BC Hydro

BC Hydro: From Public Interest to Private Profits


Most comments from readers further the conversation. It took a while after this was published for BC Liberal push back to begin. You’ll note that a couple of anonymous commenters ignore the real issues or claim without evidence that my assertions are incorrect.

I’m reminded of James Boren‘s words. He said something like this:

Every Liberal has a right to fuzzify, profundify and drivelate. It’s a part of our freedom of speech…If people can understand what is being said in Victoria, they might want to take over their own government again.

My time with Jon McComb on CKNW, September 13, 2016:


BC Hydro has developed a post-election plan for ratepayers:


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  1. The individual posting as “Alex Tripper”, and who Grant Gough claims is connected to Brad Zubyk of the Wazuku Advisory Group originally stated to the effect in a TheTyee comment that we would find he was a fact and evidenced based kinda guy. That claim was edited out shortly after for some reason. Possibly because he or she didn’t want attention drawn to the lack of facts in the comment?

    If the connection is accurate, of note is that the Wazuku Advisory Group donated $35,203 to the BC Liberals and $425 to NDP since 2013. Also note its website lists Kim Haakstad as one of its people. Where have we heard that name before?


    • The analogy simplifies the situation too much. The purchase of power by BC Hydro from private companies is essentially being subsidized by BC ratepayers and the profits are being made by the private power owners. The BC government has deregulated the crown corporation to the point where it is destined to go broke because it agreed to pay a higher rate for private-supplied power and it is trying to hide that fact from the ratepayer by keeping this information “in camera” even at the BCUC level. Site C will exasperate the situation by flooding the market with too many private (mostly)-public “cauliflowers.”


  2. Sick to death of this Liberal government.” Lie, cheat and basically steal from British Columbians” should be their motto. Just hope it won’t be too late when we throw them out of government.


  3. loved the cartoon and is so bang on. If the B.C. Lieberals are re elected the electricity rates will rise and there will be nothing anyone can do about it. Christy will have her self another 4 years and people will only be able to blame themselves.

    of course if the NDP wins the election and a full accounting is given regarding the state of B.C. Hydro some citizens will have heart failure, except those of us reading blogs such as yours. It will be interesting to see if the NDP uses the B.C. Hydro debt as fodder for the election.

    Either party will raise electrical rates, one to benefits its supporters the other to pay down the debts the B.C. Lieberals left us, the taxpayers.


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