Disgracing M.O.M. again

BC Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce today freed John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, after saying the pair were entrapped by RCMP trickery and subterfuge.

Justice Bruce wrote:

Simply put, the world has enough terrorists. We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves.

…defendants serving a life sentence for a crime that the police manufactured by exploiting their vulnerabilities … is offensive to our concept of fundamental justice…

The CBC reported in February:

The RCMP spent just over $900,000 in overtime pay over the course of a five-month undercover operation that led to the arrests of two terrorism suspects in British Columbia.

Documents obtained by The Canadian Press through a freedom-of-information request show the Mounties paid at least 200 people, mostly police officers, $911,090.54 for overtime work during the investigation, which was code named Project Souvenir.


In July 2013, at an RCMP news conference, RCMP assistant commissioners James Malizia and Wayne Rideout claimed the couple had been “self-radicalized” and inspired by “Al Qaeda ideology.”

This was not the first critical police deficiency involving Wayne Rideout. He was the senior police officer involved in RCMP efforts to keep the public from learning true circumstances of four police officers killing Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver’s airport.  In perhaps the most egregious act of all, an RCMP crew travelled to the Dziekanski’s Polish homeland, searching, unsuccessfully, for information they might use to tarnished the dead man’s reputation. That tragedy resulted in millions of dollars spent to unravel truth and assign blame to the police killers and policy makers.

From my 2009 article Disgracing M.O.M.:

Can you believe it? During the time he was the RCMP’s officer in charge of the Dziekanski cover-up, Superintendent Wayne Rideout was accepting appointment to the ORDER OF MERIT OF THE POLICE FORCES and the right to use post-nominal letters M.O.M.


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  1. It’s hard to decide whether their readiness to abuse the law or juvenile incompetence is more frightening. And if it’s not clear, I’m referring to the RCMP!

    But never mind, let’s have promotions and awards all round and if it comes to the worst a nice payoff and enhanced pension.


  2. The RCMP continue to embarrass. The federal government seems powerless to change the RCMP and their 19th century ways.

    The RCMP, Canada’s version of the Keystone Cops, must change and must stop ‘fitting’ up sad sacks for crimes they wish to solve.

    I say fire the top management and put in people who do real jobs, to protect Canadians from real terrorists, not invented ones.


  3. I’d be interested to hear Commissioner Bob Paulson’s thoughts on this, and since the Commissioner is under the direction of the Minister of Public Safety, Ralph Goodale, his thoughts as well, and since Goodale is under the direction of Prime Minister Trudeau, his thoughts would also be welcomed. Mr. Paulson? Mr. Goodale? Mr. Trudeau?


  4. And the taxpayers get right in the pocketbook …..again……Prepare yourseves for the “wrongful conviction” lawsuit thats going to crank up…..
    Millions more dollars spent on a court case, a Royal Commission of Inquiry, and, ultimately, a multi million dollar settlement for two gullible buffoons that probably couldnt spell “Algebra” let alone Al Queda……….
    And no one in the Crown prosecutors office, the RCMP or the Attorney Generals office will lose their jobs…..early retirement with a full taxpayer funded and inflation indexed pension is the way we “punish” our incompetant govt employees…….


  5. In my opinion the B.C., RCMP, are in a league of their own, and not a good one at that. It might have to do with some of their former officers having such a close relationship with the B.C. Liberals, the 20 year contract they scored, who knows but its a mess. the head of the RCMP in Surrey doesn’t seem to know how to do with his job and if some of the rumours of his behaviour are true, he ought to have been replaced years ago instead of being made an assistant commissioner.

    the track record of the RCMP in B.C. is not admirable when it comes to sexual harassment, etc. Any employer which has 300 employees and former employees filing a law suit against it has a problem. Poulson has sat through all of it like there was no problem. Sheila Fraser has now been tasked with investigating the sexual harassment, etc in the RCMP. Once that is done, perhaps the federal government will have her investigate the rest of the organization.

    /the rcmp in b.c. look like a keystone cop organization and when it comes to such things as outlined in your post, you’d think they were the crooks/criminals. Lets not forget what a mess the rcmp made out of the surrey 6 investigation, given the behaviour of one of the officers.


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