion dollars to erase BC’s public debt, put hundreds of billions into a prosperity fund, and employ 100,000 people? Is he saying Pamela Martin and the MSM was right, and bloggers like Farrell, Yuile, and Mair (to name a few of the best) were wrong? Where are his examples to prove his point? I suggest that in keeping with most of his career, he hasn’t any.


  5. Personally, I very much look forward to the polemics from Mr. Good et al. on the banality of the evil Equity Thieves evil when the bubble bursts and the folks who have been bamboozled suddenly find themselves way under water, weighed down by the over-primed lead debt balloons the ETs have so slyly shackled to their ankles.



  6. I cannot comment on Bill boring because he is not worth the time to comment.

    There is a special place in hell for the likes of Bill Good, winner of the Herr Goebbels award for blatant propaganda.


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